ATOM RPG — Full Walkthrough




After the character is created, you will find yourself in the first location. After a while the main character will fall asleep, he will be robbed and when he wakes up, he will see that he has nothing left. Go to the stump, take the flask, then behind the fence search all the crates. One drawer will be closed. After that, cross the bridge, and after the video you will find yourself in a new location.


At the gate you will see a man, his name is Jan, talk to him. You will learn that the military detachment of General Morozov went to bunker 317, your task will be to find him. Another task from Jan will be to find a bottle of cold beer. Once you’ve gathered the loot or earned some money, go straight to the bartender and exchange it for a bottle of homemade beer. To complete the quest, bring the beer to Jan, as a reward get three rubles and 32 experience points.

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After that, go to the territory of the village, there you will need to enter the building, which is located on the left side. There you will be able to find out more information about the store, but at this stage, you have no loot and no money. In this building there is also an old general with his guard. You need to look in the cabinets for a book with “Blatnoj jargon”. When you find it, click on it and then select the “Use” icon. In this way you can unlock the skill “Blatnoy Jargon”.

Go to the tavern, there talk to the bartender, and as you leave, he will ask you for a favor. From the merchant of the Red Banner you will need to bring a book. Get out of the tavern and follow on. There are two huts near the bar, one is inhabited by a grandfather and the other by a woman. Talk to the grandfather, he will ask you to harvest corn behind his house. Go to the vegetable garden and collect five stalks of corn in the bed.

In the garden you can also find a shovel, take it, it will come in handy later. You can attack the enemies with the shovel, you also have to dig the grave at the side of Otradnoe. After the harvest, give it to the grandfather, ask for something as a reward. He will look in his hut and give you a hunting rifle. After completing this quest, you will receive a reward of 32 experience points.

Move on, on the left side in the large building you can meet the quartermaster. You will talk to him. Zavhozhoz will ask you to perform a task. He needs to repair the pump of the water tower of Otradnoye. Now there is no water in the entire location, and the mechanic disappeared somewhere. You need to agree to help him solve the problem.

If you step back a little, you can meet a bald man, play dice with him. To repair the pump, you need to go to the engine, it is located on the location Otradnoe, near the water tower. Put the cursor on the engine, press the LKM and select the action “Repair”. At first attempt may not work, but you should try again, and then all will end with success. Once the issue is successfully resolved, you will be rewarded with 105 experience points. Go to the steward for an additional reward. When you tell the superintendent about the work done, you will get another 105 experience points and 50 rubles.

Go back to the tavern, find the waitress Katya and talk to her on various topics. If you have already talked with the bartender, then you can safely say that he sent you to Katya. Agree to taste the drink, for that you will be rewarded with 32 experience points, +1 to damage due to hunger and 23 units of damage by poisoning. Talk to Katya again, and if you wish, you can skip the part of the mushroom collection through the “Communication” check. If it does not work, or just want to pass this quest, then agree to the collection of mushrooms.

At the location Otradny you need to find five fly agaric mushrooms, but still need to fight with the monsters, they look like mutated wasps, spiders and rats. Not far from the entrance outside the city try to find a lonely house. There will be a man sitting near it by the fire. You can cook food at the fire and play dice with the man, but you’ll have to bring them beforehand.

Search for fly agarics:

  1. At the bottom of the entrance to the city, where Jan is standing, on the left side, not far from the poison cloud, you will find the first fly agaric.
  2. The second mushroom you will find moving up the location, in the middle near the left edge.
  3. Another mushroom grows outside of Otradnoe, where the large stones (on the upper left).
  4. The fourth fly agaric grows in the upper right corner, behind the large rocks.
  5. Go down along the right edge of the location, a fifth flyswatter grows near a log.

When the mushrooms are collected, go back to Katya and give them to her. As a reward get 32 experience points, if you also ask the girl about the chairman, you will get an additional 52 experience points and a note with recommendations for Kovalev.

Next, find the fisherman who sits by the lake, to do this, go up from Otradnoye. After the conversation he will ask you to bring him a strong pre-war drink, namely a bottle of vodka. You should return to the bartender and buy vodka from him for 27 rubles, give it to the fisherman, for which you will receive 21 units of experience. If you still listen to the fisherman, you’ll get a new skill “entomologist”. Now you can collect organs from the corpses of various monsters: from rats – meat, from wasps – feet, and from spiders – brains. If you manage to destroy a giant ant, you’ll get its salivary gland. You can fish for it all. Fish can not only be sold and get money for it, but also cooked. It is excellent for restoring health. In addition, in the process of fishing you can restore the stock of health points of the character.

Next, go to Kovalev with the note you received from Katya and talk to him on various topics. His task will be to find the snitch in Otradnoe. To fulfill the assignment, go to the supervisor and talk to a bald man, with him you can also play dice. In the conversation, he will give himself away, tell him that you will return to him soon. Go to Kovalev and tell him about Grishka. After completing this task you will be rewarded with 250 rubles.

Then you will need to talk to the foreman again and offer him help with the next task. Go back to Grishka, persuade him to go to the lonely hut, which is located behind Otradnoye. In this case, strength, communication or knowledge of gambling will help. If you were able to convince him, then go after him, for this you will be rewarded with 52 experience points. But do not forget, before you start a conversation with Grishka, be sure to save yourself. You can’t do without luck here, this will be the real first fight, which requires concentration.

In one of the hiding places you might have found a cartridge for the hunting rifle your grandfather gave you for the corn harvest. You should load the shotgun before you pick it up. In this case, you can also use the shovel you found behind the old man’s house or equip a rusty knife. You should have a full supply of health before you start talking and don’t forget to save yourself.

After that there will be a serious fight with Grishka, you’ll need to defeat him with all your might. Next, search his corpse and take your dice, as well as the thief’s passport (ace card). As a reward for completing this quest you’ll get 60 experience points. Now go back to Kovalev, so you can complete the task. You need to tell all Kovalev, then get a reward of 350 rubles and 158 experience points. After that Kovalev will give a new task. He will ask you to infiltrate the gang that sent Grishka to knock in Otradnoye.

Abandoned factory

Detailed walkthrough of all story and secondary quests in the “Abandoned Factory” location.

Introduction to Dan’s Gang

After you deal with the snitch in the Otradnoye location, go to Kovalev. After talking to him, you will learn about his request to infiltrate Dan’s gang. You can do this in any case, even if Grishka ran away and you have not received his thieves’ passport. You can meet Grishka near the entrance to the factory, he can put in a good word for you with Dan.

Near the destroyed bridge, to the left of Otradnoye, there is an abandoned factory. Pass to this location, at the entrance to show a thief’s passport – the card ace. Go through and look into a small building, where you will see a man in a white suit, it will be Dan. You will need to talk to him on all topics, and then he will send you to a test assignment.

How do you pass Dan’s background check?

Go into a huge building, it will be a factory, there you need to talk to one of the bouncers, who guards the bars. After talking to him, find out where Shishak is. The door after that will open and Shishak will offer you either to beat the prisoner or to kill him. After taking the gun in your hands, you will need to decide what to do. In each case, whatever you choose, the gun will not be loaded, and no one will allow you to severely beat the prisoner. So you can pass the test Dan, about this will report to the leader of the gang one of the bandits. You also go to Dan to talk to him and finish the mission. At the end you will be able to get a new mission.

What the next mission you get from Dan will depend on the method you chose when passing the verification mission. If you decided to shoot the prisoner, the leader of the gang will give an order to deal with the moonshiner. If you decide to beat the prisoner, you will need to find the three brothers bandits.

The Search for Three Brothers

“Maiden Creek Farm. To do this, go down from the factory and turn left. Walk forward until you see the desired location, which will be near the mountains. On the territory of this location, have a good look around and think about how to proceed. There are several ways: to solve the problem peacefully or kill everyone. If you choose the peaceful way, then you can go further and examine the fresh grave. Talk to the head of the farm, he will be able to tell you about the three brothers. As a result, you will learn that they raped his daughter, for which he killed them all.

Next you will need to decide: take revenge for the bandits, get even with the farmhands or choose another method. Go to Dan, tell everything as it is, and try to convince him that his name is not involved in this matter, and no one on the farm knows about it. If he can’t convince him, he’ll send his goons to clean out the farmhouse and get even with everyone. If Dan manages to convince him that the inhabitants of the farm are not a threat to him, you will receive a reward of 700 rubles.

The moonshiners

At the location of “Drunken Lair” are moonshiners. The location is halfway to the farm “Maiden Creek”, there go down from the factory, and to see the new place, turn left. In this area talk to the guards, and then go to the house of the moonshiner. After meeting with the head moonshiner, try to convince him to resolve the issue peacefully.

You can try each phrase, that’s why previously save yourself. If none of the tried options suits you, then leave. Go back and try again then, when you pump up communication or can deal with a man by force. When the task is completed, go to Dan, tell him about the executed order and was rewarded 420 experience points and 700 rubles. Then you can get a new quest.

Why is the forest rumbling?

When you complete Dan’s assignment to deal with the moonshiner or the three brothers, he will ask to know why the Rattling Forest is so called. On the global map, go to the bottom left corner, so you can find the right place. It is recommended to get a rope beforehand, you will need it in order to go down into the cave.

When you find yourself in the location Rattling forest, then go along the path, there you will meet an old woman and an old man. It is with them that the quest is connected, in addition they will ask you to deal with the wolves that are nearby. Follow to the right side and kill the wolves, then return and get a reward. If you orient on the map, in the left corner of the location you can find a deep hole near the fallen tree. To the tree you need to tie a rope and go down by it, if you just jump, you’ll get serious damage.

