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Hero Wars

Artemis is the first shooter we get at the beginning of the game. She has pretty good parameters for a shooter, but very poor survivability. In general, players use it as a temporary character until they get a better shooter. It’s not to say Artemis is a bad shooter, but she needs a better team and there are shooters in the game that are endowed with stronger skills.

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  1. Obtained at the beginning of the game;
  2. Easy to upgrade to maximum star;
  3. All skills depend on physical attack, so paired with physical attack artifacts deal a lot of damage;
  4. Possesses control skills;
  5. Massive damage ability;
  6. Has great physical attack and armor piercing abilities;
  7. Not a bad hero for Asgard because of the Artifact in the phys. team.


  1. Critically low health, which does not allow her to live long;
  2. Very weak control;
  3. With weak health her fourth skill often becomes useless;
  4. The presence of the crit is a disadvantage against Helios. Especially because of her first ability, where every arrow can cause a critical hit.


Artemis - Hero Wars

Deadly downpour

Artemis fires a lightning-fast series of shots, striking your opponents with a hail of arrows.

Artemis - Hero Wars

Clever Arrow

Fires an arrow at a nearby target, dealing damage and bouncing multiple times at random opponents.

Artemis - Hero Wars

True Light

Creates a flash of light in front of you that damages enemies hit and blinds them for 3s.

Artemis - Hero Wars

Punishing Arrows

Passive skill. For every 10,000 damage dealt, Artemis gains a physical attack boost.

Tips on the Artemis

Skills Upgrade

Artemis - Hero Wars

Deadly downpour – Not recommended to cast. Does little damage to the enemy team, is tied to the location of the enemy (i.e. if the enemy team steps forward – all arrows will miss). Ascension enhancement does not make the skill more useful.

Artemis - Hero Wars

Smart Arrow – A must-have skill. Good skill that comes in handy in both Outland and arena battles. Swung third in priority. Good Ascension boost, allowing Artemis to deal even more damage and regenerate health.

Artemis - Hero Wars

True Light – Must Rock. Excellent skill that blinds enemy fighters, allowing them to miss, which is useful against Ju, Ismail, Dante. Swings second in priority.

Artemis - Hero Wars

Punishing Arrows – Must Rock. Excellent ability. Since all Artemis abilities depend on Physical attack, this skill greatly enhances all the damage dealt.


Since all Artemis skills depend on physical attack, it is recommended to swing the first Demonic Shape Artemis - Hero Wars on Physical Attack. The second is Spring Shape Artemis - Hero Wars for armor penetration. The next swing is Basic Shapeshifter Artemis - Hero Wars for Dexterity, because Dexterity also gives physical attack. Fourth, swing the Angelic Shape Artemis - Hero Wars for Chance of Critical Hit.

The Beach Shape Artemis - Hero Wars on Armor is not recommended, since Artemis is a marksman and must deal damage. A minimal armor boost will not increase her survivability. The Shape is pumped when the whole team is already pumped.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Physical Attack

Artemis - Hero Wars

Swings in priority, since all skills depend on the strength of the attack.

2. Health

Artemis - Hero Wars

Swings second for the highest effectiveness of the fourth skill. If Artemis survives an attack on herself, under Dorian’s aura she is able to heal herself completely in a few attacks.

3. Armor Piercing

Artemis - Hero Wars

4. Dexterity

Artemis - Hero Wars

Dexterity gives Artemis a physical attack, so swing the fourth.

5. Critical Hit Chance

Artemis - Hero Wars


Artemis - Hero Wars

– We pump up to 3 stars as a priority. Stardom is pumped in parallel with the second artifact.

Artemis - Hero Wars

– Swells Stardom evenly with the first artifact, after the first artifact reaches three stars.

Artemis - Hero Wars

– Stardom is swung in the last turn.


A great character to deal damage, which you can get right away and start swinging. A huge disadvantage of Artemis is that she can’t realize her full potential, as she dies very quickly. If she survives an attack on her – she starts to deal a lot of damage because of her fourth skill. Often used as a temporary alternative until players get another shooter like Ju. The best healer to go with her is Dorian.
Knowing the main advantages and the main disadvantages, you can pick Artemis a great team:

  • Thea will pair well with it, as it speeds up allies who have little health left, allowing Artemis to deal a lot of damage. Thea’s artifact makes up for Artemis’ weak defense against magic.
  • Using Axel’s Pet. The pet distributes damage to the entire team, thereby activating Artemis’ fourth ability and increasing all damage dealt. It also prevents Artemis from dying from damage right away.
  • Galahad is like the perfect tank for Artemis. Both have Artifacts for physical attack, which will increase Artemis’ damage and Galahad’s survivability (due to Vampirism).
  • Qing Mao, which lowers the armor of enemies and gives Artifact Penetration Armor.
  • Jett and Sebastian, which makes Artemis an excellent crithalist and allows the first Artemis’ ability to deliver 10 crithal blows;
  • Artemis combines very well with Dorian and Elmir. In such a team Artemis will constantly restore his health, and Elmir, in addition to piercing armor for Artemis, is able to jump back to Dorian and restore health.
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