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Hero Wars

Alvanor is a good support character for magical teams. He’s very good when the opponent is a team with physical damage. He has average health and armour, but his shield makes up for it. Like Kai, he’s a Keeper of the Grove, just like Thea. Some abilities interact with other Guardians.

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  1. Excellent at supporting a team against physical teams with his shield, which recharges very quickly;
  2. Possesses the healing skill;
  3. When teamed with Guardians, makes a great defense team in the arena;
  4. Significantly reduces protection from the enemy team’s magic;
  5. Versatile can be both in Mage teams, and in the Physical teams.


  1. Difficult to get and pump up to the maximum star;
  2. Performance is significantly worse on offensive teams than on defense;
  3. Vulnerable to Satori teams.


Under the Shadow of the Forest.

Alvanor activates a rune barrier that protects all allies and absorbs 100% damage from base attacks.

Wrath of Nature

Alvanor unleashes the Wrath of Nature on nearby enemies, dealing damage and reducing their Defense Against Magic by 5 s.

Rune of Life.

Alvanor for 4s. creates a Life rune that heals all all allies once per second. While the rune is active, allied Guardians of the Grove double the amount of healing of any source.

Grove Harmony.

All heroes under the rune barrier gain bonus energy for all damage absorbed. After the barrier disappears, it is triggered again on the Grove Keepers.

Tips on the Alvanor

Skills Upgrade

Under the Shadow of the Forest – Must swing, the most useful skill.

Wrath of Nature – Swings only if you have a magic team. If the physical team – it is not recommended to swing.

Runa of Life – A must-have, especially in the team of Grove Keepers.

Harmony of the Grove – A must-have download.


It is recommended to swing Basic Shape for Intelligence first, lastly Spring Shape for Magic Attack. The Eastern guise is the last to be swung for armor.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Health

2. Magical attack

3. Intellect

4. Protection from Magic

5. Penetration. protection from magic


– If magic team – swings up to 3 stars, after that the stardom is swung evenly with the second artifact.

If the physical team – does not swing.

– If magic team – it swings evenly with the first artifact stardom, after it reaches three stars.

If a physical team – the stardom is swung evenly with the third artifact.

– If magic team – the stardom is swung last.

If a physical team – the stardom is swung evenly with the second artifact.


Alvanor is an excellent versatile support character, who can be put into any team. An excellent defense character, in team with other Guardians can show excellent survivability, which will allow to win a lot of battles as time goes by. The Grove Keepers are not as good as the undead. But, unlike the undead, Guardians can feel fine on their own, while the same Corvus without Morrigan turns into one of the worst tanks in the game. The main disadvantage of Alvanor is the difficulty in getting it. If you manage to get it, the character will perfectly complement your team. Perfectly combines in a team with Thea.

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