Diggers will be waiting for you at the bottom, these are the kind of monsters you’ll have to deal with. Until you get to the mutant, each monster will need to be destroyed. After the mutant will be eliminated, go back to Dan, so the quest will be completed. But if you additionally can go deeper into the cave, you will find a lot of useful items there, and thus will get several Achievements at once. Upon completion of the quest you’ll get a reward of 1300 rubles and 1260 experience points.

How do you help a wounded bandit?

There are two bandits in that building where Dan’s checking assignment had to be done. One of them will be badly wounded; he is lying on a bed. You need to talk to the one standing, promise to help with the treatment, then go back to Otradnoye. Save yourself, then try all options and try to convince Dr. Mikoyan to cure the wounded bandit. If you can do this, then go back to the factory and look in the room, wait until the doctor will help the wounded man, and get extra experience points. As a reward for the quest you will get 197 experience points and if you manage to convince Mikoyan to help the bandit, you will get an additional 360 experience points right after the operation.

Where to look for Dunyasha’s father?

Near one of the passages to the factory, you can see a girl who masquerades as a man. You need to talk to her, in the conversation try to find out the whole truth. She will tell you that she lost her father long ago and really wants to find him in the Wasteland. Go after that to the location “Drunken Berlaga”, if all moonshiners were not killed, you can find Dunyasha’s father. He will be at the side of the house by the lake.

The man will be guarding the gate, you’ll need to talk to him and tell him about his daughter. Thanks to this you will get a reward, then go to Dunya and tell her everything. When she finds out where her father is, she will reward you with experience points and useful items. After completing this quest get 80 rubles and 200 experience points, if you find her father, another 200 experience points and 200 rubles, cookies, two canned food. You can collect rewards from both characters.

Release of Otradny’s chief mechanic

The electrician from Otradnoye is the same prisoner used in Dan’s test assignment. To find out whether you can release him or not, you need to talk to Dan. He will offer a ransom of 500 rubles for him. The amount can be reduced if you manage to haggle with Dan. Or simply pay the full amount, it will not affect the passage of the quest. Having released the prisoner, take him out of the plant, to Otradnoe he will go himself.

Go with him, on the way talk to the electrician on various topics. So you will be able to find out the code of the safe (8974). In the place where Grishka was killed, near the Otradny in an abandoned cabin can find a hatch under the bed, it leads down. See safe, open it, using the above code, take away the reward 200 rubles, corn grains, bag, which increases the carrying capacity of 6 kg and other useful items. For example, the grains can be planted in the field, which is located near the hut. As a result, after completing this quest, you get 500 rubles from Kovalev, as well as the code from the safe in the basement of the lonely hut from Steblev.

Elections in Otradnoe

After completing Dan’s previous task, you can get the next one. He will ask you to subdue Otradnoye, for this you will need to replace the chairman with another. In the left corner of the wasteland, at the location of the Pass, in the building on the right buy a pass. Passing the tent camp, follow to the Rusty Barge. On the territory of the Rusty Barge look for the bar, inside there will be a man with a bodyguard. It will be Ivan Ivanovich, you need to talk to him. Tell him that Dan sent you. Ivan Ivanovich will go to Otradnoye, and you follow him. Once you reach the first settlement, inside the house, talk to Ivan Ivanovich again and choose whom you would support in the election – the foreman Grankin or Katya.

After that, you will have to convince Jan together with Grandpa Semyon to take part in the election. Need, in this case, to apply the skills of persuasion. In addition, you will also need to convince Katya to vote for the candidate you want. There may be thugs in Otradnoe, you can use them to convince those who refused to vote. And as soon as you can deal with the four people, go to Ivan Ivanovich, so you can start the voting process. If you can convince three people out of four, the chairman will be the one you wanted. At the end of the quest Ivan Ivanovich will go to the Red Banner and you will receive a reward 400-500 rubles.

Car for Kovalev

When on Dan’s quest you send Ivan Ivanovich to Otradnoye, at that time Kovalev will leave his position as chairman. You can find him in the bar in Otradnoye. To find out his last wish, you need to talk to him on various topics. In the conversation it will be possible to find out that the man dreams of getting a car and going on a trip through the Wasteland by it. Exactly such a car can be found near the abandoned factory.

To do this, go to the location, but do not need to go into the factory, and follow the opposite direction. This way you will be able to find the car, it will be faulty. When you find the car, go back to Kovalev, tell him about everything, he will give you a hint. Now you have to wander through the wasteland and wait for the caravan. He must travel by truck, when you meet with him, look for his leader and try to convince him to ferried “Moskvich” with the abandoned factory in Otradnoe.

For this you will be asked to pay 400 rubles, but if the skills of persuasion you have high, it will be possible to agree and for 200 rubles. After you can negotiate, return to Otradnoe, go back to the bar and talk to Kovalev. At this time the car will be on the spot. For the passage of this quest you will receive intermediate 340 experience points.

Now go after Kovalev to examine his car. Talk to the military man and clarify exactly what he needs this time. Now the car will have to be repaired, which will need to get the carburetor, eight skeins of wires, starter and 15 pieces of scrap metal. Scrap metal and wires are easy to find on different locations, if you have money, you can buy from dealers. During the day to go to the Red Flag and not far from the ship to buy all the items on the market from the two grandfathers.

It will be harder to find the starter and carburetor, they can be purchased either in the Wasteland, from the randomly encountered stalkers, or from the merchant Artemyev from Krasnoznamennyi. He can be found in the hotel, which is located near the ship, his room is guarded by gromila. After communicating with Artemyev you will receive tasks from him, and if you manage to fulfill them, he will give you a carburetor and starter for free. More about these tasks will be discussed in the article dedicated to the Red Banner.

After Kovalev receives from you all the necessary parts to repair the car, he will ask to get more gasoline. It is recommended to purchase it in advance. At the end, Kovalev will be able to go by car through the Wasteland. After a chance meeting you will learn that Kovalev’s car was in an accident. You will need to kill three bandits, but in any case, the man will die, after which go to his daughter and tell about what happened.

Bandits from Krasnoznamenny (debtors)

When in Otradnoye you’ve dealt with the election of the chairman, go back to the abandoned factory for the reward. At this location you can see the showdown between Shishak and Dan, who are not sharing something with each other. Participate in their altercation and try to make it so that Dan survived. After leave the place, come back only a day later. Go to Dan, he will give you a reward and with it the next task, which will need to complete the quest. His task will be to find the patrons of Shishak.

To complete the task to go to the Red Banner. On the spot go up town, you will see a brothel, on the left side of it will be the den of bandits. At the entrance meet a man, give him the name Shishak, he will let you in, there will need to talk to the three thugs at the table. One of the thugs will agree to let you in to the leader of the gang, if you agree to help his partner. Talk to the second, in the conversation you will learn about the three debtors. So you will get a new task from the bandits, to find these debtors and to return the necessary amount.

Move to the location of the Chamber of Commerce and find a woman in a gray jacket. Talk to her – this is the first debtor. The second will be all the time sitting behind the slot machine in the casino, and the third – lives in the boiler room near the suburb of Krasnoznamenny. All of them need to be talked to convincingly. If you manage to convince each of the debtors to return the required amount, you will get 15,000 rubles. Use different skills in the conversation, so you can get the money back.

Then there are several ways to deal with the money, it is at your discretion.

There are two options:

  • return the money to the bandits, so you can complete the task;
  • Keep the money, skip three days, then the bandits will kill all three debtors, and you keep the money.

But no matter which option you choose, after you talk to the bandits at the table, they will let you in to see the leader. When you meet the main bandit, talk to him on various topics. You will need to find out exactly where the bandit group that sponsored Shishak is located. After that you can go in search of the location “Containers”, it’s located to the right of the Red Banner right on the shore. This location will be active only for this quest. You need to go there and shoot all the opponents, after completion go back to the leader of the gang. Chat with him, tell him about the positive resolution of the issue and get a reward for it.

But to complete the task completely, don’t forget that you still need to go back to Dan and tell him about everything. Along with this, you will be able to complete the bandits’ quest chain.

Bunker 317

Look in the upper right corner of the Wasteland, there is this location, which must be visited in the course of the game, completing the story task. The task will be set when you try to discover the trail of the missing Morozov’s expedition. In order to read the information contained in the various notes, it is necessary to go to the territory of the helipad and examine it carefully. Once you find the notes, you will be able to find out the code to open the safe, which is hidden in the bunker (4316). Hint to players: you don’t need to search for the passwords on your own. As in the game they exist on a permanent basis and are not randomly generated. Consequently, having learned the necessary password in the article, you can enter it in the right place.

Locked bunker door can always be opened, while possessing a high level of power. It will be needed in order to move the wagon, which is located nearby, on the rails. If unsuccessful, try to open the bunker doors manually. If again nothing works, you should go around the bunker. Here you’ll find a bonfire, where the bandits – three buddies named Daredevil, Coward, Mustache – are entertaining themselves. They are based on the famous prototypes of the actors in popular Soviet comedies – Georgy Vitsin, Yevgeny Morgunov and Yuri Nikulin. Talk to Moustache. He will tell you that he can open the bunker for you, but in exchange for a favor. You will have to make a sweep of this area in order for the bandits to loot the place afterwards.

When you come out after the cleanup, the buddies you’ve just met will demand half of the loot you’ve collected. But there is always a choice: either agree or refuse. In the latter case, you’ll have to outbid everyone. You will find a backpack that will fall out after the death of the bandits. It will increase the carried cargo by 28kg. In addition you will find the key from the Mustache to open the bandit’s box. It can be found in the lair next to the bonfire.

To make the robot, which will be in the bunker, you need to have a high level of “Hacking” and “Technology”. There are also crates filled with various equipment, which you’ll find if you search the rooms, destroying rats along the way and, if possible, hacking into the soda machines. Acquire tools for this in a box, for example at the market of Krasnoznamenny from your grandfather or a technician from the village of Otradnoye, which should be released from detention in an abandoned factory.

