Cornelius – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Cornelius – Excellent mage who deals physical damage. Excellent character, capable of killing an enemy mage with a single skill. In addition to his massive skill damage, he has support and control spells of his own. He is often used only by experienced players, but this guide will help you properly swing Cornelius, which will bring a lot of success. And both in the Arena, Campaign, and Outland.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners

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  1. Huge damage on a single target, capable of often killing the enemy mage;
  2. Increases magical defense of your team;
  3. Weakens the damage of the enemy’s strongest mage;
  4. Weakens the enemy’s first ability, rendering enemy mages useless;
  5. Easy to obtain and improve;
  6. Relevant at all stages of the game.


  1. You need the right pack for him;
  2. The damage from his main ability is physical. That’s why you need armor penetration in your team.


Science Granite

Launches a monolith at the opponent with the highest Intellect, causing physical damage proportional to the target’s Intellect.

Rune of Suppression

Ancient spell smites the foe with the most Magic Attack and reduces its Magic Attack for the next 12 seconds.

Protective Dome

Cornelius places a barrier on his team that increases Magical Defense and lasts for 6 seconds.

Loss of Memory

At the start of combat, Cornelius curses a random opponent, lowering his first skill level. If Cornelius dies, the curse is lifted.

Tips on the Cornelius

Skills Upgrade

Science Granite – Must be pumped.

Rune of Suppression – It is recommended to pump if you have extra gold.

Protective Dome – Recommended if you have a gold surplus.

Loss of Memory – Must be pumped.


The first appearance swings the Star Shape or the Cybernetic Appearance on Health. After that, the Basic Skins for Intellect. Next, the guises for magic attack are swung: Angel’s Face for magic attack or Masquerade’s Face for magic attack.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Magical Attack

2. Intellect

3. Health

4. Armor

5. Protection from Magic


– It is rocking at 3 stars. It is recommended to finish pumping in the last turn.

– Swings in priority, after pumping the first artifact to three stars.

– Swings second, after the second artifact.


Great character with huge damage and enemy team weakening, but very dependent on the pack. Especially for him you should add to the pack characters that give armor piercing, such as Elmir, Fox, Qing Mao, Tristan, etc. If you can pump Cornelius you won’t regret the time and resources spent. Recommended for beginners.

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