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Hero Wars

Lilith – Unique in its mechanics, the mage uses his health for his own enhancement. All of the hero’s attacking skills are aimed at the center of the enemy team, where the weakest heroes usually stand. In this way, Lilith’s skills avoid the defenses of the backline hero and the enemy tank.

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  1. Easy to get and improve to the maximum star;
  2. Relevant at any stage of the game;
  3. Many piercing defense against magic;
  4. High Mage Attack;
  5. Has control skills;
  6. Good health and armor parameters (2 looks per Armor);
  7. A great artifact for piercing protection against magic, making it a sought-after item in a magic pack;
  8. Deals damage to central heroes, where it’s almost always heroes with little mag. defense;


  1. If you don’t have Martha in your pack, Lilith doesn’t survive damage from Ju, Jorgen’s carry, etc. well until mid-game.
  2. No appearance on health, around which character mechanics are tied;
  3. Needs other heroes that deal damage to the team, as you can’t build a team around Lilith alone;
  4. Doesn’t work well with teams that have Lien because of the charm;


Seal of the Underworld

Lilith places a Seal on a central enemy and blasts it, striking the target and the enemies closest to it. Lilith increases her maximum and current health by 3% for each affected hero.

Infernal Rift

Lilith creates a Infernal Rift beneath a central enemy and deals magical damage to the target and the enemies closest to it.

Fire Breath

Lilith spews a ball of Desecrated Flame that flies at the central enemy and explodes, lowering the Magic Defense of enemies in the blast area by 6 sec.


If Lilith has enough health, she sacrifices 5% of her maximum health before applying each skill and increases her Magic attack by the amount of health sacrificed for 5 seconds. Lilith’s minimum health required to use Obsession: between 90 and 25%, depending on her HP.

Tips on the Lilith

Skills Upgrade

Seal of the Underworld – must be cast. Lilith’s main skill, dealing damage and increasing max and current health of the hero.

Infernal Rift – Recommended to cast if you have extra gold, the skill is the third highest priority and only adds damage to the center of the pack and the front rows.

Fire Breath – Recommended if you have a lot of extra gold. Lilith is already endowed with a big parameter of protection against magic and an artifact for this parameter. Don’t need to swing it at all, it’s in the fourth place.

Possession – Obligatory to swing, the second most important skill in character mechanics.


It is recommended to swing the Predator’s Shape for Magical Attack first. After that, swing the Basic Shape for Intelligence. The third appearance depends on the number of physical teams of other players. If in the top arenas / Grand Arenas physical teams in the main – one of the guises is swung:

  • The Star Shape on Armor.
  • The Winter Shape on Armor.

And after that the Demonic guise for Magic Immunity.

If Lilith’s survivability is all right, the Demonic guise is swung first, and then the guises on armor.


1. Health

The main character to swing first. The mechanics of this character are built around health, so the health symbol is the first in priority.

2. Magical Attack

Increases the damage of abilities.

3. Intellect

Increases the damage from abilities and defense against magic. Swings third because it gives less magical attack than the previous character, but increases survivability from magic packs.

4. Magic Protection Breakthrough

Swings fourth, because Lilith gains a significant bonus from her artifact.

5. Magic Protection

If there’s a Faceless One in the pack, this character is swung when the whole team is already pumped.


– Swings in priority to three stars. After that, the stardom is pumped evenly with the second artifact. If the team has more characters with artifact on the breakthrough. protection from magic, the stardom is pumped up after the second artifact.

– After reaching 3 stars in the first artifact, the stardom is pumped evenly with it. If there is another character in the team with an Artifact on the breakthrough. protection from magic – the stardom is swung in priority.

– Stardom is swung last.


A very good character who has been breathed life into with interesting new mechanics. If previously Lilith was mainly a defense tank, now it is a universal hero-mage for both attack and defense. The presence of an artifact on the breakthrough defense against magic and a strong dependence on mag. attack makes him a hero only for mag. packs. Lilith’s position in the last row between Helios and Martha puts her in a vulnerable position in front of Jorgen and Ju. Fixing this situation is either Martha, which is not as good for Lilith, or Dorian, which provides very good survivability for this hero. Heroes that interact well with Lilith:

  1. Celeste – Increases the pack’s magic attack very much.
  2. Dorian – Lilith will constantly sacrifice her health, but will recover quickly under her aura.
  3. Iris – Allows your team to deal a lot of damage to both the tank and the heroes in the center of the enemy team.
  4. Heroes that pull the enemy team together (Faceless, Dante, Lars, etc.)

As a result, a great mage who complements the mage team with the right parameters, from the Pet for patronage fit Biscuit and Oliver, less often – Merlin, Mara. Recommended for beginners.

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