GTA V Speedrun Guides — Tips, Tricks and Walkthroughs

GTA V Speedrun Guides — Tips, Tricks and Walkthroughs

This guide is based on route that Dekap/Nord made, i guess. Since none of them update their guide i made a new one with updated strats etc. Shoutouts to Dekap, Nord, Ryedawg14, M_tt, Velocinator, FingerQuick, zoton2 and others for finding new strats. Videos will come when i wil be able to record without lags.

General tips

  1. Franklins special ability in corners allow to take them faster and gives you boost when you exit them, on straights they dont save time (just looks faster), but on bike its slower, especially with Franklin.
  2. Cop wanted level is on a locked timer when they loose sight of you, it resets when they spot you again – 1star = 30sec, 2 = 37sec, 3 = 45sec.
  3. Use Trevors special ability for big shootouts to increase chances of surviving and completing them faster.
  4. Set traffic density to highest to increase chance of finding fast cars on streets.
  5. Turn subtitles off as it slows down many missions because they depend on dialogue which goes slower if sutitles are on (except for mission “Did somebody say yoga?”).
  6. Use gamepad with autoaim for big shootouts to save time.
  7. Dont use Franklins special ability during a dialogue in missions where its mandatory to listen through it, because it interrupts the dialogue for 3 seconds (for example “Chop”), but there are few instances where it helps (will update this with mission list later on).

GTA V Speedrun Guides — Tips, Tricks and Walkthroughs

Missions Run — Best Guide

1. Prologue

First aim at the guy who is laying on the ground (for couple seconds), then switch to other 2 guys and keep switching between them for 2-3 seconds, then switch back to guy in brown jacket for 1 second, then again switch back to other 2 guys and keep switching. If done it right the guy in white shirt will move right after guy in the blue shirt, otherwise guy in white shirt will stand for 2 extra seconds which is 2 second time loss. When safe door explode yo ucan jump to reach safe faster, otherwise you are forced to walk. Shootout outside the bank is straight forward, kill as fast as you can, to spawn next set of cops faster. When Michael tells you to run away just jump from cover and you will trigger cutscene, dont shoot cops.

2. Franklin and Lamar

Sprint to the red car and use boost from Lamar by getting ahead of him after he turns right (better watch video to understand). When you turn left and see 2 small bridges use boost right before them in order to reduce being in air too much + it will give you more speed boost. Also use speed boost right before a corner, faster to take a turn + more speed when you exit the turn. After parking lot cutscene turn right and use alley right next to Simeons dealership to stay out of cop sight and closer to checkpoint.

Video – After mission – Grab Franklins car, pick up Simeons call before getting too close to Simeons dealership (otherwise you will have to reset mission marker by driving away from dealership) and drive to it.

3. Repossesion

Grab grey Viper instead of Franklins white car. Use shortcut instead of turning right when you reach junction. Park the car in front of gates but on the right side (otherwise it will be respawned on the other side of the street). When you are walking down the alley stay ahead of Lamar but not too far, you will skip some dialogue (see video). When shootout starts shoot gastank to take out all guys at that moment, shoot the rest few run towards gate. Shoot biker when he shows in front of gate to skip the bike chase. Get on the bike start slowly drive away but look back and make sure Lamar gets in the Viper (you will need the car after mission, otherwise it wil be despawned). When you reach final checkpoint jump out of bike few metres before it to skip small cutscene.

Video – After mission – get inside Viper and go to the next mission next to you.

4. Pulling Favors

Jump couple times towards viper after cutscene with Tanya to force her to sprint towards Viper instead of walking. Rest is simple and straight forwards, use Franklins special at corners. Video – After mission – take Viper and drive to next mission.

5. Chop

Use alleyway on the right side from hospital yolo jump to reach the destination of the chase. When you need to search for D after he hides, you dont need to search both vagons, just go shoot the dog to skip a cutscene and wait at the third vagon. Dont use special when you need to drive back, it delays dialogue on PC and you cant finish the mission untill dialogue goes through. BTW go straight to Lamars place instead of yours as the game tells you to do first.

Video – After mission – drive to next mission with a van or take Viper in front of Franklins house.

6. Complications

When you enter Jimmys car press F to trigger Michael faster and avoid crashing, becasue that will delay dialogue and you cant continue mission. When you need to fight Simeon press RMB and smash Q to knock Simeon down and finish the fight faster.

Video – After mission – Drive to next mission.