Your next path is on the lower level, but you can not go down in the elevator, because the door is locked. You can open the door by entering the room on the left and hacking into the computer system. But there is an additional option – on the right there is a code lock on the door, which is opened by entering the code – 4316, found in the game earlier or taken from the article. On the skeleton there is a magazine “Youth and Technology”, take it. Using the computer, open the elevator doors by selecting the appropriate command line.

It is worth using the information that is in the computer files. There you will find another code (2104) that opens the rest room with supplies. Go inside the open elevator and go downstairs.

First go down the lower level to the west wing, the living rooms are there. Check the lockers, nightstands, drawers for loot, collect it by killing myrmiks. Mutant Muravyov Gavrilova is locked in one of the rooms in the southwestern part of the map. Find him and talk to him. During the conversation with him there’s a chance to get the lab code (4334). According to the story your further way lies exactly there! If the negotiations are at a high level, it’s worth making an attempt to persuade the mutant to come to the surface.

Find the chief’s office (located near the canteen). There you will find a safe and a book with an encrypted code combination. To make it easier for the players, we tell them the right answer right away – the combination 9731. Enter it to get the supplies from the safe and don’t forget to take a note with all the access codes.

On the lower level, on the east side, you can enter the science block. On the right, as you enter the first room, there is a note in which you will find the next codes, which (except for the first) open the next 4 doors in strict order. This way you can search the block and get useful items. The computer, which contains the next code to enter the lab, is in the last room. The electronic lock on its door is blocked and you will have to use a crowbar or high force to open it.

Your final path now lies along the lower tier to the north end, where the laboratory block is located. Enter the code (4334) to enter the lab, search the dead ATOMos. After examining the nearest dead ATOM, get a map of the Wasteland, where you will see the marker of your next destination point in the Red Banner. But the same dead ATOMovtsev can find the talisman. Fidel from your squad will tell you about it, if you have one at that time. He will also tell you that the Mushroom Cult dwells in Krasnoznamennyi, as well as surrender the location of their headquarters.

In the northern room there is a table and two cabinets, where you should look. Applying high attention, you will see that the cabinet moves if you place the chief’s book from his office inside. After the cabinet moves away, you will find that you are in secret territory next to a dead man, a gun and a flask lying on the floor.

Red Banner (Krasnoznamennyi)

Detailed walkthrough of all story and secondary quests in the “Red Banner” location.

In accordance with the storyline of the game you will get to Krasnoznamennyi only after visiting and exploring bunker 317, located in the upper part of the Wasteland (in the right corner). But no one prevents you from going to the suburbs of Krasnoznamennyi right after exploring the abandoned factory.

First partner – Fidel

To visit the local inn. The bartender’s name is Fidel, talk to him behind the counter. After stating that you are a member of ATOM, chat with the man in the back. By performing these simple steps, which require no verification, you and Fidel will become companions.

You have the option to give your companion weapons, medicine, armor, and other items. You can do this in the dialog box with the “Barter” button. You can also give commands to Fidel by pointing at him and holding down the left mouse button to choose an action. If you see your comrade doing something rash that could get him killed, you can give him the “Retreat” command.

Davi Krishtu Sect

Not far from the drinking establishment are the cultists, their white robes visible during the day. As soon as you ascertain what is going on, Davy and his worshippers disappear. Igor, who is a follower of the Mushroom Cult, will immediately approach you. From a conversation with him you will learn all about the cult and the sectarian’s fears about Davi Krishtu. After speaking with him on various topics, give your consent to help.

Your next task is to pursue Davi, you must not fall behind her one step. The first place where the woman and her supporters will go will be Otradnoye, where near a lonely shack she will preach her teachings. Listen to her speech, then follow Krishta to the Drunken Den position. There the cultists plan to hold a sermon against drinking alcohol. After talking to the woman, go back to Igor and tell him what you saw and heard. No matter what form you will present what you saw, the sectarian will still wish to get rid of the head of the cultists by the hands of the protagonist.

Note: Upon completion of this quest, there will be an opportunity to join the Mushroom Cult.

As a reward, you can get first aid kits or money, and you can join the Mushroom Cult.

Eliminating Davy Krishtu

The easiest way to eliminate Davy will be in the Red Banner den, where you need to rent a lounge. First visit the casino of the Red Banner, do not forget to save yourself. You need to seduce a woman, for this you should choose the right words. In the end, your efforts will not go to waste, and Davy will agree to an intimate meeting, the only thing left is to rent a room. Go to the brothel and talk to the guard, who sits on a chair in front of the entrance. Give him 50 or 100 rubles and he will let you in. When you get back to Krisht, tell him it’s okay.

Once you are alone with the woman, you can do as you see fit:

Tell her she’s being hunted by adepts of the Mushroom Cult.

Covertly destroy Davy Krishta.

Intimidate her and force her to leave the Wasteland.

Spend the night with her. But then again it would be necessary to rent a room in a brothel to complete the task.

Regardless of the decision, Krishtu will disappear and never reappear. Go to the suburb of Krasnoznamenny and inform Igor that the operation was successful.

Your reward will be 50-100 rubles.

Fortune Teller and Lenin’s Mummy

In the suburban area on the right side of the entrance to Krasnoznamenny stands a small house in which a fortune-teller resides. Visit her at any time of the day or night. Discuss various questions with her and let her divorce you, because the cost of services is a penny. Then the woman will tell you a sad story and ask to influence a neighbor. The man has a Lenin mummy, and clients prefer to go to him, and the fortune teller loses profits.

If you walk out of the gypsy’s shack, you can see a house with a red banner diagonally from it. During daylight hours you can get inside by paying 15 rubles to a man standing nearby. The Lenin mummy lying in the coffin can be examined only by examining it, touching the man will be forbidden.

You can crack the door and get into the house with the Lenin mummy by rewinding time at night. Once inside, you will witness an amazing scene: a copy of Lenin plays cards with the very man. Talk to them on various topics. You can choose how you will act. The first option – deceive the fortuneteller without informing her about the cunning of your neighbor (you will remain without a reward). In the second case, tell the woman the truth about the fact that Lenin’s double is in the coffin, and not the real corpse. Then you will be rewarded for your help (50 experience points or 200 rubles).

Cryptocurrency makers

Staying in the suburbs of Krasnoznamenny, you can perform another task. During the day there are several tents trading here. Rounding the corner of the fortuneteller’s hut, you will witness a meeting near a tall tree of a couple of men dressed in white and two young men. You need to talk to the latter, then you will learn that they were deceived by the two men dressed in white. Tell the guys that you agree to help, save yourself. You can intimidate or indoctrinate the grief-stricken cryptocurrency dealers to get rid of them. The result of your actions will be the returned 1000 rubles. You can give them to the unfortunate, or keep them.

Your reward is 126 experience points, and if you decide to steal the money, you’ll also get 1000 rubles.

How to get to the Krasnoznamenny (Red Banner)?

A guard stands at the entrance to the city, and you can’t pass him without paying. Talk to him and give him 30 rubles, but the man demands 1000, arguing his greed with the hero’s radiation sickness. It doesn’t matter if the hero is really irradiated or poisoned, you still have to give the money to the guard. This is done once.

Help for writer Gubtsov

Once in town, look diagonally to the right. There is a large house there, which you need to get into and find a sad man in his kitchen. During the conversation, he will tell you that his last name is Gubtsov and he is a writer. The man will ask you to help him, do not refuse. Use any crossing point to get to the upper part of the city. Visit a local hotel. In one of the rooms resides Vladislav Zhirenko, who works as an editor.

After preservation, have a conversation with the man. Your eloquence will convince him of Gubtsov’s skill. Having received an affirmative answer, go to the writer, who continues to be sad in his kitchen, and make him happy.

158 experience points + 100 rubles is your reward.

Interview with veterans for Zhirenko

Talk to Zhirenko and tell him that you are ready to interview three veterans who live in Krasnoznamennyi. These people need to be found.

One of the veterans, Ambrose Truffelev, lives in a small house above the hotel building. Go there, in the living room on the couch you will find the old man, talk to him. His story with a detailed description will cost you 100 rubles. You need to listen to the veteran to the end to complete the part of the task.

Find the next participant of the interview in the first part of the city. Veteran Maslov lives in the same building as the writer Gubtsov. Upon learning that you are performing an assignment for Zhirenko, the elderly man will give answers to questions for free.

You will find the last veteran in a drinking establishment on the outskirts of Krasnoznamennyi; he is a frequent guest at the tavern. Talk to Vysotsky on various topics, the interview will not cost you anything, except that the man will ask to treat him to a glass of hot drink.

After visiting all the veterans, go to the editor and pass the task. To get extra experience points, you can go back to Maslov and say that he lied.

The reward is 500 rubles.

The Bartender’s Book

To fulfill the request of the bartender from Otradnoye, you need to get to the building “Books”. It can be found at the beginning of the city, to the left of the gatehouse, where you chatted with the security guard – the ibrarian. Go into the structure, talk to Abraham, give him the receipt. The salesman will give you the book about the “rings”. After that, go back to Otradnoye and give it to the bartender to finish the quest.

Abraham and the Book Destroyers

From a conversation with a bookstore clerk, you learn about sectarians who hate books. They walk around the wasteland, preaching that books cause all kinds of trouble, burning them, and killing the carriers of printed matter. Don’t refuse to help Abraham. He will give you a stack of books to use as bait to fight the scum.

Go to the main map, you can move anywhere. After a short wait, a random episode with these scoundrels will appear. Start the fight. The battle will be fought with seven opponents, whose weapons are designed for close combat. After you’ve dealt with them, go back to Abraham and get your reward: 126 experience points, 350 rubles, and an additional 100 rubles if you successfully pass the test.

