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Hero Wars

Fox is a peculiarly controlled shooter that requires a special pack. On the one hand, Fox has everything a shooter needs: Damage, Crit. Blow, Armor Piercing. On the other hand, he is a very poor marksman because of the lack of damage from his attacks. He has the important feature “Engineer”, which allows you to interact with Isaac, who has the same feature and gives bonuses for “Engineers”.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners

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  1. Relevant at any stage of the game;
  2. Possesses control skills;
  3. Good against physical packs;
  4. Easy to get and improve to max stars;
  5. Has good defensive characteristics;
  6. Her first ability deals a lot of damage to the tank;
  7. Not a bad hero for Asgard because of the Artifact and third skill.


  1. Worse against magic packs;
  2. Does the most damage with only the first ability;
  3. This is a character that is designed for damage from abilities rather than normal attacks.


Large Caliber

Launches a huge projectile at the nearest target, causing physical damage and knocking the target back.

Smoke screen

Fires a smoke grenade at the front ranks of the enemy, blinding nearby heroes for 6 seconds. Using the Large Caliber skill now also blinds the front ranks of the enemy.


Fires six shots at a nearby target.


Passive skill. A hit from Large Caliber stuns the target for 5 seconds.

Tips on the Fox

Skills Upgrade

Large Caliber – A must-have. The main skill Fox uses in combat.

Smoke screen – Must cast. Blinds the front lines of enemies. Most useful if there are fighters there.

Cannonade – It’s recommended to pump. Creates a volley of multiple rounds. Low damage compensation from common attacks due to infrequent use.

Concussion – Recommended to cast. This skill enhances the first ability, thanks to which the target will now be stunned.

Bottom Line:

  1. The tank is stunned and rolled into the middle ranks of enemies
  2. The front ranks are blinded by the first skill

I.e. all of this character’s basic abilities are tied to the first skill. Which does not justify itself against characters with control or Jorgen.


It is recommended to swing the Winter Shape for Physical Attack first. But if you can’t get a winter special event, you can start with the Basic Skins for Dexterity. The next is the Eastern Shape for Armor Penetration, and the last is the Spring Shape for Health.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Physical attack

2. Armor penetration

3. Chance of critical hit

4. Dexterity

5. Armor


– Be sure to pump up to 3 stars. After that, pump up the stardom simultaneously with the second artifact.

– Pump the stardom evenly with the first Artifact, after the latter reaches three stars.

– Stardom is pumped in the last turn.


A good character against physical packs. Justified in cases where the enemy has no Jorgen and Control Characters (e.g. Arachne). Has little defense against magic, which makes her vulnerable against magic packs. Great against packs with Ishmael/Ju in the front ranks.

Due to the addition of a character like Isaac, combines well with him. Isaac is great against Mage. Packs. When teamed with him, Fox reveals its full potential and deals very high damage with his third skill. Unfortunately, Fox’s reliance on only one ability does not make this character a sought-after and useful character for most fights. Not recommended for beginners.

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