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Hero Wars

The Tower is the key game mode, available from level 15 of the team. Completing the Tower allows you to obtain a large amount of gold, character items, and Tower Coins, which are spent in the store.

This article includes general tips for new players to pass the Tower and answers to frequently asked questions about it.

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The Tower contains 50 floors, which are conventionally divided into 3 types:

1. Floors, contents of team reinforcement (Altars)

2. Floors with chests (containing gold/items/coins of the tower)

3. Floors with fights

It is recommended to pass the Tower every day. If you pass the tower completely, the next day there is an opportunity to clear (skip) floors 1 to 26, collecting only reinforcements and chests.

In the Tower, players have the opportunity to Retreat and replay the battle. Recommended to use if you lose a hero / lose. You’ll be able to go back to that floor again during the day, since heroes don’t lose health when they Retreat.

Health and energy are saved after the battle. Therefore it is recommended not to use your team’s skills when there are 1-2 opponents left. The best time to finish a floor is when your whole team is at full health and energy (Pet’s energy is reset), so that you can start the next floor with charged heroes.

The power of the enemy teams in the tower depends on the level of your team, not the level of your heroes:
Both your team level and the total power of all heroes at the moment you enter the tower are taken into account.


In the Tower there are 8 basic types of reinforcements:

– Increase all damage dealt by the team.

– Increases the armor of all heroes.

– Restores health to one hero.

– Restores health to all heroes.

– Increases defense against your team’s magic.

– Restores life or fully heals a hero.

– Restores energy to a single hero.

– Restores energy to all heroes.

In this case, the best recommendation on which of these boosts to take is as follows.

Mandatory Amplifications

Taken as a priority. It is a must. If there is a choice of three upgrades, this one is preferred. Increases the physical attack of the team as well as the magic attack.

The second highest priority enhancement that should be taken.

Situational amplifications

Taken when one of your heroes has very little health, which will not allow him to survive the next battle. Mostly taken for tanks. If there are no such heroes at the moment, skip them.

Rarely taken. Usually when 2 or more heroes with low health and healer can’t restore them in time. In other cases, skip.

Sometimes taken to replenish the healer’s energy, so he can restore health to the team. Less often for the control heroes. If the team has enough energy (more than half) and health – skip.

Most often skips. Taken when the whole team needs to restore health at once, and the healer does not have enough energy.

Analogous to the Heal. Is used to restore the health of a tank or resurrect a dead hero. In other cases is skipped.

Useless amplification

It is an analogue of armor enhancement, but from mages. Practice shows that it is not necessary to take it. Missed in 99% of cases. The exception is the starting amplification, costing 1 skull.

It is not recommended to take several different amplifications at once on the initial floors of the tower (Energy, Defense Against Magic, etc.). Because on the other floor there can be several damage enhancements at once, which sum up and will be more effective, and you will not have enough currency to buy the enhancements.


In this case, take 1 and 3. If your tank does not die – the second enhancement is not taken, enough of the first and third and move on. If the tank is badly wounded and the next battle will be fatal for him – take the second reinforcement. If the currency is enough for only two reinforcements – take one to heal the tank, the second to attack and move on.

Example 2:

If all heroes are intact and have enough energy, we skip, saving currency (shards) for the next boost. Look for Attack and Armor in the Altars on the next floors.

Example 3:

Take the first and third reinforcements and move on. If you have enough resources for only one, take the first (Attack) and move on.

Ideally take Attack and Armor. At the very least take Cure (less often energy).
All the amplifications are summed up and apply to all the heroes in the tower until the end of the day. The next day everything is reset.

Major Mistakes in the Tower

The main mistake new players make is to pump all their heroes for the Tower at once. This leads to bad results in the end:

  1. Pumping all the heroes, the player may not have enough potions, not the main ones.
    Heroes begin to lag behind the level of the team. At that time, the tower is geared specifically to the team’s level, so it will be harder and harder to pass each time because of the lag in level.
  2. By upgrading all the heroes, the player will not have enough gold.
    Even without taking into account the fact that many skills are tied to level and stop working on the enemy team, staying in the treatment/ damage team will be a problem not only in the tower, but also in the arena.
  3. When boosting all heroes, the tower takes into account their total power. So the more total power at the initial levels, the harder the Tower will be.

It is important to keep in mind that resources spent on 15 heroes are more effective spent on the main 5 heroes. Early in the game, when there is a shortage of gold, experience tins, etc., it is important to use these resources sparingly and only invest in the core team of 5 heroes.

By strengthening only the core team of 5 heroes, the tower will be much easier to pass, and later on there will be no problems with it at all.

In the choice of healer for the Tower at the initial stage of the game (in the absence of Dorian, Martha, Celeste), the preference is given to Maya because of the large periodic healing, which works long time (as long as the flower is alive). Whenever possible to use Maya with Faceless, be sure to copy Maya’s Flower. That is, use Maya’s skill and then use Faceless’s skill.

It’s important to remember that the tower is recommended to pass in manual mode, using all the skills yourself, not on “Auto”. Each battle is ideally better to finish with full health and energy, without wasting skills on the last enemy hero.

Tower Coins

Tower Coins – currency that the player receives in the Tower (Rarely, rewards, etc.).
You can spend this currency in the store in the Shop section of the Tower.

There are three basic options for spending this currency:

  1. If you have at least one hero out of four (Kai, Orion, Dante, Lilith) on your team or if you plan to add him to your main (secondary) team, then the Tower Coins should be spent on that hero’s soul stones. The higher the stardom, the stronger the hero.
  2. If you do not need (or have the highest possible star value for) any of the heroes on offer, you can buy the items needed for the main team with Tower Coins. Items that are required for the main team or will be needed in the future. If they are not available, do not buy them and wait for the next day.
  3. A third way to spend Tower Coins is by Eventing (a game event). You save a certain amount of tower coins (and other currencies), wait for the event, and when it happens, perform a task to collect soulstones, buying soulstones of Kai, Orion, Dante, Lilith.

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