Daredevil – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Daredevil – An excellent shooter with excellent skills that complement any physical pack. Daredevil’s greatest asset is ignoring some of the armor of enemy heroes. Huge damage, critical hits, and very high armor penetration make this shooter an excellent character.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners

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  1. Relevant at any stage of the game;
  2. Presence of control;
  3. Massive damage to enemies;
  4. Availability of periodic damage;
  5. Easy way to get and improve to the maximum star;


  1. Like any critical hit shooter – vulnerable to Helios packs.
  2. Her first ability splits the enemy team, which may not be good at some points.


Big Boom!

Launches a bomb into the center of the enemy team, the explosion causes damage, ignites it for 7 seconds, and pushes the defeated opponents away.

Clear! Clear again!

Electrocutes the nearest enemy unit and deals damage. Stuns the target and nearby enemies for 1 second and slows their attack and movement speed for 3 seconds.


Fires an incendiary projectile at a nearby enemy unit, dealing damage and setting it and nearby units on fire for 5 seconds.


Daredevil ignores some of the armor of the enemies it sets on fire.

Tips on the Daredevil

Skills Upgrade

The Big Boom! – A must-have. Ignites enemies on fire, thus ignoring the armor of such heroes for the next 7 seconds and dealing significant damage.

Clear! Clear again! – It’s recommended to cast. Control Skill. Not as important as the warmongering skill, but still a good one.

Wargame – A must-have skill. Burns a few enemies and ignores their armor for the next 5 seconds, dealing massive damage.

Bloodlust – Make sure to cast it as a priority.


It is recommended to cast the Bully Shape for Critical Hit Chance for the first appearance. Next it is recommended to cast the Basic Skins for Dexterity. The last one to be cast is the appearance for Health:

  • The Romantic Look for Health;
  • The Spring Shapeshifter for Health.


1. Physical attack

2. Chance to take a critical hit

3. Armor penetration

4. Dexterity

5. Health


– We pump the first one up to 3 stars. After that, pump the stardom together with the second artifact.

– We pump the stardom simultaneously with the first artifact after getting three stars from it.

– Swings in the last turn.


Excellent shooter, who already in the middle of the game with the right pumping is able to deal huge damage to tanks. A great character that has almost no disadvantages and it is not difficult for a beginner to get it. A hero with physical attack artifacts, such as Galahad, can be the teammate of Daredevil. Recommended for beginners.

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