7. Father/Son

When you approach to turn where boat shows up, slow down tak a wide turn to left to get close to Michaels boat, thats how you trigger Franklin faster. When first guy starts to fight Franklin, kill him but dont headshot because that will softlock Franklin. After killing second guy get close to the boat and collect Jimmy, then kill rest. If done fast and right you will pick up Franklin before bridge.

Video – After mission – Drive away from the house untill next mission shows up then drive back to Michaels house.

8. Marriage Counseling

After turning right go straight up and reach the ckeckpoint instead of following the guy. After taking house down, go down and use skip to avoid Madrazos guys spawning (see video).

Video – After mission – Look for a bike or fast sports car (if cant find dont waste more then few seconds) and drive to Lesters mission.

9. Friend Request

When you leave the hipster the cloth shop, shoot above left rear tyre to blow your car up and kill yourself. Example:

Video – After mission – drive outside the house and take a phone call from Lester to activate next mission marker and get back in.

10. Daddy’s Little Girl

Take the furthest bike ( yellow sports one), when you reach bike rental place, dont use GPS route, its slower. Swim underwater as its fraction faster and loose 50% health by stayign underwater couple econds longer because you will do a deathwarp after mission. Video – After mission – Run up the stairs and look for a smal propane tank next to hot-dog stand, shoot it and kill yourself to do a deathwarp:

Then drive to next mission.

11. Casing the Jewel Store

After taking picture inside Jewel store and talking to the lady, press jump when fadeout starts, that will allow to jump after it and be closer to door. Go down the intended way after you take a picture on the rooftop. (R has changed something and jumping down the building = death most of the time. If you play on consoles then see any run on consoles to know where to jump down). Choose option A, its a lot faster.

Video – After mission – get inside your car and go straight to highway (block away) and wait for Lesters message which will start the next mission (see video)

12. Carbine rifles

When mission marker shows up on the map drive towards it and stop under the bridge, take out pistol and wait for FBI car to show up then kill all of them, take car and get of the highway by turning right thro the gap in the right side, hide under bridge while cops search for you. NOTE: biggest run killer in Trevor% because helicopter spawns are unpredictable and there is no 100% consistant way of doing this mission, you can go straight to place where checkpoint will be if helicopter doesnt see you,at all. If you leave one guy alive it delays helicopter spawn but not always.

13. The Jewel Store Job

Get inside the black van ASAP and start honking (default H), it will makle NPCs get inside the van faster (only time that this trick works in the game). When you start robbing the Jewel store start with ones in the middle arround the register and couple others on the side, you need 3.2kk then leave. When you down on highway dont go down the tunnel but stay on the road and take right turn through the gap, wait for them to make 180 turn and get back to hghway and alter jump down into canal. Reach the exit of the tunnel and go in, in few seconds you will triger a cutscene. If you reach checkpoint in the canal before you loose wanted level = mission fail, usually its not a problem, only if you are too fast. Video will show you better.

Video – After mission – take Franklins white buffalo and drive to next mission.

14. The Long Stretch

Take Franklins buffalo instead of the other car. Go right and jump down on train tracks, when both homies get in your car, go again right across street and stay hidden in alleys, then drive to Franklins house, there are 2 helicopters that can spawn, one spawns when you cross road and other when you are close to Franklins house, those are consistant.

Video – After mission – switch to Michael and he will be next to his house if good switch. Bad switch will be if his on a road far away from his house, in that case just switch back to Franklin and drive to Micahels house.

15. Mr. Philips

When you reach biker camp and game tells you to get back into your car, blow yourself up to spawn inside car without wasting time running towards it.

Video – After mission – grab your car head to next mission.

16. Trevor Philips Industries

Blow up 2 red gasoline tanks to kill all of the guys in front of you, then 1 enemy car will drive behind the house, shoot the big yelloy tanker untill it explodes, it will take out all of them. After that go to the otherside of your house and pickup grenade launcher, otherwise you wil get a cutscene where chef throws it at you. Dont waste all the ammo as it will come in handy in later missions. Hard to explain every move so check the video :D, cheff sometimes can get stuck in when you need to go down so stay close to him for few seconds.

Video – After mission – grab your car and drive no next mission

17. Nervous Ron

Straight forward mission with no big timesaves or anything. The only thing that i could add is that when you need to kill bikers thers a way to force second van to show up faster, but dont know excatly how, Dekap knows better.

