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Hero Wars

Judge is a character from Chaos Chronicles who was given the roles of Mage, Control and Support. Unfortunately, he never succeeded in either role. Possesses only one skill, capable of dealing damage, throws a shield at a tank (most often), possesses control skills (slowing down). On first impression, it seems that the hero can be useful in a team. Let’s start with parsing him as a character:

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners

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  1. Relevant at the beginning of the game;
  2. Deals a lot of damage with the first ability to four heroes at once;
  3. Good for teams where the tank role is a fighter/shooter (Dante, Ju, Ismail, Yasmin, Alvanor);
  4. Removes control skills and restores health;
  5. Control skill (deceleration from the fourth skill) is great against Sebastian’s shield;
  6. Easy to get and improve to maximum star;
  7. Good against teams with weak magic defense or low health.


  1. Requires a Nebula ball to do a lot of damage. Otherwise will just charge the enemy team;
  2. Shield of Judge absorbs too little damage;
  3. The third skill only lasts for one second;
  4. Weak benefit for team as support hero, Little damage for hero as Mage.
  5. No ability to build a team around the Judge, making him the only attacking hero. The team requires another hero that does a lot of damage.


Ion Cyclone

Creates a storm of lightning that strikes each opponent with an electrical pulse 4 times, dealing magical damage.

Force Field

Places a shield on the closest ally to your enemies that absorbs any damage.


Dismisses negative effects and activates the Hologram. If damage or negative effects are taken, the Hologram renders the Judge invulnerable for 1 second and converts the damage taken to health.

Interference Generator

Each electrical pulse of the Ion Cyclone slows enemies for one second.

Tips on the Judge

Skills Upgrade

Ion Cyclone – Must be cast. The only skill that deals damage.

Force Field – Must cast, will save periodically a tank or any other hero, which is located closer to the enemy team.

Hologram – Not recommended to cast. Invulnerability only lasts for a second and healing is too weak.

Interference Generator – Must pump. The skill is attached to the level and is great against Sebastian to knock down the shield.


It is recommended to first pump one of the guises for Magic attack:

  1. The Mechanical Shape for Magic Attack
  2. The Oriental Makeup for Magical Attack

The second to pump the Basic Shape for Intelligence

Pump the Masquerade Glimpse for Armor.

The guild warrior’s Glory for Health is the last one to be swung.


1. Magical attack

2. Breakthrough Defense Against Magic

3. Intellect

4. Health

5. Protection Against Magic


– Swing up to 3 stars as a priority. We pump up stardom along with the second artifact.

– Rate stardom along with the first artifact.

– Rate stardom in the last turn.


A good character in the initial stages of the game. The hero can be quickly improved to the maximum star, which is already a kind of advantage. After the redesign the Judge got the necessary breakthrough. protection from magic, in particular the symbol and the second artifact. The second skill is now only given to the front line hero, allowing you to play without a tank. But this is also a disadvantage, because the judge is suitable for mag. teams, and the heroes acting as a tank hit physical damage (Exception Alvanor, Marcus, etc.). In a team with a tanking Dante, Ju, Yasmin from the Judge do not need an Artifact and all the skills except the shield. But swinging a hero just for the sake of one not the strongest skill is not beneficial, if the alternatives are more useful (The same Jorgen). The third skill Judge gives invulnerability for one second only, so there’s no point in spending gold on it. Ascension skills, which are not easy to get to for a new player, give a negligible boost to skills compared to any other Ascension boost, and the 0.5 second stun needs no comment. The recommended pet is Biscuit. The hero is suitable for beginners, but only until there is a better alternative. For example, using Judge until you get Helios.

Bottom line:

  1. Judge is only suitable for mag. teams;
  2. A very weak support and control hero;
  3. Can’t be the only attacking hero on the team;
  4. Quickly charges the enemy Aurora and Isaac;
  5. Weak Ascension bonuses;
  6. Worst support hero available at the moment;
  7. Recommended only as a temporary hero until you get stronger characters.

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