Celeste – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Celeste – A unique character by structure. She has very good abilities for both Arena, Campaign and Tower. The highlight of Celeste is that she activates her main ability already at 50% energy. Feels best in magic packs, but can be teamed up with physical ones as well. Excellent Character. In light form she is an excellent Healer, in dark form she deals huge damage from attacks.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners


  1. Huge damage in the early and middle stages of the game;
  2. Relevant at all stages of the game;
  3. Facilitates the completion of the Campaign and the Tower;
  4. Universal in relation to the pack;
  5. Blocks enemy treatment;
  6. Removes negative effects from an allied hero;
  7. Perfect results when Manually Controlled;
  8. Replaces the Healer in some packs, as it can heal with 3 abilities;
  9. Uses the Main ability at 50% energy, boosting your magic pack with Artifact;
  10. One of the best heroes for Asgard, especially when acting as a tank because of the huge mag attack boost to attacking heroes.


  1. Difficult to get and pump up to maximum star for a newbie;
  2. Inferior to some Healers in terms of healing;
  3. Weak survivability, which is why it is not recommended to put the last in the pack.


Celeste - Hero Wars

Two Fates

Celeste spends 50% of her energy and switches back to light form. Repeated use of the ability switches Celeste back to dark form.
When switching to dark form Celeste creates a large area of Cursed Flame in the center of the enemy team. Enemies affected by Cursed Flame cannot receive treatment. When switching to light form, Celeste directs a large Sphere of Purification at the ally with the least health. The Purification Sphere restores the ally’s health for 5s.

Celeste - Hero Wars

White Night

In her dark form, Celeste periodically creates a small area of Cursed Flame around the closest of her opponents.
In light form, Celeste periodically directs a small Sphere of Purification at the ally with the least health.

Celeste - Hero Wars


Cursed Flame’s blocked cure now converts to magical damage on the same target, and the Purification Sphere cancels and blocks the negative effects applied to an ally during its action.

Celeste - Hero Wars


Now in dark form, Celeste’s base attacks deal magical damage, and in light form, Celeste’s base attacks target allies and restore their health.

Tips on the Celeste

Skills Upgrade

Celeste - Hero Wars

Two Fates is an excellent skill. Must be pumped. When switching to light form, throws a orb at an ally that restores health. When in dark form, throws an area that blocks healing.

Celeste - Hero Wars

White Night – Only swings if there’s gold surplus.

Celeste - Hero Wars

Limb – Only pumped if you have extra gold.

Celeste - Hero Wars

Zenith – A must for pumping. Celeste’s dark form attacks now deal massive magical damage. Attacks in light form heal an ally instead of damage.


The first to be swung is the Default Skin Celeste - Hero Wars for Intelligence. After him both guises are swung for Magical Attack:

  • The Winter Shape Celeste - Hero Wars.
  • The Spring Shape Celeste - Hero Wars. Both guises give a magical attack.

The Romantic Skin Celeste - Hero Wars is the last one to be swung since it is not a priority.


1. Magical attack

Celeste - Hero Wars

2. Health

Celeste - Hero Wars

3. Breakthrough Defense Against Magic

Celeste - Hero Wars

4. Intellect

Celeste - Hero Wars

5. Magic Protection

Celeste - Hero Wars

In the physical team symbol on Intelligence swings third, the symbol on the breakthrough protection from magic swings fourth.

In the magic team – as recommended above.


Celeste - Hero Wars

– It is mandatory and priority to pump the first artifact. You can pump it first in magic packs up to 6 stars. It gives +32040 Magic attack on full pumping. And taking into consideration the fact that it uses the ability at 50% energy, the artifact will trigger all the time, which greatly enhances your Magic pack.

Celeste - Hero Wars

– Swings after the first artifact, regardless of the pack.

Celeste - Hero Wars

– Swings after the second artifact.


Perfect mage for the campaign, for the Tower, for Outlands. Perfectly strengthens magic packs. In a pack with Orion can enhance it with an artifact, which will cause huge damage to the enemy team. Huge amount of pluses. Of the minuses is the difficult pumping stars for beginner players. In the late stage of the game will not be able to replace a full-fledged Healer, such as Martha, for example. There she already acts more as a Mage than as a Healer. Nevertheless, she can heal a tank just fine.

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