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Hero Wars

Faceless is a unique mage who can deal a huge amount of damage in a small amount of time. Faceless is popular because of the latter’s useful abilities. His pumping depends on the pack, where he can be either the one who deals a lot of damage or the one who provides support. Recommended for beginners to pump.

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  1. Relevant at all stages of the game;
  2. Possesses control skills;
  3. Great for fighting magic packs because of the fourth skill;
  4. Easy to get and pump;
  5. Will come in handy in a lot of packs, so pumping him is always justified;
  6. Deals a huge amount of damage when paired with mages;
  7. Compensates for the weak magical defense of tanks.


  1. Can copy the wrong ability;
  2. Too popular among the players, which may make a newcomer find it too boring;
  3. Has unnecessary abilities and will not work with all characters.



Transforms into the opponent or ally who last used the first skill and applies that skill.

Force Toss

Lifts the closest foe above the ground, then drops it into the center of the enemy team. Deals damage and stuns opponents within range for 2 seconds.

Chain Lightning

Throws a bouncing magical projectile that strikes 3 opponents. Deals damage and reduces a target’s physical attack for 4 seconds.

Expert Spellcaster

Passive skill. Increases magical defense of your team.

Tips on the Faceless

Skills Upgrade

Doppelganger – Mandatory to pump. If Faceless acts as Support, where he just needs to roll and gather all the enemy heroes together, then Second in priority. If in a magic pack, first priority.

Force Roll – Required to pump. If Faceless acts as Support, where he just needs to roll the enemy tank, then First in priority. If in a magic pack, Second priority.

Chain Lightning – Not recommended to pump.

Spellcaster – Third priority after First and Second.


If Faceless is in a Magic pack and is used to deal huge damage, the order of pumping the guises is as follows:

The first to swing the Star Shape for Magical Attack and the Sun Shape for Magical Attack. The third is the Basic Shape for Intelligence and the last is the Masquerade Shape for Health.

If the Faceless One acts as a Support in the pack (Karhopaks/Packages with Peppi), the order of the guises is as follows:

  1. The Masquerade Face on Health;
  2. The Basic Look for Intelligence;
  3. The Star and the Sun shapes for Magic attack.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1 / 4. Health

Swings first on Health if Faceless acts as a support, if in Magic Pack – Swings fourth.

2 / 3 Intelligence

Swings second Intelligence if Faceless is a support and swings third in magic tutus.

3 / 1 Magic Immunity

Swings a third Symbol on Piercing. Protection from magic if Faceless acts as a support, if the Magic Pack – Swings First.

4 / 2. Magical Attack.

Swings fourth Symbol for Magical Attack if the Faceless Man acts as a support if in the Magic Pack – Swings second.

5. Physical Attack

Totally useless for Faceless. Only pumped at level 130 when there’s nothing left to pump from the other heroes. Can’t upgrade, because when you copy a physical ability, it does not detrimentally affect Faceless’ physical attack. It only adds a small amount of damage to auto-attacks. Not recommended.


– After getting 3 stars all three artifacts are evenly pumped. Priority to pump the first artifact only in the magic pack.

– Evenly swings with 1 and 3 artifacts. If Faceless in the Magic Pack – Swings second in priority, after the first artifact.

– Swings evenly with 2nd and 1st artifact. If Faceless in Magic Pack – Swings after the first and second artifact.


A great character that will find its place in a huge number of packs. A great addition to the Magic armor piercing Magic teams, deals a huge amount of damage. Great for physical packs thanks to the second ability. Great with Luthor, bringing him back, rolls Tanks under Peppy’s shield. Compensates for the lack of tanks with little magical protection. Easy to get and pump up to maximum star. Recommended for beginners.

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