Dark Star – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Dark Star is an excellent shooter with a lot of control. The main advantage of this character is a constant attack on everyone behind the tank. Not bad defensive characteristics and the presence of Dodge, good parameters of armor piercing and reinforcement of physical attack of the whole pack with Artifact.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners

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  1. Relevance at all stages of the game;
  2. Multiple control skills;
  3. All attacks are aimed at the characters behind the tank;
  4. Easy to obtain and improve to the maximum star;
  5. Excellent parameters for the shooter;
  6. First skill is able to evade enemy abilities;
  7. Useful artifact for Asgard in the phys. team.


  1. Lacks huge instant damage to kill targets immediately;
  2. Control duration is too short;
  3. Requires a well-chosen team to be most effective.


Black Arrows

Flies above the ground and launches 2 arrows at distant opponents, damaging and stunning them for 3s.

Vengeful Souls

Slows down opponents and damages them with sound waves.


Forces the closest target to fight on his side for 4s.


Dark Star creates its own shadow after each shot, firing at the next opponent, dealing damage that depends on the physical attack.

Tips on the Dark Star

Skills Upgrade

Black Arrows – A must-have. Deals a lot of damage to the enemy’s back lines and stuns them.

Vengeful Souls – Not recommended to cast. Weak unnecessary slowdown and little damage. Can’t be cast until level 130.

Control – Must cast. Allows you to take control of the enemy tank for 4 seconds. Good skill. At its best, when the role of the tank in the enemy’s team is performed by a fighter.

Partner – Must Rock. Attacks the tank and adjacent target with every shot the Dark Star makes.


It is recommended to swing the Spring Shape for a physical attack first. The second swing the Eastern Shape on armor penetration. The third swings the Basic Shape on dexterity. If the server has a lot of physical teams – next swings the Northern Shape on Dodge. If a lot of mag. teams – after the basic guise swings the Romantic guise on Health. If there are other characters in the team that need Dexterity Stones, the Northern guise is swung when all the main pack is already pumped.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Physical attack

2. Armor penetration

3. Dexterity

4. Health

5. Dodge


– Swing up to 3 stars in the first place. Reaches stardom evenly with the second Artifact.

– The stellarness is pumped evenly with the first Artifact, after the latter gets three stars.

– Stardom is swung in the last turn.


An excellent character as a shooter. Unfortunately, you can’t use him as a main character that deals damage. Possesses great control, combines perfectly in teams designed for control with Pet “Mara”. Has a lot of advantages, and can attack the back lines of the enemy team for the whole fight. Looks good as a second shooter. If you have a team that already has a main shooter, or if you have a team where each character has several controlling skills, Dark Star is a great addition. Recommended for beginners.

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