Former gangster and OCG “Death”

There is an apartment building not far from the Books store (near the transition point to the upper area of town). Go inside and talk to a man of respectable years. From his story you will know that he used to be a member of the organized crime group “Death”, now repenting and wishing the gang to be punished, will ask you to help.

If you give a positive answer, you need to get to the location of the Carriage. There, near the entrance to the tent city, you will meet a man with long hair, who will tell you that the gang has three leaders and will reveal their locations. Go in search of them. Move from the Ramp up, to the right, wander near bunker 317. After locating the criminals, kill them. After destroying the ringleaders, go back to a former member of the OCG and tell him everything. There is no need to kill him, as he will kill himself as soon as he finds out that everything is over.

At the end of the quest you will be rewarded with 126 experience points, 3000 rubles, 2 first aid kits and 20 rounds of ammunition.

Chief of Police

There is a not very large building on the upper left side of Red Banner where the local militia is located. You need to talk to the chief. Go inside and go straight down the corridor, the chief’s office is the furthest one. In his competence to put before you several tasks at the same time, which are associated with the destruction of different criminal groups. Find them on the main map, through random events near the specified settlements. Once you destroy all the villains, examine each, do not forget to pick up the head. It must be given to the head of the police of the Red Banner to get a reward. In total you will receive: 400 rubles – for the gang at the Rattling Forest, 200 rubles – for the gang at Fogelovka, 500 rubles – for the gang at the communications bunker, 300 rubles – for the gang at the Red Boyz.

This is not all, a number of tasks can consist of several dozen criminal groups.

The Way to the Dead City

There are only 3 global maps available in the game, one of them is the Dead City. There are also the Wasteland and the Calamity Gorge. However, it is worth noting that Dead City and Calamity Gorge do not feature a large number of additional quests and their size is incomparable to the Wasteland.

If you can’t wait to be in Dead City right now, once you’re at the top of the Red Banner behind the armory, turn left to get to the pier. Trip to Dead City costs 7000 rubles, and agree to take you there old captain. You can bring the price down to 5000 rubles just by talking to him or offering a barter deal.

Coal for the Krasnoznamennyi (Red Banner)

Go to the boiler room, which is located in the lower left corner of the Krasnoznamenny suburb. Once inside, talk to the head electrician. He will complain that the coal for the local population is not coming regularly. He will advise you to go to Alexander Sablin, who is more knowledgeable about this problem. Find the man in the bunker, which is located under the Chamber of Commerce.

You need to get to the upper part of the city to get help. In the central part of the map you will find a building, opposite it you will see a monument to Lenin. Enter the structure and head left to the elevator. The entrance to the bunker is closed, you will learn this from the guard. He will only agree to leave if he gets 7000 rubles from you. After having a conversation with him it is possible to reduce the sum to 5 thousand roubles. Pay him anyway, because with the Chamber of Commerce associated series of quests.

As soon as you collect the necessary amount, give the money to the guard (you will not have to pay more). Enter the elevator and go down to the bunker. Alexander Sablin you will find in one of the living rooms (there are 3 of them in total). After talking with him you will learn that the fuel is delivered with interruptions due to the Overrun.

You will get to the Overrun if you go to the upper left part of the Badlands. After you buy your ticket, look around the ship, in the hold you will find a room with a cage, where dogfighting takes place. Upstairs, to the right of the cage is a cabin, enter there and see Mambetov lying there, being cared for by two girls. Talk to the man on various topics, he will tell you that the drivers transporting coal are constantly being attacked, so there have been problems with the supply of coal.

Get off the barge and leave the tent city. Near the structure where you bought the passes, find the truck driver. Talk to him and agree to escort the convoy to Krasnoznamennyi. On the road you will be attacked by bandits, they need to destroy them together with several comrades. You can not participate in the battle yourself, hide, allies will cope without you.

Note. Now you can quickly move in this way from the Carrier to the Red Banner and vice versa. But keep in mind that if you have moved from a Transport Corridor to Red Banner with trucks, you will not find a vehicle when you return to the Transport Corridor. It will still be waiting for you in Krasnoznamenny Town until you and your car return to Peregon.

After the truck escort, tell everything to Sablin and return to the main electrician in the boiler room to get a well-deserved reward: 126 experience points, 700 rubles from the power engineer, 126 experience points from Sablin.

Attack on Otradnoe

You can find a military strategist in the suburban bar of the Red Banner. Go to the table closest to the exit on its right side and talk to the man. From him you will learn valuable information about the criminals, whose plans to attack Otradnoye. He will advise you to go to 3 people who will help you dispose of the bandits. Give your consent to the task.

A little below Otradnoye is the location “Fortress – gas station. There you will find your first assistant – sniper Lyudmila. Once in the right place, help the local fighters who were attacked by bandits. Then talk to the girl. After the conversation you can fight together with her against wolves (a separate task), or prove to her that wolves are not important at the moment.

If your arguments do not convince Lyudmila, then you will get together with the woman into a mysterious cave. Keep in mind that you just have to be there if you’re looking for parts of the shield of Rojewski, of which there are only four. Below will be a description of this quest.

In the event that Lyudmila gave her consent, hurry to Otradnoye. At the local diner find the saboteur Smirnov, sitting at one of the tables. Have a conversation with the man. He will help you deal with the gang, provided that your team has at least one fighter, such as Lyudmila.

Then head up from Otradnoye. There you will find the “Fortress of Border Guards. Your goal – to find the boy in the striped vest among the other military and convince him to join the squad. Once you achieve this, return to the suburbs of Krasnoznamenny. Go to the bar and tell the military tactician that you have gathered a team. The quest can be considered completed. And you decide whether or not to help your comrades-in-arms in the elimination of criminals.

Having decided to participate in the battle, go to the location “The end of the road,” which you will find if you go up the rails from the Red Banner. Once there, take your time. Prepare thoroughly, then go behind the rusty wagon, where you will find bandits sitting around a campfire. It is up to you to let your allies deal with the criminals on their own. If someone dies, you can get some nice loot. After dealing with the bandits, return to the suburb of Krasnoznamenny and tell the military strategist about everything. You will receive 400 rubles from him (an additional 200 rubles for a successful inspection), after which he will leave the city and the game will not meet again.

“General” from the brothel

When you visit a brothel, you can talk to the “general. This is the name of the lecherous brothel owner because he wears a military uniform. If you want, you can have an intimate relationship with him, and it does not matter what gender the character is. No matter how you do it, the man will still ask for help. The owner of the place has decided to make a pornographic movie, but only with good actors you’ll get a great movie. There are such actors at the “Circus” location. Do not turn down the “general”.

If you leave the city and go over the bridge to the left and up the map, you will see a large plane. Once in the area where the circusmen have settled, explore it. Do not rotate the camera, then on top of the arena on the right side you will find the strongman Bambula in a leopard costume. Talking to him on various topics, mention the movie the “general” is planning to make. You need to convince the 3 actors, it will not cause any difficulties, and there are no skill checks. In addition to the strongman you need to talk to two girls, one of them stands at the cage to the left of Bambula, and the second a little further, you will recognize her by her blue suit.

Once you get the consent of the three actors, then go to the brothel of the Red Banner and report everything to its owner. If you wish, you can star in a movie. The task is considered completed, your reward is 252 experience points and 500 rubles, as well as a video.

Searching for the Rojewski Shield

There is a casino in Krasnoznamenny that is located in the upper part of town. Go there and talk to an elderly professor you find behind the bar. The old man will share his grief. If you agree to help, you need to get to Otradnoye.

Once in the city, go to the abandoned shack, find a high rock nearby. Under the mountain there is a large rock, with which you need to interact to discover one of the parts and a book. In it you will find the information where the other parts are hidden.

Next you need to visit three locations. The first is the “Drunken Den”. The necessary part you will find in the house of the head moonshiner, it is hidden in one of the cabinets. The second is the “Mysterious Cave. There you can go alone or with Lyudmila. The girl will ask for help with the destruction of wolves before agreeing to participate in a battle with a criminal group that wants to attack Otradnoye. Heading north from Krasnoznamenny, you will find a cave with wolves. Explore the human hideout and find the necessary item. The third one is the “Scumbag Fortress”. You will find the desired location if you go to the right side of the Wasteland. You can go two ways: to destroy all the members of the gang, search the corpses and find a detail of the shield, or to make peace with the criminals and buy back the item from the leader of the gang for 2 rubles.

You have in your hands 4 parts of the shield Roevsky, which must be connected. To do this, buy the glue “Moment”, open the “Crafts” tab in your inventory and restore the item. Go to the Casino of the Red Banner to give the item to the professor. The mission is complete, your reward: 200 experience points and 600 rubles, as well as the “Ghost Defense” perk (an additional 6 points to damage resistance).

Xander from the future

During daylight hours, in front of the door of the Chamber of Commerce, you can see a man who is dressed in foil and has something unusual on his head. Talking to him on various subjects, you will learn that he has been sent here from the future. The strange type will tell you that it is necessary to prevent one couple from the “Circus” location from dating, otherwise a child capable of destroying the world will be born as a result of their relationship.

Save yourself first. When you find yourself in the specified location, have a conversation with the young men sitting on the chairs near the fire. They will only end the relationship if you pass the test, but not the communication. Passing the test of communication, you get the opposite result, their love will only increase. You can use the third way, then you will have to attack the “Circus”, setting its inhabitants against you.

In any case, even if you could not prevent the young couple from loving each other, go back to Xander. Once you tell him everything, the mission is over. If you used communication, you earn 150 experience points.

Used high charisma, and you managed to separate the couple, then returning, you will find that Xandr became the ruler. You won’t get the reward.

Destroying the Circus

You need to get to the secretary general’s office. The room is located in the bunker of the Chamber of Commerce. Once there, talk to the man on various topics. Listen to his request, which is the destruction of all inhabitants of the Circus, or their voluntary departure from the Wasteland. Agree without hesitation, completing the task, you’ll get a decent cash reward, destroy all do not have to.