Video – After mission – so now there are 2 ways of doing next 2 missions. You can take bandit or plane in front you inside hanger (not the one outside to your left). If you choose bandit then simply drive to next mission. If you choose plane then take the plane and fly to next mission and land it not crash, because you will need the plane for mission.

18. Crystal Maze

If you chose bandit after previous mission then simply drive to the farm house and stop in front of it (dont go to checkpoint). Then run inside their house activate Trevors special and run downstairs, kill one the only guy in there. Pick up gasoline and blow yourself up, then run up the stairs and throw grenade down stairs, after that quickly run for the exit while activating trevors special ability to survive explosions. After cutscene grab your bandit not quad bike in front of you and drive to next mission whoich outside Trevors house. If you chose plane mission ago then fly to Trevors house and land it next to Trevors house (not too close otherwise it will despawn).

19. Friends reunited

Take the plane/bandit you used in previous mission and drive/fly to bikers camp. If you used plane then park it outside and steal the truck close to you, with bandit you jsut simpley drive arround and toss c4 withotu changing vehicle. After thats donew take the plane/bandit and reach the rest. NOTE: Landing with plane is harder but it saves 2 minutes in this mission.

Video – After mission – switch to Michael and he will be in his house.

20. Fame or Shame

Video – After mission – steal a car and drive to next mission. If you want to do yolo strat for next mission then visit ammunation before reaching next mission, if not then drive straight to mission.

21. Dead Man Walking

With yolo strat simply jump through the guys but go to the right side throu doors and kill only one shotgun guy, with poussy strat simply kil lall of them. When you enter the car drive through hospital and down the channel to avoid cops, then drive straight to next checkpoint which is close to the place where Blitz play started.

Video – After mission – blow up the car thats right next to you to do a deathwarp to hospital and then drive to next mission.

22. Three’s Company

Try to jump away or take cover whenever you can to get out of slow walk animation, if succesfull then run to Daves car, break the door off and drive to Dave who will still be only half way to his car. When you shoot down helicopter (as Franklin), switch to Trevor and fly between 2 skyscrapers on your left, 1 or both helis will crash into skyscrapers which is less time waste at the end of the mission, you can also fly low when escaping helicopters so they would crash. You can land directly on the checkpoint even if you have helicopter on your tail but if it crashes close to it can lead to mission fail. Video – After mission – switch to Franklin and drive to next mission.

23. Hood Safari

Switch to Trevor when shootout starts and kill first bunch of dudes,then blow both cars with c4 and kill guys on left and 1-2 on the right. After that start running straight and activate Trevors special when low on health, when you reach point where cop cars show up turn left into alley and run until you get mission fail, press retry and game will respawn you at the same spot, so you dont have to kill all guys behind you. Jetski part is based on dialogue. After Franklni says “Helpfull as always” turn 180 degress, because Lamar will say “Lets split up”. Reach the stairs in the coast in front of you, find a car and start heading to next mission already (most of the time police wont follow you, but if heli manages to follow you, then hide in any bush before he spots you).

Video – After mission – grab any car and drive to next mission.

24. Scouting the Port

Use canal as shortcut to reach port faster (see video). Jump down the crane on which you took photos, you can die but its still faster, because you will be respawned next to the truck. Find a faster car when you leave port with briefcase.

Video – After mission – switch to Michael, most of the time he will be next to his house where next mission is, but if bad switch then you will have to drive to Michaels house.

25. Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Press down and reach the ground faster to end Michaels dream at end of the mission. When you wake up on the grass grab a car instead of using bike.

Video – After mission – call Steve and next mission will start automatically.

26. By the Book

Pick the red wrench both times when you need to torture poor guy. Kill the guy who sits on the sofa in the red shirt in the middle.

Video – After mission – you need to get message from Wade about submarine to activate next mission, in the meantime drive to the port where mission marker will show up but dont drive in before getting message (most of the time you will receive message before reaching mission marker).

27. Minisub

Shoot funicurals that holds submarine, thats about it for this mission, rest is straight forward.

Video – After mission – grab a car (you will use that car as a getaway vehicle after next mision aka cutscene) and drive to place where Blitz play heist started, you will receive message from Steve after which mission marker will show up.

28. Blitz Intro

Step out of the car and take the car you used to get to the mission (cutscene). Turn left and drive straight couple blocks where you will park your car in the alley.

29. Getaway Vehicle

Park the car in the alley. Switch to Franklin after you completed this minimission.

30. Boiler Suits

Simple buy 3 boiler suits and drive to next mission, you can buy armour if feel like it.

