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Hero Wars

Tristan is a narrowly focused support character capable of dealing damage. It is often used in physical teams against physical teams. Using Tristan as a tank minimizes most of his abilities. Combined best with Galahad.
Blessed is a special feature.
For best effectiveness, be sure to use Tristan with one of Blessed: Galahad, Luthor, Marcus, since three of Tristan’s abilities interact with Blessed. At the moment it’s only possible to get it in a special event.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners

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  1. It’s easy enough to get and improve stardom during a special event;
  2. Not a bad indicator of native armor penetration;
  3. Good physical attack and magic attack enhancement for other blessed with his second ability;
  4. When teamed with another blessed one, weakens the attack of two characters in the first line, where a tank and a character that deals damage (Dante, Kira, Ju, Ismail, etc.) usually stand;
  5. Accumulates energy very quickly because of the fourth ability, which will allow the artifact to be triggered more often on armor piercing;
  6. Good Hero for Asgard because of the frequent triggering of the artifact.


  1. Currently can only be obtained during a special event;
  2. Amplifies tanks that don’t need an attack boost as their role is different, making the second ability minimally useful;
  3. The weakening duration of 5 seconds is too weak and short in time;
  4. Having extra energy makes this character vulnerable to Satori;
  5. Places him on the second line after the tank where the main character who does the damage should be;
  6. Loses its full effectiveness when used by magic teams;
  7. Appearance stones are the same as for the tank.


Holy Fury

Tristan unleashes the power of the Demonic Reliquary on nearby foes, dealing damage.

Righteous Zeal

Tristan turns to the Light, summoning a Righteous Zeal in himself and his allies before him, increasing Physical and Magical Attack by 5s. Allied Blessed gain double reinforcement regardless of their position on the battlefield.

Serving the Light

Tristan releases a sharpened demon soul from the Demonic Reliquary that strikes the nearest opponent and reduces Physical Attack by 5 seconds. For each Blessed in the team, Tristan releases an additional soul that strikes new targets in order of removal.

Blessed Vanguard

When an ally in front of Tristan gains energy, Tristan gains some of it as bonus energy. The amount of energy received increases if the ally is Blessed.

Tips on the hero

Skills Upgrade

Holy Fury – Must be cast, as the only skill that deals damage.

Righteous Zeal – Swings if you have extra gold and if you have Blessed in your team.

Serving the Light – Swings if you have gold and you have Blessed Ones on your team.

Blessed Vanguard – Must be swung.


The first to be swung is the Basic Shape for strength. Next is the Sunshine Shape for physical attack.
The Masquerade Mode for health is swung third.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Strength

2. Physical Attack

3. Health

4. Armor

5. Armor penetration


– Swings to 3 stars, after that the stardom is swung evenly with the second artifact.

– Swings in parallel with the first one, after getting 3 stars from the first artifact.

– Swings in the last turn, since the priority of this artifact swings in the tank.


Tristan is a very peculiar character who positions himself as a support character with good damage. In practice, his enhancement is not necessary for tanks, because the main role of tanks is to survive, not to deal damage, and Marcus does not become a good mass healer, because his main role is a shield. Tristan often uses the ability and gives a bonus to armor piercing, which is very useful in the physics team. On the other hand, other characters with Artifact for piercing are much more effective: Qing Mao’s armor reduction is much stronger, and Elmira’s Clones are better at dissipating damage. Power Stones don’t allow you to pump up looks for Tristan, as those resources will go for the tank. Works best with Galahad and Nebula. Not recommended for beginners.

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