Jorgen – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Jorgen is a must-have character for the Arena and Grand Arena. It is the character that was found by 99% of Arena players. He has a huge number of advantages and is great against most enemy packs. Gradually superseded by Sebastian, but still effective against teams without Sebastian.

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  1. Steals energy from the enemy tank;
  2. Prohibits enemies from gaining energy for 9 seconds;
  3. Accelerates getting energy from an allied hero;
  4. Makes redirecting all physical damage to the farthest enemy character, thereby killing him with it in most cases;
  5. Quick ability to gain and improve to maximum star;
  6. Suitable in both magical and physical packs;
  7. Great for magic packs;
  8. Very good in a team where the tank role is a fighter/shooter.


  1. Having Sebastian on all players reduces Jorgen’s usefulness to a minimum;
  2. Little useful in Zapland, Campaign, as the hero is mainly only for the Arena/Grand Arena.


Jorgen - Hero Wars

Torture with Powerlessness

Jorgen summons Skull to the front lines of the enemy, which strikes nearby heroes with magical damage. Affected opponents lose their ability to gain energy for 9 seconds.

Jorgen - Hero Wars

Energy Cycle

Shields one of your allies with a sorcerer’s shield. As long as the shield is not destroyed, the ally will gain twice as much energy.

Jorgen - Hero Wars


Jorgen curses the entire team of opponents, choosing the farthest one of them as the target of the curse. For 10 seconds the physical damage taken by the enemy team’s heroes will be transferred to the curse target.

Jorgen - Hero Wars

Tainted Wounds

Each attack of Jorgen steals some energy from the defeated opponent.

Tips on the Jorgen

Skills Upgrade

Jorgen - Hero Wars

Torture with Powerlessness – Not recommended to pump. Damage is only felt until the middle of the game, after which it becomes a weak skill for damage. Its main purpose is to prevent enemies from getting energy, which is also available on the first level of this skill.

Jorgen - Hero Wars

Energy Cycle – Recommended to pump if you have extra gold.

Jorgen - Hero Wars

Cursed – Must be pumped. Redirects physical damage to the furthest (mostly a character with poor survivability) character.

Jorgen - Hero Wars

Tainted Wounds – Must rock. Stealing energy from the tank, which prevents him from using the ability and Artifact for a long time.


Since Jorgen himself is very strong, the appearance is pumped to him last, when the main heroes are already pumped. It is important to maintain a certain balance in pumping the guises for Jorgen, because the less health he has, the faster he uses the ability. And this often decides the outcome of the battle. Therefore, this recommendation on the guises will be for players who have reached level 130. The first swing the Basic Appearance Jorgen - Hero Wars on the strength.

After him Jorgen - Hero Wars on health.

The Demonic Cloak Jorgen - Hero Wars to protect against magic swings third.

In the last turn, the Winter Shape Jorgen - Hero Wars on magic attack.

If you have a magic team, the third swing is the Winter Shape on magic attack.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Health

Jorgen - Hero Wars

Swells to 30, topping up as needed.

2. Strength

Jorgen - Hero Wars

Swells to 30 or more as needed.

3. Armor

Jorgen - Hero Wars

4. Protection Against Magic

Jorgen - Hero Wars

5. Magic Attack

Jorgen - Hero Wars


Jorgen - Hero Wars

– Pump up to 3 stars first.
If you have a Magic tutu, swing this artifact first.
If you have a Physical tutu, it is pumped last, after Second and Third.

Jorgen - Hero Wars

– If you have Magic tutu – Swing second, but after pumping all your main tutu.
If you have Physical tutu – Swing in priority after getting 3 stars from the first one, but after pumping your main tutu.

Jorgen - Hero Wars

– If you have a Magic tutu – Swing last after you’ve pumped your whole tutu and pumped the first and second artifacts.
If you have a physical pack – Swing the Second, after pumping the second artifact and pumping all of your pack.


Jorgen – A great character. He has a great advantage over other characters in the Arena and Grand Arena, which makes him very strong. His first and fourth skills disable the use of enemy artifacts, which will help you a lot in battles. Jorgen is not recommended in the campaign, it is better to replace it for the campaign with Celeste for the magic pack. Jorgen has very high survivability, which allows you to pump Symbols and Skins last. Jorgen’s redirection can kill most characters, and his shield will help your tank more than once. If you are not deterred by such a large number of Jorgen players, then feel free to pump it. Recommended for any player who wants to take a decent place in the Arena and Grand Arena.

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