Aurora – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Aurora – An excellent all-purpose tank whose main characteristic is the Force. Having a huge resistance to magic with the fourth ability, she can easily resist both magic and physical packs. Aurora is the tank with the most evasion among tanks. Having Aurora in a magic pack allows her to deal huge damage and be at the top in damage.

I would say it is an SSS+ meta tank that can single-handedly decide the outcome of any battle. I recommend it for physical and magic teams.

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  1. Aurora’s fourth ability absorbs 85% of Magical Damage;
  2. Possesses a huge amount of evasion;
  3. Gives evasion to the whole team thanks to the artifact;
  4. Deals a lot of damage in a magic pack;
  5. Versatile, able to tank any pack;
  6. Can be a tank in both magical and physical packs;
  7. Has control skills (stun);
  8. A great hero for Asgard.


  1. Requires the presence of the Northern guise to dodge;
  2. Until the middle of the game shows itself worse than other tanks.
  3. Requires a lot of time and gold for the Aurora to start feeling great as a tank.
  4. The least amount of defense among the tanks, which is compensated by the greatest evasion among the tanks.


Aurora - Hero Wars

The Crystal of Celias

A flash of light hits the center of the enemy team and damages all enemies around it.

Aurora - Hero Wars

Crystal Assault

Deals damage and stuns the nearest target

Aurora - Hero Wars

The Piercing light

Launches a spark of light that damages all opponents in its path.

Aurora - Hero Wars

Rainbow Halo

Passive skill. The shield absorbs some magic damage. After absorbing a certain amount of damage it explodes, dealing absorbed damage to opponents around it.

Tips on the Avrora

Skills Upgrade

Unlike other characters, Aurora should pump all four abilities simultaneously and evenly.

Aurora - Hero Wars

Celias crystal is a must-have attribute.

Aurora - Hero Wars

Crystal Assault – A must-have.

Aurora - Hero Wars

Piercing Light – A must-have download.

Aurora - Hero Wars

Rainbow Halo – A must-have download.


Start with the Northern guise Aurora - Hero Wars, which gives Aurora the necessary Evasion.

Then swing Spring Appearance for health Aurora - Hero Wars, then

Demonic Appearance for armor Aurora - Hero Wars. If Aurora is in the physical team – the next swing is

Basic on the Strength Aurora - Hero Wars, if the Magic team – firstly

the Romantic guise Aurora - Hero Wars on the Magic attack is pumped, and then the guise on the strength.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:
1. Dodge

Aurora - Hero Wars

2. Health

Aurora - Hero Wars

3. The Power

Aurora - Hero Wars

4. Breakthrough defense against magic

Aurora - Hero Wars

5. Magical attack

Aurora - Hero Wars


Aurora - Hero Wars

-Swings to Three Stars in the first place. Stardom is reached after the second artifact.

Aurora - Hero Wars

After pumping the first artifact to three stars, swings the second artefact in priority.

Aurora - Hero Wars

-It’s the last thing to rock.


The Aurora is one of the best tanks in the game. When pumping her up, remember that Dodge is better than armor. If she is a tank in a magic pack, she deals more damage than some mages. There are two recommended ways to build tutus with her:

  1. Evasion Pack. In this tutu, there will be heroes that give/dodge (Dante, Qing Mao, Heidi, etc.).
  2. Magic Tutu. This pack contains heroes that give Magical Attack and Magic Piercing, which allows Aurora to not only tank well but also deal a huge amount of damage (Orion, Helios, Celeste, Faceless, etc.).
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