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Hero Wars

Jet is a great Support character for physical teams. All of his abilities are very useful to the team. In addition to greatly enhancing his team, he has healing skills and blocking the enemy’s healing. Another good thing is that he has a dodge that compensates for his lack of armor.

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  1. Can heal and significantly enhance an ally;
  2. Reduces armor to the enemy tank temporarily;
  3. Blocks the healing of the enemy team;
  4. Increases the likelihood of a critical hit by allies;
  5. Not the hardest to get because of the Arachne Stones. If you couldn’t get it in the beginning, you can always get it later by exchanging any character stones that have reached maximum star;
  6. In a team with a hero who can deliver a critical hit, is able to destroy a huge number of opponents (for example, Ismail).


  1. Healing skill is inferior to many healers;
  2. Difficult to counter Helios packs;
  3. Standing in the last row, his survivability against Ju depends on chance (Whether he can dodge or not). Therefore, you can beat Ju in one fight and lose in another;
  4. Vulnerable to control.


Elixir of Vivacity

Jet directs the flow of the life-giving elixir to the ally with the highest Physical attack and begins to gradually consume the energy. Until the energy runs out or Jet is interrupted, the ally will have an increased Physical attack, a 30% bonus to Speed, and a gradual Health regeneration effect.

Acid Shot

Jet fires a charge of acid at the opponent with the most Armor, lowering his defense for the next 8s.

Malaise Potion

Jet throws a vial of poisoned potion at nearby foes. Afflicted foes cannot regenerate their health for 8 seconds.

Ultimate Fury

As long as Jet is alive, all of his allies have an increased Chance of Critical Hit.

Tips on the Jet

Skills Upgrade

Elixir of Vivacity – Must Swing. Allied Amplification and Healing.

Corrosive Shot – Recommended if you have extra gold. Weak ability gain per level, but very useful in mid to late game.

Malaise Potion – Must be cast. It’s a level-based skill and Cure Prohibition is very useful in the Arena.

Ultimate Fury – Must Pump. Great skill that increases the chance of a critical hit.


Since the fourth ability only works while Jet is alive and he often stands in the back row, the first guise is recommended to swing Romantic Shape on Armor and Eastern Shape on Health. After that swing the Barbarian Shape for Magic Attack and lastly swing the Basic Shape for Intelligence because of Cornelius.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Health

2. Dodge

3. Magical Attack

4. Intellect

5. Magic Protection


– Swings in priority up to 3 stars, after that the stardom is pumped evenly with the second artifact.

– Stardom is pumped evenly with the first artifact, after it reaches three stars.

– Stardom is swung in the last turn.


Jet is an excellent Support character. His role as a Healer is inferior to many other characters with that role, but his role as a Support character is great with physical packs. It’s better to see him not as a full-fledged healer, but as a support character that can also heal. He has great skills that can boost the ally with the most physical attack and weaken the enemy tank. Inhibit healing is a very useful ability in the arena, and the presence of evasion makes him a great backline fighter. In the team with Jett there should be 1-2 characters that can deal a lot of physical damage (Ismail, Ju, Kira, Dante, etc.). A very popular pack with Jett, Sebastian and Kira/Ju. Jett packs don’t do well against Helios, because his main advantage (Critical Strike to all allies) turns into a major disadvantage. Recommended for beginners.

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