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Hero Wars

Luthor is a good tank. Has a unique control ability that allows you to distract multiple heroes of the enemy pack to yourself. He has average defense against magic, armor and health, but is demanding on the pack.
Has a Blessed ability.
Because of this trait, Tristan enhances Luthor’s physical attack, allowing him to deal more physical damage. Unfortunately, Luther is not designed to deal damage and should primarily serve as a tank that can survive being surrounded by enemies, so he doesn’t need the damage.

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  1. Tank with controlling abilities;
  2. Can jump deep into the enemy team, distracting half of the enemy team;
  3. Has good parameters for the tank;
  4. Able to deal medium damage, which is a nice addition to the tank;
  5. Good against magic packs.


  1. Luthor’s fourth ability gives a paltry boost from the middle of the game;
  2. The first ability will leave your pack without a tank, making it vulnerable;
  3. You need Peppy to team up with Luther for best effectiveness;
  4. Faceless completely controls Luther with discard, bringing him back.


The Omen

Luther is carried deep into the enemy team, dealing damage to enemies around him.


Stuns and damages nearby foes.


Landing with the Omen, Luther creates a wave of fire, dealing damage and stunning opponents in front of him.

Doctrine of Faith

Passive skill. Increases his defense against magic.

Tips on the Luthor

Skills Upgrade

The Omen – after level 40 loses its effectiveness. Not recommended to pump.

Verdict – Must be pumped. Stun depends on the level of the ability, so must be pumped.

Gehenna – Verdict – Must be pumped. Stun depends on the level of the ability, so must pump.

Doctrine of Faith – Gives a gain of 10 Magical Protection for each level, which is VERY small. Not to swing. Not recommended to pump.


First of all, pump the Angel’s Shape for armor. Next, swing the Winter Shape or the Cybernetic Shape for Health. Third, swing the Basic Shape for Strength, and lastly swing the physical attack of the Star Shape .


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Health

2. Armor

3. Strength

4. Protection against magic

5. Physical Attack

Like the physical attack trait, the Symbol is the last to be swung. Luther is a Tank and needs something that makes him survivable and stronger.


– Swings to 3 stars, after that should swing the second artifact. It is pumped in the last turn.

– Swings in priority after receiving 3 stars from the first artifact.

– Swings after the second artifact.


Luthor – A good tank. He has a unique mechanic with the distraction of the opponents, which allows him to perform the main role of the tank – to take damage on himself. First of all we pump up his tank parameters, such as Strength, Protection from magic, Armor, Health. Physical attack is the last thing to be pumped. In a team with Peppy shows excellent results, which should be aimed at. In the team recommended second tank or a character that serves as a temporary tank (Markus, Ju, Jorgen, Andvari), because after the jump Luther team is left without a tank and the front lines of the enemy can get to your characters with weak defense.

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