Astrid and Lucas – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Astrid and Lucas is an interesting character with unique mechanics. Astrid’s main asset is Lucas, her pet. After reaching 100% fury, Astrid summons Lucas to the battlefield in furious form and that moment can change the outcome of the battle. Astrid and Lucas have two Roles, Rifleman and Fighter, and both roles are handled perfectly.

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  1. A 5×5 fight turns into a 6×5 fight;
  2. Lucas is not so easy to kill. No matter how hard the opponent hits, the damage will always be equal to 7% of his rage.
  3. Control availability;
  4. Easy to get, but it’s problematic to pump up to the maximum star;
  5. Excellent against teams with physical damage;
  6. Good armor and armor penetration;
  7. Suitable for teams where the role of the tank is fighter/Christa/Jorgen, etc.


  1. Low health and anti-magic protection makes it difficult to deal with magic packs;
  2. Rage does not accumulate from taking damage, only from Astrid’s own attacks;
  3. Lucas quickly goes into passive form if a lot of attacks are made on him, so he can’t handle packs where Morrigan or Elmir are present;
  4. Native armor penetration is not enough without Romantic guise to deal a lot of damage to tanks, so the team needs a character with an artifact for armor penetration;
  5. Artifact on armor is not the most useful for such a character;
  6. Small stun duration.


Lucas, go!

With each attack Astrid accumulates 17% fury. When Astrid accumulates 100% Astrid can use her first skill – her pet enters the furious form and takes a place in the front row, taking the blows of the enemies. Attacks cannot damage him, but each enemy hit strips him of 7% rage. Until his rage runs out, the pet attacks the nearest enemy. When rage runs out, the pet reverts to passive form.

Unbridled Moral

Astrid increases the speed of attacks and skills by 9s. If the pet is in furious form, the pet’s attack speed increases, not the hero’s. Also, the pet gains this effect every time it goes into furious form.

Predator Onslaught

Passive skill. As long as the pet remains in furious form, each subsequent attack deals increased damage.

Mark of the Pathfinder

Passive skill. Each attack marks the affected unit with Pathfinder’s Tag for 4 seconds. If the pet strikes an enemy with the mark, it stuns the target for a short time.

Tips on the Astrid and Lucas

Skills Upgrade

Lucas, go! – You have to rock it. The main skill of the character.

Unrestrained Moral – Not recommended, a 100% boost is enough. Increasing attack speed from 100% to 159% is not worth the spent gold.

Predator Strike – Not recommended until late in the game. Each level increases damage by 0.05%, which is very little, especially when there are more important abilities in other characters that also require gold.

Pathfinder Tag – A must-have. Stun probability is tied to level. The short stun duration is designed for frequent ability interruptions.


It is recommended to start swinging the skins with a physical attack skins. This may be the Demon Shape for Physical Attack or the Spring Shape for Physical Attack. Next is the Basic Shape for Dexterity. After that roll a Sunny Look for Health. Next it is recommended to swing Romantic Look on armor penetration and lastly pump the second look on Physical attack.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Health

2. Dexterity

3. Physical Attack

4. Armor

5. Armor penetration


– It is recommended to pump up to 3 stars as a priority. Stardom is pumped in parallel with the second artifact.

– The stellarness is pumped evenly with the first artifact, after it reaches three stars.

– The stellarness is pumped in the last turn.


An interesting character, capable of acting as a tank and shooter at the same time. Perfect against packs where there are characters that deal a lot of damage to the front lines. Good against Ziri in packs, as Lucas dances while Ziri is regenerating health underground. He’s good in Physics tutus because of his dependence on P.P.A. for his first ability. Can be good at dancing Lucas in packs where Krista, Maya, Jorgen, or Corvus (with Morrigan) can be the tank. Great for going through Outlaws. Against Elmira and his clones, Lucas goes into Passive form very quickly. A huge disadvantage is that taking damage has no effect on rage buildup. Fury only accumulates from Astrid’s damage to enemy heroes. Recommended for beginners.

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