Go to the “Circus” location. You will find the local leader at the head of the plane by climbing the scaffolding. Start the conversation after you save it. There are two ways to go: convince the residents to leave the Badlands or find out some curious information about Ivan the Pod. If you choose the second option, then go to the general secretary and tell him that you know his secret – about his nickname and mutation. Use blackmail: you keep quiet, and he does not try to destroy the “Circus” and gives you money.

After completing the mission, you will receive a well-deserved reward – 1260 experience points and 3000 rubles.

Missing statue of Lenin

When your character reaches level 10, in the daytime in front of the Chamber of Commerce you will meet a man dressed in military uniform. He looks unattractive, but he’s actually a military man. At his request you will need to deal with the Ironworkers who stole the Lenin sculpture. At the bottom of the map is “Tin Man Junkyard”, once on its territory, talk to the man. Make a choice of how to act three military units, when they will storm the fortress bandits.

Participate in the assault, kill all the criminals. It is undesirable to hit allies, in which case the squad in which he is a member will revolt against you (the other two will remain peaceful). If you could not avoid a clash with allies, then reload the last save, otherwise you will not be able to complete the mission. After destroying the enemies talk to the man at the beginning of the location. He can inform you about the surviving enemies. The hiding bandit can be found on the other side of the junkyard. In case the allied units entered through different entrances, this is excluded.

Go back to the Red Banner and tell about what happened to the military man who gave you the mission. As a present from him you will get a chainsaw “Lenin’s Wrath”, which is a powerful weapon (it takes 6 OD for 1 blow, for 20 blows you should fill it up with 1 bottle of petrol).

Shashlichnaya in Peregon

At the top of Krasnoznamenny there is a movie theater near which you can see a letter carrier. Talk to the postal worker about various topics. From him you will learn that perhaps the kebab shop in Peregon is engaged in illegal activities, possibly terrorist, or conducts secret and terrible experiments.

When you get to Peregon, go to the kebab shop. It is located on the left side of the map, near the railroad tracks. There talk to the grill man. After that, talk to the owner of the institution and convince him to leave here. Once everyone has left, then go downstairs by breaking down the door. Eliminate the guard, go around all the rooms and find various clues. When you try to get out of the bunker, five criminals will enter, along with the owner of the “kebab shop”. After talking to them, you can’t avoid a fight. However there is a probability of passing the skills test.

After destroying the bandits and collecting the necessary items go back to Krasnoznamenny. Talk to the postal worker near the movie theater to complete the mission. Get the reward – 378 experience points and 1500 rubles.

Lymph node collection

Do not rotate the camera and on the right, in the bottom corner of the map you will see the hospital, it is located at the top of the Red Banner. Enter the building and look for the woman doctor, looking into different rooms. From the conversation you will learn about her wish. At the doctor’s request you need to get 10 lymph nodes of arachnids. They inhabit the location “Red Fighter”. If you agree to perform the task, then do not hurry to the specified location. Before that, complete another quest, the description of which you’ll find below.

Once you have 10 lymph nodes in your hands, go to the doctor to complete the quest.

Cleanup of the “Red Fighter” location

While in the hospital, you enter a room with three patients. Talk to a patient who is different from the others. If your companion is Fidel, he will recognize the man, who turns out to be an old friend of his. After the conversation, agree to comply with his request. Go to the location “Red Fighter”, you will find it to the right and above the Red Banner.

Once in the city, look around, explore the area. Do not rotate the camera and then in the upper corner on the left you will find a house where a man has barricaded himself. He will allow you to enter (interact with the obstacle near the door) if you destroy the spider creatures occupying the entire location. Destroying the arachnids won’t be difficult, as the settlement area is small. After you deal with arthropods, go to the building, click on the barrier on the door and Hexogen will let you in. Talk to the old man, he is now a member of your team.

Go back to the hospital to Gozhin and finish the mission. The sick man will give his word that he will restore the Red Fighter and invite you to visit the location again to set up his camp.

The reward in this quest is a new associate, Hexogen.

Red Fighter upgrade (personal base and third satellite)

You can go to the Red Fighter location at any time. There meet Gozhin and talk to him. Talk to Ivan, who is building your new house. The builder can be found in the building under construction for you. During the conversation you can pay for the services of the worker, so you will improve your home.

Tasks you can complete when improving your Red Boyz:

  1. Get 500 rubles if you pump water out of a bunker. This task can be completed without needing help. Go to the bunker and fix the pump. You have already performed a similar task in Otradnoe at the request of the foreman. Once you remove the water, turn on the generator for power.
  2. 1000 rubles – the reward for getting rid of poisonous mushrooms. The bunker will be cleared of green mushrooms containing poison. This will take one day.
  3. If you fill up the generators with diesel, you will receive 5000 rubles. The deadline for the task is three days. After this time, there will be electricity in the city, and near the house – a man named Nicholas. Take him to work after the conversation. He is a master at making ammunition, but for the production he needs…
  4. For the workbench get 2,000 rubles. Ivan will assemble the workbench for 1 day. Nikolai needs the workbench to make ammunition. Go to the bunker, talk to the man, decide what type of ammunition you wish to have, ask about the parts needed for production.
  5. 3,000 rubles for the break room. It will take 1 day to build it. Find a barbell in your house. If you exercise with it 3 times a day, your strength will increase by 1 point, but temporarily. Using the radio station, you can help the caravaners, looking in the closet – you can change the clothes of the character, use the dummies to store weapons and armor. In addition, near the house you will find Alexander, he will gladly become the third member of your team.
  6. For the kitchen – 4000 rubles. It takes two days to build a kitchen. This room is used to store products and prepare food. You can also invite Gulchatai here. This girl you will release in one of the side quests – “Fortress of thugs,” by paying a ransom of 800 rubles, or by killing all the bandits (on additional tasks Wasteland is a separate article).
  7. For the bedroom – 3000 rubles. Three days will take to build a bedroom. Then you will have the opportunity to rest in your house, wash to get rid of radiation.

After completing a series of quests with criminals in an abandoned factory, Dunya and her companion will move to the Red Fighter.

Artemyev’s Assignments

At Kovalev’s request you bring the car to Otradnoye, after which the man asks you to find a carburetor and starter. You can buy the necessary parts from the stalkers, which you will meet by chance, or from Artemyev. The merchant can be found at the hotel Krasnoznamenny. Go to him. Enter the room after talking with the guard, who stands at the entrance. When you ask about the parts, Artemiev will put too high a price for them, but for completing two easy tasks will give you the parts for free.

In the first task you must go to the location “Stop #6”, the road to it runs to the right of Krasnoznamennyi. Once there, you will witness the murder of a journalist by wolves. Destroy the animals, go to Artemyev and tell him everything. Having told that you have actually killed the journalist, receive 100 rubles (it is an intermediate payment).

To carry out the next task it is necessary to go to the communication bunker. You will get there bypassing the mountain above the Red Banner. Open the door with a picklock, but if you have enough hacking skills, you can do without aids. After opening the door, complete the old gas mask. Do not rotate the chamber and go to the upper left room. There is a lot of different equipment in the room, among which find a small shelf, interact with it and find the decoder. Together with the device go back to the merchant. Get for it 100 rubles (intermediate reward).

Parts for the car you’ll get for free, once you complete both tasks Artemyev. Give them to Kovalev.

The carburetor and starter for the old Moskvich is the reward in this quest.

How do I join the Mushroom Cult (storyline)?

Not the least important part of the main plot is the Mushroom Cult. You will learn about the cult from Fidel, if he was a member of your team when you visited bunker 317. You will find a talisman on ATOM’s body, Fidel will tell you that it belongs to this cult.

Igor’s assignment, according to which it is necessary to pursue Davy Krishta, you still do it. After that, try to get to the rate of the Mushroom. It can be found by going left when exiting the Chamber of Commerce. You may not be allowed in, then go to Igor and find out how to become a member of the Mushroom Cult. If you followed Davy Krishta for him, the man will let you in (you can not deal with the woman on the second mission).

Go to the headquarters. You need Ariadne, once you find her, talk to the girl. Try to pass the test, but you won’t be able to do it. This is due to the lack of correct answers. Wait 24 hours, go again to Ariadne, now you will successfully answer the questions and become a candidate for membership in the cult. The correct answers are in that order:

  • yes, I believe;
  • yes, all human beings have the right to do so;
  • I am ready to embrace all humanity;
  • death does not frighten me.

Having answered correctly, it is necessary to make a contribution of 30 rubles and 3 cans. Cans can be purchased at the Krasnoznamenny market.

Bring Yegor back

Next, you must complete the first task given by Ariadne. You must convince Yegor to return to the cult, which he decided to leave. Go to the casino, do not forget to save yourself, talk to the guy. During the conversation, choose the answers that are most likely to bring Yegor back to the “Mushrooming”. As convincingly as possible, say that you wish him back, until the phrase that should convince the man of his importance to the cult. Regardless of the result, return to Ariadne, complete the mission and get 40 experience points.

Killing a piglet

Ariadne will give a second assignment. One of the local officials has turned against the Mushroom Cult. He can be found in the bunker of the Chamber of Commerce. He is very fond of his pet piglet. Go to the Chamber of Commerce to get down to the bunker. Save yourself and move to the room where the official and his pet are. Inform him that the general secretary is waiting for him, thereby force the man to leave the room. In the absence of the master you can destroy the animal by pressing CTRL.

Secret. To the left of the bed there is a closet with a potion in it, after taking it you can talk to the animals. Talk to the pig after drinking the potion. Find out how he got here. Eventually the pet will want you to kill it.

