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Marcus is another character in the game Chronicles of Chaos. Performs the role of Healer, but, unlike all other representatives of this role, stands on the first line. Not bad defense parameters and ideal for long battles. Healer is a good healer for a single target.
Has the Blessed one.
He’s a good healer, however he can also gain some of the physical and magical advantages of being a healer, which makes him a better healer. However, not good enough to make Marcus a full-fledged Healer.

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  1. Three Healing Skills;
  2. Healing is instantaneous, not periodic;
  3. Can make an ally invulnerable for 5 seconds;
  4. Very good armor and magic protection;
  5. Can heal after death for a long time;
  6. The main parameter is Intelligence, which allows you to take Cornelius’ hits and withstand the Monolith’s blow;
  7. Not the hardest to obtain and improve to maximum star


  1. Heavy dependence on guises;
  2. Critically low health for someone who stands on the first line;
  3. Requires a special team for him;
  4. Often requires another Healer on the team, as Marcus only heals single targets well.


Holy Shield

Markus places a shield on the ally with the lowest health, blocking any damage for 5 seconds and healing the ally.

Righteous Light

Marcus releases waves of light, healing all allies and dealing damage to all foes.


Heals an ally with the least amount of health.


Marcus temporarily becomes a spirit after death, continuing to use available abilities. Opponents cannot choose a spirit as a target.

Tips on the Marcus

Skills Upgrade

Holy Shield – A must-have. Allows you to save the dying hero with the shield and healing.

Righteous Light – It is recommended to cast if you have extra gold. Ability heals little, but heals the whole team. Damage from this ability is low.

Compassion – Must be cast. Together with the second skill perfectly heals one character.

Ascension – Must Rock. Marcus’s highlight, allowing him to heal the target after death. At level 130, Marcus can heal after death for 46 seconds.


Because of Marcus being on the front line, it is recommended to swing the survivability skins first. It is recommended to swing the Barbarian Shape for Armor first. After that the Northern Shape for Health. Third cast the Basic Skins for Intellect. The last to be cast is the Winter Shape for Magic Attack.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Аrmor

2. Health

3. Intellect

4. Magic attack

5. Physical Attack

Marcus does not need a physical attack symbol. He only swings when all main characters are already pumped.


– Swings to 3 stars. After that the stardom is pumped last.

– After the first artifact is pumped up to three stars, you get the stardom as a priority.

– After the second artifact is pumped the stardom is pumped.


Marcus is a very peculiar healer. He won’t fit all teams because of the character mechanics. An armored healer who stands in the front row, but has very little health and dies quickly. Nevertheless, continues to heal in spirit form for a long time. Since Marcus is a Healer whose main task is to heal single targets, it is recommended to use the following characters with him:

  1. Ismail. An excellent ally for Marcus, capable of dealing a great deal of damage. Marcus makes up for Ishmael’s weak survivability and is able to give him the invulnerability he needs.
  2. Ju. A great combination of characters. Marcus, even when dead, is able to save the shooter with healing and shield, allowing Ju to survive after using the first ability and kill the entire enemy team.
  3. Luthor. Not as good a team as it used to be, but nonetheless has the right to exist. Luther jumps into the enemy team and survives thanks to Marcus’ healing. Still, it is recommended to use Marcus specifically with someone who does a lot of damage but has poor survivability.
  4. Yasmin. An excellent character, capable of killing the entire enemy team very quickly, but who has a weak vulnerability to Helios. Marcus can help solve this problem with his first ability.

Marcus is a character that can heal for long periods of time and periodically render one target invulnerable. Perfectly combines with characters that have a huge amount of damage. Not recommended to cast for beginners because of Marcus’ situational role as a Healer.

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