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Isaak is a support character that deals a huge amount of damage. Isaac’s main advantage is fighting magic packs. And he copes with this task very well. Absorbing magic damage from the team and enhancing the physical attack of his allies makes him very sought after for fighting mages in a team with physical damage. Another feature of Isaac’s is that he is an Engineer. With this third ability he doubles the strength of the other engineers on his team. There are a total of three engineers in the game: Isaac, Fox, and Ginger.

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  1. Control in the form of silence effect for 4 seconds;
  2. Absorption of magic damage;
  3. Increasing allies’ physical attack;
  4. Excellent against mages that deal Massive Damage;
  5. She’s also good at dealing with mages that deal mass damage; and a pro-Piercing Armor artifact that complements Ginger, who doesn’t have much of it (and other characters without Piercing Armor).
  6. Best hero for Asgard, especially when acting as a tank with Ju.


  1. Often loses to physical damage packs;
  2. If Isaac doesn’t get magic damage, it takes a very long time to charge an ability;
  3. Amplification and Skill Damage only works after the Second and Third use of the first ability;
  4. Hard to get and pump to maximum star.


Overdrive Tes’lin

With each attack Tes’Lin accumulates 10% Charge. When she accumulates 100% Isaac can activate her first skill – Tes’Lin releases an electromagnetic pulse, silencing all opponents for 4 seconds.

Capacitor MM-300

Tes’Lin’s Magical Power Capacitor absorbs some of the magical damage received by Isaac and his allies and then converts it to his Charge. For the absorbed damage Tes’Lin receives 4 times the amount of the Charge that his allies would have received.

Drones’ Swarm

On the second and subsequent activations of Tes’Lin’s Overdrive in a single combat, she additionally releases Drones that increase Allied Physical Attack by 8s. Allied Engineers receive a double boost.

High Voltage Module

On the third and subsequent activations of Tes’Lin’s Overdrive in a single combat, she activates a high-voltage module that damages all opponents.

Tips on the Isaak

Skills Upgrade

Overdrive Tes’Lin – A must-have. After accumulating his resource, the first time gives the effect of silence on the entire enemy team. The second and third use deals a lot of damage and causes drones from the third ability.

MM-300 Capacitor – Mandatory swing element. Absorbs magic damage and charges a resource for the first ability for all magic damage received from the team.

Drones’ Swarm – A must-have swing. If you use the first ability again, it strengthens all allies on physical attack.

High Voltage Module – A must-have. On the third use of the first ability inflicts a huge amount of damage to the entire enemy team.


It is recommended to swing the Base Shape for dexterity first.

The second to swing the Masquerade Look on Physical Attack.

It is not recommended to cast the Oriental guise for defense against magic.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Health

Isaak reveals himself as a character only after the subsequent use of the first ability. To do so, he needs to absorb mag. damage and stay alive longer, so the first glyph on Health is needed.

2. Physical attack

3. Dexterity

4. Armor

5. Protection from Magic


– We pump up to 3 stars in priority. After that the stardom is pumped up evenly with the second artifact.

– After pumping the first artifact stardom by three, stardom swings evenly with the first.

– Stardom is swayed in the last place.


Excellent character against most magical teams. Especially good against mages with massive damage (Orion, Lars & Krista, Helios, etc.). Against teams with control and single-target damage, it may not survive the damage (Phobos, Lien). It is recommended to add Fox or Ginger to a team for the highest effectiveness of the third skill. Fox will gain damage to the First and Third abilities, allowing her to deal massive damage to a single target. Ginger will also gain Piercing. Armor from Artifact Isaak, which she lacks to be a great character. Against teams with physical damage is practically useless, since she can’t accumulate a resource for the first ability except with Auto Attacks (And for that you need 10 auto-attacks to activate the skill the first time only). Great character if you want to beat magic teams. Not recommended for beginners because of the complexity of the character and his narrow specialty as an anti-mage.

Nor should we forget about Asgard. Isaak is the meta hero for the passage of Asgard. Therefore, it is extremely useful to have this hero for everyone because of his versatility. Here I should add that in no case should he be pumped with the “magic defense” glyph, so that he can gain super skill faster on Asgard and use it more often.

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