Chubba – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Chubba is a good tank with control. Has a number of advantages, but the very situational use of this tank makes his team selection very careful.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners


  1. The first ability can take an enemy tank out of action for a full 6 seconds, thus putting his entire team at risk.
  2. Chubba has the highest defense against magic of all tanks;
  3. Good health stats;
  4. Relevant at all stages of the game;
  5. Easy to get and pump up to the maximum star;
  6. Able to regenerate health;
  7. Great against characters like Ismail, Ju, Dante, etc. because of his first ability.


  1. Presence of useless abilities;
  2. Has extremely low health regeneration in the Magic Pack.
  3. Without the winter face on the armor will lose a lot to other tanks;
  4. His first ability will sometimes interfere with the completion of the enemy.


Wild Hunger

Swallows the current target for 6s. As long as the target is swallowed, it gradually takes damage.


The current target, dealing damage and slowing it down for 4s.

Fat Layer

Increases armor proportionally to absent health.

Bottomless Belly

Now, while digesting a swallowed foe, Chubba regains his own health.

Tips on the hero

Skills Upgrade

Wild Hunger – A must-have. Controls the enemy tank/fighter for a full 6 seconds, which will allow you to deal damage to the main pack.

Burp – Not recommended to cast. Totally useless skill that does little damage and the 4 second slowdown does not justify the gold invested in this skill.

Fat Layer – Recommended to swing. This ability tries to compensate for Chubba’s small armor. Unfortunately, for Chubba to get armor on par with other tanks, he needs to be at 50% health, which is no longer nice. Swing if you have extra gold.

Bottomless Belly – A must-have. This ability allows Chubba to live longer by regenerating his health when he swallows a target. Healing depends on Chubba’s physical attack, which is why Chubba is best in this pack. Physical attack artifacts will greatly enhance Chubba’s healing.


The highest priority and most necessary look for Chubba is the Winter Shape on Armor. Without this guise Chubba can’t dance normally from the middle of the game. Next is the Basic Look for Strength.

The three remaining guises:

  1. The Demonic Shape on Physical Attack
  2. The Masquerade Look on Physical Attack
  3. The Oriental Look on Physical Attack

There’s no point in swinging them at all. They are of no use to the tank. These guises are designed to at least increase Chubba’s health recovery when he swallows a target. It’s a Minimal increase for spent Power Stones. They are swung if the main pack is already pumped and swung last.


1. Armor

2. Strength

3. Health

4. Protection Against Magic

5. Physical Attack

This physical attack counter, like Chubba’s 3 looks, is pumped when the main stack is already pumped and is pumped in the very last turn.


– Swing the first one to 3 stars. Then we pump the stardom together with the second artifact.

– After pumping three stars in the first artifact, swings stardom in parallel with the first.

– Swings in the last turn.


Not a bad tank against magic teams. Great against teams where the role of the tank performs fighter or teams where only one character is able to tank. Without winter guise begins to take a lot of damage from the physical packs with pierced armor. Not bad combined with Peppy, but again, if the enemy has only one tankable character. Works well with Packs where Ishmael and Ju.
You can line up multiple packs around Chubba:

  1. Chubba+Ismail (Chubba swallows the enemy tank, Ismail kills the unprotected pack);
  2. Chubba+Elmir (As with Ismail);
  3. Chubba+Peppy (Chubba swallows a tank, Peppy hangs his shield and Courage hits three heroes)
  4. Chubba + Andvari (Compensates Chubba’s armor with Andvari, but you’ll need a character with very high physical damage in such a pack) and so on.

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