After finishing off the animal, leave a warning message on the corpse. Go to Ariadne to finish the quest. If you fail to kill the pig, the woman will refuse to cooperate with you. Finish the pig, but do not leave the message, Ariadne will give another quest, but the reward will be less. If you do everything properly, you will be rewarded with 500 rubles and 5 first-aid kits.

Water filter

The third mission is to visit the Tunnel of Death. You will get there if you are in Peregon and go from there to the west, then down to the south. There used to be a road to the tunnel from an abandoned factory, but the bridge is now destroyed, so you have to go around. Remember that you can take advantage of a quick move with a truck that carries coal from Peregon to Krasnoznamennyi.

Once you get to the right place, enter the death tunnel. On the right side of the door you will see a dead man, and on the wall there is a cipher – 9696. Remember the code, it will come in handy when you find the door that requires a password. Enter the correct numbers, go to the left. You need to get to the technical room, where the turbine is located. Save yourself before proceeding any further. Once you find the turbine, try to fix it. If you succeed, the tunnel will be free of chemicals. If the repair is unsuccessful, the hero will have to use a good gas mask to avoid getting poisoned.

At the far end of the bunker there is a transition point to the tunnel with vehicles, go there. Because of the rubble you did not have the opportunity to be there before. Once in the tunnel, follow the left and you will find a truck with crates in it. In them you will find the filter and ammunition you need. If you have the filter, you can explore this area further. If not, go back to Ariadne to give back the filter, complete the task and get the reward.

Ariadne has several more errands to run. According to them you need to explore 2 bunkers, which are located in Bede Ravine and Dead City. You can read the description of these quests in the other two articles.


Detailed walkthrough of all story and secondary tasks in the location “Peregon”.

To enter the territory of the tent city in the location of the ferry, you need to present a single-use ticket, this is its difference from the others. In a small building at the beginning of the location ticket can be purchased for 30 rubles.

You need to talk to Arkady Kurdyumov, the container which you will find on the territory of the tent camp near the entrance. After conversation with him you learn that it is necessary to order at once the new car on a choice: “Zhiguli”, “Niva”, “Zaporozhets” or “Uazik”. The price range is large, but if you want to pass a unique Arkady’s quest, then any of the proposed machines must be ordered. On the left side of the railroad we meet a woman who is waiting for Erast, the merchant who deceived her. Talking to her, convince her not to do anything foolish.

On the left side of the location are located kebabbers, about them was discussed in the tasks of the Red Banner.

During your next visit to the location at the entrance to the tent city you will see a girl in black leather clothing. When talking to her you will learn that she is a member of a criminal group. Companion Batory will join you and will be ready to support you if you join the OCG “Death”. The decision is up to you, if you join the OCG you will have to kill all your companions, of which there may already be several, after that all the merchants and neutrals will consider you an enemy.

On the deck of the rusty ship, on the right, we meet a man who looks like Gabe Newell (the founder and CEO of Valve). If you have high intelligence and want to earn experience points, solve his caravan riddle. Finding the right answer will increase your chance of encountering rich caravans on trucks by 10%.

Inspiration for the artist

We go down to the ship’s hold, pass by the dogfighting arena, and find a room with a lonely artist. We learn from him that for inspiration he needs a description of some terrible monster, and that a certain character Patrick from the Red Banner can describe it in detail. Follow there to find Patrick in a suburban bar, who will tell you the story of the monster in detail. Return to the Carriage, retell the artist information about the monster, complete the task. As a reward we get 126 experience points and 300 rubles.

How to destroy the OCG “Death”

If you decide to complete the task of destroying the OCG “Death”, it can be taken in Krasnoznamennyi. Go to the closest part of the city, there you will see a house in which an elderly bandit lives. He will ask you to destroy the gang that is committing atrocities. When you are at the location Cargo, talk to the guy standing near the entrance to the tent city. In a conversation with him, find out where to look for the three leaders of the “Death” OCG and their gangs. The first gang you will find if you move north of the Peregon on the global map. The second gang will be found in the east, not far from Peregon. The third – far in the eastern part of the map near the bunker 317, which will be needed for the further plot of the game. If you can choose the phrase “I love the smell of napalm…” in a conversation with Dima Death, whose gang is located farthest away, near the bunker 317, and then you will have to pass an endurance test, after that you will join the OCG. What this leads to and what follows has been described above.

Power Struggle at the Peregon

There are three leaders involved in the struggle for power on the Transshipment. The first is the General, whose fighters are based to the right of the tent city in the Rechflot building. The second is Fyodor Maksimovich, who is in his office on the ship. The third is Lyonya Abramov, a merchant in a guarded room in the ship’s hold. You decide to help Fyodor Maksimovich in his difficult struggle for power.

After talking to the second leader, you must go down to the hold and try to convince the old man guarding the merchant’s office to let you in. If you are persuasive, he will let you in. Be sure to save yourself. Choose such convincing phrases in the dialogue with the merchant, which will help persuade him to agree to a truce with Fyodor Maximovich. After that, be sure to visit the general. Be sure to save yourself before you start talking to the guard standing at the entrance to the general’s office.

Tell the guard that you need to talk to the general about the power struggle in Peregon, and go through to the general. If you are eloquent and persuasive in your conversation with the general, peace will prevail. If the negotiations are unsuccessful, the General will ask you to get rid of two competitors, Fyodor Maximovich and the merchant Lyonya. If the above options are not acceptable to you, you can choose one more option – to get rid of the general himself. If you have chosen this option, you will need to silently strangle him right in the office belonging to the general and leave it. The guards at the exit will not be particularly indignant, because they themselves are already fed up with the general. Fyodor Maksimovich gets the power in Peregon, his leadership suits everyone. Peregon continues to trade peacefully, at the same time flourishing and developing – this you can find out at the end of the game.

Hunting wolves

If you want to earn more than 300 experience points and some ammo, you can help one of the soldiers at the entrance to the tent city. He will ask for help in fighting wolves. If you agree you are automatically moved to the right location. After destroying all the wolves, you will receive a reward and immediately return to the Carriage House.

Destroying Gangs in the District

When you meet the man in the white suit at the bilge of the ship, be sure to talk to him about various topics. He will suggest that you destroy the three sect gangs in the Peregon area. On the global map, move around the area near Peregon until you find the next event, ideally if you find a group of people wearing paper hats. Destroy three such sect gangs and return to the man who gave the assignment. As a reward you will receive approximately 700 rubles and more than 120 experience points, and if you successfully pass the test can get an additional 150 rubles.

Missing car salesman

After ordering a car from Kurdyumov, you have to wait two weeks. After that visit the merchant, who will begin to convince you to wait another seven days, allegedly there were unforeseen problems with the ship. If you agree to wait another week, you will return to Peregon after this period and find that Kurdyumov has disappeared. Talk to the soldier at the entrance to the tent camp. He will tell you that the merchant has escaped to Red Banner.

Visit the casino in this town and find Kurdyumov. Talk to him. If after talking you give him another 1000 rubles, you will never meet him again. There are other options for resolving issues with Kurdyumov. It is up to you to think and decide.

Wasteland side quests

Detailed walkthrough of all secondary quests on the global map “The Wasteland”.

Drunken Den

When you arrive at this facility, you will need to get a mission. To do this, you must talk to the head moonshiner, if he survives. He will ask you to find an old friend of his. To do this you need to go to the Rattling Forest, there you will be able to find the grandfather and grandmother in the tent. The friend of the main moonshiner is the grandfather. At the exit you need to meet an old man guard, talking to him, get important information. He is looking for his daughter Doona, she will be near one of the entrances to the abandoned factory.

“Pleasant Road” farmstead

Above the “Red Boyz” is this farmstead. Once there, you will meet Alenka – a girl-warrior, who will immediately give you a task. But before you go to perform it, it is worth stocking up on resources, because the exchange of gunpowder, you can get 300 rubles. Alenka’s task is that it is necessary to find 20 pieces of gunpowder. Another important point is to find a ticket ATOMovtsa, which at night crack the night table, it is located in the center of the house. The owner of the farm will be able to learn more about who the parents of Alenka are, then tell her this information. Even if you offer the girl-warrior to go with the detachment, she will still refuse and go on her own in search of her real parents.

Talk to the owner of the farm, he will tell her that he suspects his wife of treason. At night, break into the nightstand, which is near the bed, take out a plastic ring and show the man. So you’ll be able to expose the boss’s wife and on completion of the task to get 30 rubles and extra vegetables.

The man’s wife’s name is Yana. You will also receive a task from her. She will ask you to find some casparamide plates. To complete the quest, you will need to find five plates, give them to Yana, and in the end get 100 rubles. The owner has a younger daughter named Ella, she is located near the house. It is necessary to talk to her, so you get to ferret out her real name. But this is only if the skill “Communication” is enough. The girl can be seduced, tell her that in a big world wonderful adventures are waiting for her. After that, bring her a cigarette and alcohol, and then you can meet her in the hayloft.


Under the fallen plane is the “Circus” location, walk to it. To get inside the circus you need to spend 15 rubles, after which you will be called to the arena. The task will be to cheer up the audience by showing a successful number. For this you will be awarded a clown’s nose, which increases the luck, but reduces the charisma.

Among all the guard posts you need to find Nikolai, he, unlike the other guards, will not be dressed in a clown suit. Chatting with him, you will get information about the rats that are under the circus. Then go up the location, deal with ten rats and find the rat king. After you destroy a huge rat, go back to Nikolai, he will reward you with 150 rubles, a can of stew and two antidotes.

Near the plane, on the right side of this location, find several chairs. On one of them sits Varvara. Talk to this woman, she will tell you how she had a quarrel with Yana Yaitseklad. The reason for their quarrel is that Yana blames Varvara for the broken egg. Make your way to Jana, she is on the left side of the dome. You will need to talk to her on various topics. Even to the left you will see Ivan Tsaplya, he will be sitting on a crate. After talking to him, you will learn that it was he who broke the egg. With this information you can go to Yana and Barbara, to tell them how exactly everything happened. For this get a reward of 150 rubles. Now open the map, go to the southwest corner, where you will find a cache under the stone.