31. Masks

Again buy any 3 masks and drive to next mission but dont get too close mission marker if you havent received message from lester which spawn mission marker.

32. Hotel Assassination

Reach the checkpoint in parking lot and then you have to wait more then a minute for target to appear which you cant fast forward so youse the time wisely and visit ammunation block away, you will have enough time to buy everything you need (explosives ammo), then return back. When thers a few seconds left aim to the left side because target will always show on the right if you do that, snipe him and quickly get away before enemy spot you, otherwise you can get a 2 star wanted level and wont be able to start next mission with cops on you.

Video – After mission – drive to next mission.

33. The Merryweather Heist

Use Michael to kill guys on the ship. Helicopter is on a timer so you wont waster time killing guys in 2 cars if you arent that fast. Video – After mission – switch to Michael and drive to next mission ahead of you.

34. Tow Truck

Kill the car owner by ramming into him, you have to kill him otherwise he will call police and you will get 2 star wanted level which wont allow you to finish the mission untill you get rid of cops.

Video – After mission – take a car and drive to next mision. There is a small chance you will find one on the streets but its a very rare RNG.

35. Garbage Truck

Kill both guys in the trashtruck, otherwise 2 star wanted level to get rid off.

Video – After mission – wait for the call before dricing to next mission. Steve is also supposed to call you but if youre fast enough by getting to the mision marker, he wont, If he manages then just back off to reset mission marker.

36) Blitz Play

Kill both guards when they step outside the security truck, it will save few seconds because otherwise you would have to listen to what they say before continuing the mission. Use grenade launcher with Franklin to kill first few cop cars.

Video – After mission – switch to Franklin and drive to next mission.

37. I Fought the Law

Use Michael when you have to drive back, Franklin is a better driver but Michaels car is far more faster.

Video – After mission – switch to Franklin and drive to next mission.

38. Eye in the sky

Chad Mulligan will always the guy who talks to another guy when you have to search second group of people, same applys to parking lot where he is always on far left.

Video – After mission – switch to Micahels and drive to next mission.

39. Mr. Richards

Grab a new car in front of you. Ignore first 2 guys and go for stairs, from there use Carbine rifle with silencer to kill guy in front of you. When you get up second stairs kill the guy in front of you, then jump up and sprint to helipad. Use LMB + Q to knock out the guy faster. To scare superstar faster simply fly straight and fast, no need to wiggle left/right/up/down or anything else. While scaring the guy fly towards Richards film studio where the last checkpoint will spawn after superstar has been scared enough.

Video – After mission – take the helicopter you used in previous mission and fly to next mission, you will receive a call from Madrazo and mission will show up.

40. Caida Libre

Use helicopter to reach observatory. Shoot the engine with 3 shots at the same time. After destroying the van, pick up any car and go straight to final checkpoint although the game will show you a different one at that moment, its because after Trevor calls your checkpoint will change to a diferent one so straight to final one.

Video – After mission – kill yourself as Franklin and drive to next mission.

41. Deep Inside

Get back in your car when game forces you out, then simply drive inside studio to the car you need to steal, shoot some guards and drive out. Stop, step out and kill both guys that start to follow you, then get back in car wait for Mollys car and blow yourself up, that will spawn you closer to the final checkpoint.

Video – After mission – grab any car and drive to next mission.

42. Minor Turbulence

When you fly by Paleto bay start moving to right side because after turning right you will get close to free air space and getting as close to the plane as possible wil save time, you will lots of beeps but no worrys no planes will spawn at that point and enemy will open back of their plane faster. Once you get inside, get out of cover, activate Trevors special ability and reach stairs, kill 2 guys close to stairs, rest of them should be dead but if not then kill them quickly.

Video – After mission – wair for a phone call from Ron and next mission marker will spawn in Trevors meth lab, if you are too close the lab you will need to reset mission marker.

43. Paleto Score Setup

Get in car, turn right and drive straight untill you reach train tracks, use them to reach Paleto bay faster. Once you are in front of bank avoid the checkpoint there and drive almoust behind the bank, step out and shoot the alarm without stopping on a checkpoint as game tells you to, then get back in car and rest of the mission is as intended.

Video – After mission – switch to Franklin after phonecall and you will start next mission.

