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Amira is a relatively new character in the game, acting as a Support hero. But Amira’s support consists of weakening the enemy team with her unique skills, while dealing a huge amount of damage. Amira’s main targets are Support heroes, which she easily kills after 7 seconds of using her main skill.

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  1. Amira is a versatile team-playing hero, suitable for both physical and magic teams;
  2. The ideal hero against the crtopacks thanks to his second skill;
  3. Quickly kills heroes that can’t deal much damage in 7 seconds;
  4. Contrasts two of the most popular tanks in the game, Andvari and Astaroth with his fourth skill;
  5. Great against physical packs (Exception: Jupak);
  6. Easy enough to gain and improve stardom during a special event.


  1. Currently available only during a special event;
  2. Low health;
  3. Vulnerable to magic commands;
  4. When attacking a magic pack with Sebastian, can simply boost all healing, without reducing the enemy team’s magic attack;
  5. Vulnerable to a huge amount of instant damage;
  6. Does not compete with popular support heroes, thus this fact makes her more of a hero for damage;
  7. Not recommended for Asgard.


– Careless Desire

Amira envelops each opponent in a vortex of cursed gold. Any damage the opponent deals weakens the vortex’s power around him. After 7 seconds the vortex deals damage to the opponent proportional to the remaining vortex power.

– Powerless Fury

Amira grants a wish to opponents with a basic Dexterity ability for 7 seconds, increasing their Critical Hit Chance if it was greater than zero when the ability was activated. Unfortunately, all of their critical strikes become misses for that time.

– The Art of Deception

Amira grants a wish to opponents with the main Intelligence attribute, increasing the amount of healing they receive by 10% for 7 seconds. Unfortunately, Amira deals damage to them, and the more increased healing they receive, the greater their Magic Attack reduction will be. The Magic Attack reduction lasts another 7 seconds after the end of the wish.

– An illusory alliance

Amira grants the wish of opponents with the main Force characteristic, creating a better ally for them and forcing them to direct all positive effects to it. Unfortunately, the best ally is Illusion, which doesn’t move, attack or take damage.

Tips on the Amira

Skills Upgrade

Careless Desire – Must swing, even if Amira acts as a support hero on the team. A lot of damage, especially to support heroes.

Impotent Fury – A must-have. In addition to the fact that the skill works well against heroes with crt. damage, the skill also works against the artifact of the popular hero Sebastian.

The Art of Deception – It is recommended to swing only if you have extra gold. Decreasing mag. attack is canceled by Sebastian, leaving only healing enhancement. This skill is the last one to be swung.

Illusory Alliance – Excellent skill that works against Astaroth and Andvari. It is a must-have skill, third highest priority.


The Basic Appearance on the Intelligence is swung first, since the hero has no other guises yet.


If Amira is on your team for damage, then the following character pumping is recommended:

1. Magical attack

– Must be swung first, because the damage of the first skill – 400% of the magical attack.

2. Breakthrough defense against magic

3. Intellect

– Intelligence gives in addition to protection from magic and mag. attack, so swings in priority of the first three characters.

4. Health

– It is recommended to swing at 30. Further pumping if Amira dies before damage from her skill is triggered.

5. Armor

– It is recommended to pump by 20-30. Further pumping if Amira dies before damage from her skill is triggered.

If Amira acts as a support hero, the following pumping is recommended:

1. Health

2. Magical attack

3. Intellect

4. Breakthrough defense against magic

5. Armor


– Swings up to 3 stars if Amira in the magic team. In the phys. pack you can not swing an artifact.

– In the magic team swings evenly with the first artifact, after he reaches 3 stars. In the physical team swings evenly with the third artifact.

– It’s the last thing to be rocked.


A great hero, capable of dealing a huge amount of damage, even as a support. Because of the huge percentage bonus to damage from the first skill, perfectly combines with Celeste, which increases the mag. attack. Perfectly combines with Faceless, who perfectly copies Amira’s skill. A great hero against Crytopacks and Yasmin, including Amira is great against enemy Sebastians and Nebulas who can’t destroy a mountain of gold. At the moment it is a great alternative to Helios, who was taken against the Crittopacks.

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