Titans. General Tips – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

To begin with, there are currently three elements in the game Hero Wars:

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Earth

Each titan in his or her element has unique abilities, which are associated with a particular element. Fire – Titans focused on inflicting damage. Water – Titans of the defensive type. Earth – Balance of attack and damage. Earth does double damage to Water, Water to Fire, and Fire to Earth. Each element has its pros and cons, now let’s look at the elements in more detail.

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Fire – Titans that have a lot of damage, but damage mostly to single targets. Fire Totem deals a huge amount of damage to the entire enemy team. Fire Titans+Totem of Fire are significantly inferior to the other elements in the early to mid-game, but in the late game, manual control can produce amazing results. Fire Titans deal increased damage to Earth Titans but take double damage from Water.


  1. Fast fights;
  2. Huge damage on single targets;
  3. Very strong elemental in the late game;
  4. Excellent on offense;


  1. Only deal damage to single targets, unlike other elements;
  2. Only show their full potential when manually controlled;
  3. Can’t play defense well;

Fire Titans Packs

Moloch, Aradji, Hyperion, Eden, and Ignis are the most popular Fire titan packs.
Moloch, Araji, Vulcan, Eden, Ignis – the pack is often used when the totem has already reached two stars.
Moloch, Angus, Eden, Aradzhi, Ignis – good pack for defense.
Moloch, Nova, Aradzhi, Eden, Ignis – sometimes used if the enemy team is very strong Aradzhi.


Titans are excellent in defense. The distinctive ability of water titans is healing. The Water Totem begins to heal the entire team, so this element is ideal for passing through Dungeons. Element of Water is recommended for beginners. Good at any stage of the game. Good against Fire titans, but inferior to Earth titans.


  1. Healing allows for excellent Dungeons, where 600 titans per day are not the limit;
  2. Performs well at any stage of the game;
  3. Excellent elemental for defense;
  4. Can weaken, block, stun, and deal a lot of damage;
  5. Large amounts of Dungeon Titans Potions will allow you to level up faster.


  1. In the late game they are worse than the other elements;
  2. Not as good of an attacker as Fire.

Water Titans Packs

Sigurd, Nova, Eden, Araji, Hyperion – The classic team of Water titans.
Sigurd, Nova, Eden, Hyperion, Mairi – The pack is often used when the totem has already reached two stars.
Sigurd, Angus, Nova, Eden, and Hyperion are – Good defense team.


Earth is considered to be the Element of Balance. Huge Mass Damage and Health from the totem go well together. 3/4 Earth Titans have Massive Damage, and the fourth is a shield for the entire team. The totem is capable of reflecting damage back to the attacker. This elemental is strongest in the mid to late game.


  1. Massive damage;
  2. Good in the mid-game and good in the late-game;
  3. Versatile element for both offense and defense;
  4. The highest amount of health, among the other elements;


  1. Not as good as Water in the early stages of the game;
  2. Best to use manual control;
  3. Any team with Eden can be either a win or a loss, depending on who Eden “hides”.

Earth Titans Packs

Packs of Earth Titans.
Angus, Araji, Eden, Hyperion, Silva – The classic Earth titan team.
Angus, Eden, Hyperion, Avalon, Silva – The pack is often used when the totem has already reached two stars.
Sigurd, Angus, Eden, Hyperion, Silva – Good defense team.

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