44. Predator

First guy you need to shoot is on far left swimming in the river, second guy is on far right in the middle of the group ( hard to explain precisely :D. Run across the river as Franklin jump up and kill last guy, then pick up his RPG, you will be using it “The times come” aka final mission, so dont waste it in other missions. Sometimes when you pick up chop in the chopper he will gltich out and doesnt know what to do, in that case just step out the helicopter and get back in.

Video – After mission – get in helicopter and wait for message from Lester, it may take a minute. Next mission can spawn in 2 different places. Best one is on the left so better stay in the helicopter without moving, because if you start to fly to left and get the message it will spawn on right.

45. Military Hardware

Kill all Merryweather guys, otherwise they will follow you and you will have to kill them anyways.

Video – After mission – next misssion will show inside Trevors lab after phonecall, you can stay in the spot where marker checkpoint will apear.

46. The Paleto Score

Turn left and use highway to reach bank. When you shootout starts outside the bank sprint with Trevor towards the small ark in front of you, you will trigger police helicopter. Shoot it down then switch to Michael, when game tells you to shoot gates start sprinting and shooting at the same time to move faster. You need to reach one alley (see video or a run), kill some swat guys to trigger cutscene faster, not sure what actually triggers it faster,i just usually kill some of them so that Trevor and other dude can get to me faster (ask Dekap about this, i guess).

Video – After mission – drive to next mission in front of you

47. Derailed

Try not fall of your bike because train drives no matter what and you can miss it if fall more then two times. When you get in Michaels boat switch to Micahel and drive down the rapids, hard to shoot as Trevor so driving is faster.

Video – After mission – switch to Franklin after phone call and drive to next mission

48. Monkey Business

Video – After mission – drive few metres straight and kill yourself. If not you will spawn in the Sandy shores hospital not Los Santos one which we want. Then get a car and drive to next mission.

49. Hang Ten

After mission – switch to Trevor, he will always be in or outside strip club next to mission.

50. Surveying the Score

Switch to Michael when done scanning hole with Trevor, faster to drive instead of flying to Trevors airfield.

Video – After mission – drive to next mission.

51. Bury the hatchet

While driving to airport you can stop and buy armour because the only fast way to do this mission is going full yolo, you can do it without too but its a bit harder. Drive second level in the airport instead of driving to checkpoint that game shows you to. When shootout starts run towards church and kill both guys in the white can, grab ak-47 if they drop. Keep running forwards and kill both guys that show from behind corner and keep running forwards. If you stop even for a second you may have to kill couple other guys, most of them will be on your left but sometimes 1-2 may be in front or on your right.

Video – After mission – switch to Franklin and drive to next mission.

52. Pack Man

Dont use the route that GPS gives you, take the highway on the right side of the map (see video). Switch to Franklin when you reach bridge between two signs which is after factory ( dunno what building is that lol), anyway see video to understand better. Also get rid of cops between reaching sign on the right side of the road when you do hard left before the small buildings and dont go too far ahead of packer.

Video – After mission – switch to Trevor, skip the phone call with Lester by pressing arrow down multiple times, then kill yourself and switch back to Franklin, he will in Los Santos and close to next mission.

53. Fresh Meat

Dont use spotify app. Turn on first left and drive straight until you reach bridge, then drive across it and turn right on second street and they will on the left side (see video to understand better). When you get in a vehicle with Michael, blow the other car with c4 or grenade to prevent chinese following you.

Video – After mission – get a car and drive to next mission. A fast sports car would be good since you will be using the same car for next couple missions.

54. The Ballad of Rocco

Draw a weapon and quickly activate Michaels special ability to shoot them from distance before they disappear. When they are dead run back to your car in you get inside it you will skip a cutscene, game will tell you to get out of the area.

Video – After mission – drive to next mission

55. Cleaning out the Bureau

Janitors car will be either 4th or 5th, there is no way to speed up the mission, pure rng. Janitor is always driving the same route.

Video – After mission – drive to next mission and if you dont have a fast 4 door car then take one if see, game will give you Michaels car if you dont have, but its slow.

56. Reuniting the Family

When driving back to Micahels house i suggest taking a shortcut up the hill, see video.

Video – After mission – wait few seconds and when Franklins icon (or whatever to call it) starts to blink, switch to him, he will right next to the mission.

57. Architect’s Plans

When you gain controler over Franklin pick any weapon, dont go inside the place and shoot architect while he is sitting in his car, then grab his suitcase an use his car to escape cops. Escaping cops is faster if you visit Los Santos custums next to Lesters garment factory, just respray your car and drive to his factory. Choose option B with helicopter.