The Rumbling Forest

At this location you can see an old woman and an old man, they will ask to deal with the formidable wolves in the rumbling forest. You will need to move to the right side, then find the wolves and destroy them. However, you should cope with this task as soon as possible, you should not procrastinate, because every minute is precious, otherwise the old men will be killed.

After completing the task, move to the left side, there you will find a fallen tree. A hunter will emerge from it. If you manage to kill him, you will be rewarded with ammo and “Vintorez. To find the cache, go through the forest edge, and in the center of the circle, which was formed from the fly agarics, you can see what you’re looking for. The cache will be exactly in this place.

Where the hunter was, there is a wooden idol. About it will need to learn detailed information from the old man. To do this, go back to the tent and ask him everything. If you want to increase your luck by one point, place pieces of meat right in front of the wooden idol. Meat after the increase you can take back, because luck is still increased on a permanent basis and will not change. Another cache can be seen if you go down the map, right at the turn of the trail.

Now you need to go down into the pit of the rumbling forest, there carefully examine the skeleton, where you can find and get a Soviet combat knife. In close combat, it will be the best weapon. In this cave turn to the left side, there you will find a mutated dog, it must be killed and, after searching the corpse, get a mysterious chemical. With this reward you can increase any selected characteristic. The same action is associated with the “Superman” achievement.

In the same cave go to the northwest, namely to its corner. There apply the second rope, it should be thrown to the other side (of course, you will need excellent throwing weapon skill). When you get to the other side, you can find the image of a deer in the center of the hall. When you study it, will be unlocked achive “Archaeologist. Now look for a cache with a stone baba, it is located on the left side of the cave, there you will find a weapon. Stay, through the tab “Crafts” will need to make a stone knife, this will require: grinding stone, stone tool, duct tape. If you suddenly can not build a knife at the first time, then just restart and try again to make it. After that, you can get the “Neanderthal” achievement.


In the lower left corner of the map, near the lake you can find the village of Fogelevka. To get to the third global map, namely the Bede Gorge, you will need to find a ZIL driver and pay him 5,000 rubles. But if the level of communication or barter will be high, it is possible to reduce the amount of travel to three thousand rubles.

Advance to the northern part of the village, there you will see a shed with a small bathhouse. In this bathhouse you will see a girl, with whom you need to communicate. After that you will learn that her father pestered her because of the dream nightmare. Using intelligence, strength or communication you will need to change her father’s mind. When the task is done, tell the girl Pereslavl. In conclusion, it will be able to get a reward for a fragmentation grenade F-1.

Then visit the tavern, you can find the letter carrier, who will give the job. Need to take clowns in the circus package with the medicine. If you open the parcel, you will see that it is drugs. But still passing the parcel as directed, and it must be given to the clown, who will stand at the main entrance of the circus, get 200 rubles. In the same tavern, inside the main room, near the entrance is another character, whose nickname is The Lawman. His task is to find out information about the bandit Chigurov. To complete the task, he will direct you to three different people.

First of all, go to the Carriage, passing the barge, go down into the hold. There advance further towards the cage where the dogfights will take place. There will be a girl leaning against the wall, on the right side of the steward. With a girl need to talk, to do this apply skills, so you can learn about the bandit Chigurov. After the conversation, go to the location “The place of the accident”, it is located at the bottom of the Otradnoe. You need to go there and talk to the old man, who will sit on the left side of the tent. To learn new information about Chigurov will require the use of persuasive skills.

Despite all the information and questioning it will not be enough, because still have to visit the location of the Calamity Gorge. When you find yourself on the spot, then it is worth to go straight to the Old Castle, there you will find Mr. Matvey. This man will be located in a small fortress near the bags with potatoes. Talk to Matvey and get information about Chigurov, find out what exactly the bandit has planned.

After that, return to the Fogeleevka, tell all the information Lawman, thanks to which get 9779 experience points and 1000 rubles in addition. If you want to earn an additional 350 rubles, then help Zakannik eliminate Chigurov. To do so, you’ll have to take part in a battle against five thugs and kill them.

The Fortress of Scumbags

The location of the “Thugs’ Fortress” location was mentioned earlier. It can be found above, on the right side of the Red Banner. At the location of the location you need to try to negotiate with the bandits, to do this, apply charisma. If everything turns out, then the leader of the gang will be able to take the quest. He will ask you to bring him 50 rounds of 9mm caliber, when you do this, then get his reward of 300 rubles.

At the same bandit leader ask about the girl who was locked in the center of the fortress in the cell. He will offer a ransom of 800 rubles, so you can release the girl. You can also eliminate all the bandits, if possible, and still end up talking to Gulchitai. The girl will ask to escort her to the Red Banner, return with her to the suburbs and talk. Then inform her that it’s time to say goodbye to her, Gulchitai will agree with you. At the base in the Red Boyz build a kitchen, then meet Gulchitai in the bar of the suburb of Red Banner and talk to her again. After that, the girl will ask to join you at the base, agree, so you complete her story and she will cook for you.

Tin Man Junkyard (How to Get a Car)

When you find yourself at this location, you will be offered to take part in the storming of the base, it will happen regardless of whether you took a quest from the military in the square of the Chamber of Commerce in Krasnoznamenny or not. After passing the storming, you can get a car that will facilitate movement through the wasteland. After that, be sure to save, then you can interact with the white “Volga”, which will be in the garage.

The car will need to roll out of the garage, then begin to inspect it. The car should not be in a hurry to start. Before you turn the starter, fix it, otherwise you will lose it. Without fixing the car, it is sure to explode, and the main character will die. It will take a high level of “Technology” to repair the Volga. When the car is repaired, fill it up with gas and go driving around the Wasteland.

Bede’s Gorge

Detailed walkthrough of all story and secondary quests on the global map “Bede’s Gorge”.

Go to the location Fogelevka, so you can get to the Calamity Gorge. At the location Fogelevka talk to the truck driver, who will agree to take you to your destination for 5000 rubles, you can also bargain for 3000 rubles, if possible. But before all this is done, it is recommended to visit the bunker of the Chamber of Commerce.

Find a familiar character – Ivan Ivanovich, he will be in one of the living rooms. If he will be lying on the bed, you will not persuade him to get up, he himself must get up. You need to talk to Ivan Ivanovich and find out about his plans to repair the caravanserai. Next we go to the local chairman to persuade him to recognize the authority of the Red Banner.


In the location of the Caravanserai you will find yourself if you go to the Gorge of Trouble. Two other locations – the waterfall and the Old Castle – are ready to be taken by a man you meet at the entrance to the tavern. You’ll have to pay him 10 rubles for it, but you’ll have to walk back. The only building in the Caravanserai is the tavern. If you enter it, you can meet some interesting characters. But first try to walk around the living rooms, then save yourself and go into the room with a woman and a man. This is where you will see Artemiev hiding with his bodyguard.

There is an opportunity to negotiate peacefully with Artemyev, try to resolve the issue or persuade him to surrender. If he succeeds, Artemyev will be locked in one of the rooms and guarded by a man from the Caravanserai. If no agreement is reached, then we will have to fight both Artemyev and his bodyguard. In the course of the skirmish, it is likely that the woman will be killed. But if she survives, then talk to her. You can pay her back in money or leave it at that. Even if you pay her, you won’t see her again.

There will be an ammo dealer at the table on the left side, talk to him. He will ask you to collect 30 wolf fangs, and it shouldn’t be hard to collect them. Making your way to the Gorge of Trouble on the global map, will constantly be faced with wolves. Therefore, to collect the canines will not be difficult, especially since the wolves will not restore health points, unlike people.

At the table on the right will sit the chairman of the caravanserai Mahmudov. If you start to say right away that you need to recognize the authority of the Red Banner, he will definitely refuse. Therefore, follow Makhmudov’s instructions. He will tell you about the missing cook, you can meet him on the location with a waterfall. The fact is that the inhabitants of the Caravanserai and the Old Castle are at war with each other. The cook fell in love with the girl Alina from the Old Castle, and he had to run away to meet her. In a way, Alina and the cook are the prototype of Romeo and Juliet. It is not possible to execute the assignment immediately and return the cook, but there is one option for a peaceful resolution of the issue. About it you will learn a little later.

In this tavern you can also meet the “letter carrier”, not a real one, we are talking about a drug dealer. Near the Old Castle he lost a parcel, so he will ask you to find it and give it to him. Go to the Old Castle and at the top of the map, at the foot of the castle, you will see another letter carrier at the fire. It is necessary to take away the parcel from him, then take it to the tavern, for which you will receive a reward of 1000 rubles.

Old Castle

Proceed to this location and enter the territory of the fortress. The fortress is located on top of a mountain. You need to meet Efendi, who fears for his life. You can find Efendi in one of the buildings, in a conversation with him you will learn his story. The thing is that because of his mother’s insults Gazi-Magomed threatened to send assassins to kill him. Since that moment Efendi is afraid and asks you to help him get out of this story. Agree and go outside. Near the fire you will see Gazi, talk to him and find out the truth. After that you will have to either tell Efendi the truth, that he realized his wrongdoing, or lie, thus condemning him to live in fear for the rest of his life.

Here you can meet a woman in the corner of the building who will complain about her junkie husband. She can be helped by climbing to the top of the fortress. In the tower itself you can find her husband named Azis. Then save yourself and try to convince him to quit drugs. To do this, use charisma and strength. When the task is completed successfully, return to the woman and tell her that you completed her task. For this you will receive a reward of 333 rubles.

