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Hero Wars

Andvari is a support character who often acts as the main tank. The main advantage of this character is the protection from being tossed and moved by an ally. In practice, Andvari’s two main roles are Tank and Support Tank. He is great against K’arkh and can often be seen paired with Luther, who cannot be thrown back into his team now because of Andvari’s ability.

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  1. Protection from being tossed and knocked back by an ally;
  2. Casts a shield that absorbs physical and pure damage;
  3. Possesses control skills;
  4. Deals decent damage;
  5. Works well in both physical and magical packs.


  1. Difficult to improve to maximum star, especially if you pump Nebula/Sebastian/K’arkh (General Resources) in parallel;
  2. Vulnerable to Satori because of bonus energy.


Titan’s Fist

Andvari unleashes a giant fist on the nearest enemy, dealing damage and stunning him and nearby enemies for 3 seconds.

Living Earth

Passive skill. As long as Andvari is alive, he protects himself and his closest ally, giving priority to his ally over himself, from the effects of moving and flipping.

Stone Grip

Summons a stone hand that grabs the opponent with the least health. The hand deals physical damage, stuns the victim and chains him to the ground for 2 seconds.

Natural Barrier

Places a protective barrier on the ally with the least armor, absorbing physical and pure damage. The hero under the barrier’s protection gets bonus energy for all the absorbed damage.

Tips on the Andwari

Skills Upgrade

Titan’s Fist – A must-have. Control skill, which is tied to level

Living Earth – Must be cast. Move/Drop Defense is tied to the level.

Stone Grip – Must be cast. Control skill, which is tied to level

Natural Barrier – Recommended to cast. Skill depends on the amount of Health and blocks 150 more physical/clear damage for each level. Not the biggest bonus, but if you have some extra gold, it’s recommended to pump it.


If Andvari acts as a main tank, then first swings the Basic Shape for Strength,

and after him the Eastern Shape for Health. If he acts as a Support Tank, then the Eastern Shape is swelled first, and after him the Basic Shape is already swung.

The longer the Andvari lives, the longer he protects his ally from control, so first swing the guise to increase survivability.

The Winter Shape for Physical Attack is swung last, when the whole pack is already pumped and there are extra Power Stones. Despite Andvari’s damage, first of all, the victory of the team depends on how long the Tank lives.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Health

2. Armor

3. Strength

4. Physical Attack

Swings when all main packs are already pumped.

5. Armor penetration.

Swells when the whole main pack is already pumped.


– Pump up to 3 stars as a priority, after that the stardom is pumped up along with the third artifact.

– Stardom is finished last.

– Stardom is pumped evenly with the First Artifact.


An excellent character, capable of making a huge contribution to the victory. Great against the K’arh/lesser pack. Capable of countering Lars and Krista with the right team. Minimizes the dignity of teams that are designed to discard. Can act as Main Tank and Second Support Tank. Perfectly combines with Luther due to the fact that Luther cannot be discarded now. Given the huge number of K’arkhs in the game, is a must for any player. Recommended for beginners.

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