Video – After mission – get out of catory and visit ammunation close to Lesters garment factory and buy armour/explosives/ammo then get back in your car and wait for Lesters message after which next mission will show in Lesters garment factory.

58. The Bureau Raid

Straight forward mission. Only thing i could add is to use rpg after swat guys try to smoke you out. Armour will come in handy when you need to escape the building because some agents have shotguns that deal a lot of damage.

Video – After mission – kill yourself and drive to next mission

When you enter airport simply turn early every time and dont follow Molly, it will creat big rubberbanding and it will speed up Molly significantly, see video. When you collect the film reel, enter airplane and fly towards next mission while loosing cops, theres one helicopter that spawns when you are close to where enxt mission will take place, rng spawn so pray that he doesnt show up in front of you.

60. The Wrap Up

When shootout starts run and stick to the right side adn kill the one swat guy that shows in front of you. Once you snipe the pilot kill 5 guys that spawns down, then jump down and to survive use parachute, thers a chance you can die but within couple trys you will be down. Then reach the checkpoint, take cover and wait for Dave. Dont start shooting before he reaches you. When game tells you to defend Dave kill 5 guys and start running left down the stairs. Grab the fast sports car that will be there and ignore Merryweayther guys, dont waste time shooting them. When you leave tha place take out the one helicopter that follows you because you wont be able to finish mission if he is on your tail.

Video – After mission – switch to Franklin and while you drive to his new house search for a fast sports car.

61. Lamar Down

Turn right from Franklins house and use gps route at the beggining, then use the same shortcut you used in Caida libre down the hill and when you reach Sandsy shore turn left and get on train tracks, thats and easier way to reach the mill. Dont go to checkpoint but stop outside the saw mill and reach Lamar, you will have to kill only 2 guys. Reach the front of the mill when you have reached Lamar, kill both cars with all Ballas in them, then couple more and when game tells you to get back to Lamar blow yourself up adn then you can drive back to your house with Lamar. See video to understand better).

Video – After mission – switch to Michael, blow yourself up and drive to next mission.

62. Meltdown

Use rpg to blow up 2 Merryweather cars that arrive in front of your house after you have killed all other of their guys. (not the 2 cars you see when arrive).

Video – After mission – switch to Trevor and walk to next mission

63. Big Score Setup

Choose option with gauntlets.

After mission – run outside the planning room and switch to Franklin who will be outside the Vanilla unicorn strip club.

64. Gauntlets

Drive to Franklins garage (see on minimap if dont know where) and buy it, then buy 3 gauntlets through your phone, all 3 costs 96k. You wont have money problems at that point of story with Franklin. Then go inside garage and deliver all 3 gauntlets to garage, after first 2 gauntlets you will have to return to garage. When you deliver third gauntlet and get mission passed blow yourself up and steal a car in fron of Hospital, then drive to next mission.

65. Stingers

Drive inside parking lot next to police station and use your car to get over the wall (check if smal gate is open, maybe you dont need to get over) and simple run towards the cop van. Ignore the guy in front of you, he wont spot you and then simply drive away.

Video – After mission – take few steps away from strip club , wait for Lesters phone call and run inside when mission marker shows up.

66. The Big Score

When shootout under the bridge starts use Trevor and grenade launcher to kill Merryweather cars, Trevors. Dont forget about his special ability that will help you to survive. When you start to escape cops in gauntlets try to drive as fast as possible to create rubberbanding, when you reach tunnel drive to the right side to skip the jump and slowmotion if you would go to the right side. Use gps route to get back home.

Video – After mission – kill yourself and drive to Franklins house, choose ending C and skip phonecall with Lester. After that kill yourself and drive to Lesters house. Good sports car would be nice.

67. The Third Way

When shootout starts use explosives when larger groups of Merryweather shwos up or are close together, using Trevor is good timesave because of his special ability and the factor its easy to die in this mission if not carefull. Switch to Micahel after the shootout is done, kill Ballas with some explosives to get it done faster, then switch to Trevor stop outside ferry wheel and quickly snipe Steve before he finishes his line, otherwise you wil get a small cutscene to watch. To escape cops faster and skip a phonecall after that, just go down below the peer and dive underwater. When you have switched to Franklin use the one RPG i tould you to save from mission “Predator” and shoot the middle car, all 3 should explode and thats done. When you have switched to Trevor and reached Davons house kill all merryweather guys esxcept the one on you far right which can be ignored, see video to understand better.

The End

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