Go to the next room, there you will see Edward the Terrible. This is the local leader. Talk to him, you will get the following task: he needs to return the runaway daughter. You will find her by the waterfall. To do this, go to the location and try to convince the girl to return to her father, but save yourself first. You can also pass several checks, then forcefully put the girl on her shoulder blades and return her to her father, but there is also a peaceful option.

After talking to the girl, go back to her father and tell him everything she told you. Try to convince Edward to come to terms with his daughter’s decision and accept her relationship with the cook. Use the skill of communication to persuade her, and if it works, Edward will approve of his daughter’s decision and allow her to meet the cook. Then go back to the waterfall, tell Alina the good news, and in this way you will be able to solve several issues with one blow. The girl will return home to her father, to the fortress, and the cook to the Caravanserai.

After the cook returns to the Caravanserai, again try to communicate with Makhmudov. He must be told that the Red Banner wishes to cooperate fruitfully, after which the man recognizes the power of the city of the Wasteland, giving good. To complete the initiated mission, return to Ivan Ivanovich. From Grozny, for the return of his daughter, you will be rewarded with 100 rubles, as well as a magazine rifle and apples. You will also get permission from him to go to the old bunker.

How do you get into the bunker?

In order to get to the Calamity Gorge, you must complete the task of Grozny from the Old Castle: to return his daughter Alina to him. After completing the task guide from the Caravanserai escorts you to the bunker for 100 rubles. Upon arrival go inside, go straight to the center of the small circular room, follow to the console. You need to go to the Red compartment, which is located on the right side. But it is impossible to go there, because the passageway is blocked.

Still, you will have to go around to get inside. Turn on the left side and move forward, there you need to find the room with two big generators. Thanks to the generator that doesn’t work, you can open the back up. To do this, redirect the power, then the entrance #28 will open, you can supply electricity to the infirmary #11. But it’s the backup entrance that we need.

After doing these manipulations, go to the place where the tunnels with vegetation begin. There are monsters waiting for you in these places. When they attack, stems emerge from the bushes. It is the shots of these plants that do a lot of damage. Not only do they make your character weak, but they also prevent you from using weapons and lower your action points. To avoid these troubles, it is recommended to destroy the plants initially. They have a minimum of health, and it will be easy to do.

Then move on to the living rooms, passing all the corridors with vegetation. You need to find the room with the breach in the wall, so look through all of them. To get into the room, you will need to use explosives, because the passageway is blocked. You can also use herbicide, it is in the next room on the right. There will be a safe under the bed, and if you crack it, you can get the herbicide ready.

How to make herbicide?

If you can not crack the safe, or just need herbicide, you can make it yourself. To do this, go to the left side of the room with the breach – there will be a laboratory. Find the remote control and interact with it. This will tell you what ingredients you’ll need to make your own herbicide. You’ll need three ingredients, which you’ll need to look for in places like this:

  1. To the right of the console will be an open cabinet, on the shelf lies the first ingredient. It is worth noting that the cabinet itself is not an object available for interaction. You will have to specifically click on the jar with the right substance.
  2. Now look for the second ingredient. To do this, we return to the room where the wall is broken through. On the right side, where the safe is hidden, you need to find the couch. On it will be a suitcase, if you crack it, you will get the second ingredient for the preparation of herbicide.
  3. The last substance can be found if you go from the lab with the remote control to the right side, passing a corridor with vegetation. You need to find in one room a square flowerbed with yellow plants. Go into this room, and from it go to the next room, where there will be many remotes. Find a small rack on which lies the necessary substance.

When all three ingredients are assembled, you should go back and add all the components to the mixing console. The correct recipe can be found in the corridor with vegetation: it will be on the skeleton. If you have not been able to find it, you can use the instructions below:

  1. 2 mg diacetylmorphine;
  2. 1 mg Salvia Sclarea;
  3. 0.75 mg Turbina Corymbosa;
  4. Be sure to choose one command: dissolving with alcohol and centrifuge thickening.

Thanks to this recipe you will be able to prepare an herbicide. It is applied to the plant that blocked the passageway to the room, then move into the cave.

Along the way you have to fight the enemies. And finally you’ll find yourself in the bunker’s laboratory. There will be a group of ATOM, talk to them, save yourself and then go to the farthest room. Next it will be necessary to speak with a strange mind, and then decide what to do: to kill the entire squad, and thereby prevent the creature to go with a group of soldiers to the “Mushroom”, or agree with the mutant. When the fight is over, you can find a note with the code combination: it will be on one of the bodies of the dead. This is the code to the door of the headquarters of the Mushroom Cult. If you choose to agree with the creature and let him go with the ATOM people, then he’ll give you a note with the code. If you helped the creature, you can head back to Ariadne at the Mushroom Cult headquarters – a reward awaits you there.

Dead City

Detailed walkthrough of all story and secondary quests on the global map “Dead City”.

Even before you start your journey to the Dead City, you need to purchase pills that minimize the damage from radiation or remove it completely. Now you should go to the dock, which is located away from the weapons and ammunition shop. After a short conversation, the captain will offer to transport you to the target, no less than 7 thousand rubles. You can try to bring the price down to 5 thousand. Get on the road.

Once you have reached the Dead City, you will find yourself on the pier. Here you should talk to the travelers here. The stalker sitting on the left side has an unknown key. However, the conversation with him comes to a dead end and we didn’t manage to beg for it. Near the fire will sit a man named Bush. He will ask you to eliminate Goober’s gang, which inhabits the south of the location. On the global map move to the left at the bottom of the map. Soon you will see those very bandits. A randomly generated event will happen here. Having dealt with the gang, go to your questor. The bush will give you a thousand rubles and 380 units of experience. By the way, do not forget to search the pockets of the murdered bandits.

If you move from the pier in the north direction of the map, you will come across the stalkers’ camp. Once here, turn right at the first building. Here you will find a man named Dubravin, talk to him. This peddler will tell you that there is an adventurer on the pier, who pretended to be his friend, but in the end tried to kill him. Investigate the case, go to the wharf and find a wayfarer in a hockey helmet who will tell you that he shot the ghost behind Dubravin’s back. Now go back to the questor and tell him everything you heard. The reward will be one and a half thousand rubles and Sonya’s eye. In addition, you will receive 375 experience points.

Dubravin will offer you to search for Sonya’s grave. She has been hanged for theft. You will need to return her eye to its place. When you leave his house, turn immediately to the right and move until you come to a lonely grave. Press the “use” button. Excavating, make sure that this is where Sonya’s body lies. After opening the coffin, put the eye in its place. Go to Dubravin. He will tell you that Sonya herself has recently appeared to him. So you did everything correctly. The quest is over, your reward is 125 experience points.

Institute ruins and bunker

For this task you need a rope. After finding it or buying it, go west on the minicard. On your way you will encounter the ruins of the university. On your way fight off the rats. After killing all the rodents, go around the building, in which all entrances inside are closed. On the left side you will see the stone pillar that was previously used to ventilate the rooms. Press “Use” and use the rope to climb down the rope.

At the bottom you will see a door with a red lamp. When looking around you will meet Vila. This is an artificial intelligence that will ask you questions. If you answer them correctly, it will open the door for you. For all the correct answers, collect all the notes and documents. After turning left, go to the elevator. After a brief battle with the rats you will find the body of the man with the suitcase. Search him and find the records and a photo card. Answer the questions of the artificial intelligence in the following order:

  1. Petrovich.
  2. И. S. Turgenev.
  3. Professor.
  4. Engineer.
  5. Wife Galina.

Please note that the correct answers appear only after you have read all the entries from the documents. To do this, select the “Information” option by clicking on the document with the right mouse button.

Once you go through the door, move straight down the corridor. You will run into another door with an artificial mind that needs to introduce itself as a general. Look around all the rooms and read all the notes that will be located in the drawers of cabinets or just on desks. For example, on the desk in the general’s room. Or on the pool table in the recreation room. Don’t miss the certificate of honor on the wall in the general’s room.

After reading all the notes, go back to the door and talk to Ville again. Choose the answers in the following order:

  1. Viktor Andreevich.
  2. Ivolgin.
  3. General.
  4. A named revolver given as a birthday present.

As you already know, the correct answers appear only after reading all the documents in the location.

After opening the castle, go inside. Soon you will find yourself at one more door. Here everything is more complicated. Vili has cameras that can see you. Try to convince him to let you in. Sometimes it works. If you are unlucky, go to the room on the left, where you will meet a robot, which you will have to fight. After defeating him, open the cabinet in the left corner. Carefully read the combination of ones and zeros. You need to understand the system and enter the missing numbers – 0010. After turning off Vili, the door will open. Enter the bunker, here you will meet the ATOM squad. Decide for yourself what to do with them. You can destroy them and find the records with the code. Or you can let them go, and the note will be yours without any fight.


Go back to Red Banner. Head to the headquarters of the Mushroom Cult, where the ATOM platoon will meet and it will become clear what happened here. They will refuse to go with you to the Mushroom Bunker. Follow yourself to the headquarters, enter on the two germogate passwords, which you will learn in the papers. After opening the doors, enter the elevator and go down to the very bottom of the Mushroom Cult Bunker.

Start a conversation with the cult members. There are two options: convince them without a fight and engage them in battle with them. After knocking everyone out, go down the rope. At the bottom you will meet Morozov. Here you will see the intelligent Mushroom. Your decision will now determine the outcome of the game:

  1. If you side with the reasonable Mushroom, Fidel will be angry and fight you. In the end, he dies.
  2. If you refuse Mushroom’s terms, you will have to destroy Morozov and all the lab staff. This will be a difficult battle, we advise you to prepare for it thoroughly.
  3. You can convince Mushroom to abandon his plan. First, make the test by talking. Now choose the second item, then the third. It says that you were lucky enough to uncover this insidious plan. Now the Mushroom will abandon his plans and will not unite all the people.

The game is over. This was the last mission of ATOM RPG. Atom RPG Walkthrough is over.

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