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Hero Wars

Martha is the illustrious Healer of the game. She has just a huge amount of Healing, is able to heal the whole battle with her totem for the team, and the most wounded of the team gets additional treatment. At the moment Martha is the only healer who can perform her main role with such ease, and do it perfectly.

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  1. One of the best, if not the best, healers in the game;
  2. Heals the whole team, not just single heroes;
  3. Can restore his own health with attacks;
  4. Gives a huge boost to the whole team;
  5. Relevant throughout the game;
  6. Perfect character in defense;
  7. Excellent armor artifact that gives armor to the entire team;
  8. Huge health stats, which is uncommon for normal healers;
  9. One of the best heroes for Asgard, especially when teamed with Ju.


  1. Difficult to obtain and improve to maximum star;
  2. Healing is intermittent.


Vow of the Mother of God

Increases the speed of all all allies by 6s.

Longevity Secret

Martha’s basic attacks now restore her Health when a projectile hits an enemy. The longer the projectile flies, the more Health it restores.

Tea Drinking

Martha places a totem in front of her that restores health to her allies. Enemies do not target the Totem, but it can be destroyed by an area hit.

Healing Potion

Now, while the Totem is active, the ally with the lowest Health gains additional healing.

Tips on the Martha

Skills Upgrade

Ideally, Martha should pump all her skills. But if you have a situation where you have to choose what to swing first and what to swing later, then the following recommendation is for you:

Vow of the Mother – It’s recommended to rock if you have extra gold. This skill speeds up 1% for each skill level, but it’s only worth it when you’re pumped to the max. If you have an alternative choice for pumping the hero – the skill is always pumped (about that below).

Longevity Secret – It’s recommended if you have extra gold. A good skill for Martha to regenerate her own health.

Tea Drinking – A must-have skill. A great skill that restores a lot of health to the whole team.

Healing Potion – Must Rock. Extra healing from the totem, which is almost 2 times the healing of the third ability.


It is recommended to start swinging the Sunny Skin first, because the longer Martha lives, the more health she can regenerate with the totem. It is recommended to start with the Winter Skin on Armor next. To prevent Cornelius or Ju from killing Martha, swing the Basic Skin for Intellect third. If you can’t get the Winter Look, you can get the Basic Look and the Winter Look after you get it during a winter special event. Lastly, the Masquerade Appearance is pumped for magic attack.

Alternatively, if you’re pumping Martha, where she acts more as a support to speed up your team than as a healer, the first to swing is the Basic Appearance for Intellect. The second pump is the Masquerade guise for magical attack, and the third pump is the Winter guise for Armor. The last to be swung is Sun’s Appearance for Health. The less health Martha has, the faster she will “dodge” and speed up the team.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Magical attack

2. Health

3. Armor

4. Intellect

5. Magic Protection

Alternatively, when pumping Martha, the recommendation for characters is as follows:

  1. Mag. attack
  2. Intellect
  3. Armor
  4. Health
  5. Protection against magic


– It is recommended to pump up to 3 stars as a priority. To pump up the stardom after the second artifact.

– After getting three stars from the first artifact, the stardom is pumped in priority.

– Stardom is pumped in the last turn.

Alternatively, the stardom of the first artifact is pumped in priority. After pumping the first artifact the stardom is pumped for the second and third artifact equally.


A great healer who restores a huge amount of health. Currently, the only character that does so well as a Healer. A great armor artifact and a great health parameter make Martha the most survivable Healer. With her first skill to speed up allies, she’s a great match for:

  1. Ju (Both have acceleration skills), which will allow Ju to deal damage to the enemy’s back lines very quickly
  2. Ismail, who in demonic form under Martha’s healing and acceleration will do a lot of damage;
  3. Lars+Crista, for huge and fast magical damage;
  4. Kira (both have acceleration skills), which, as with Ju, will do a lot of damage to the entire enemy team.
  5. Etc.

A great character that fits almost every pack. The only drawback to Martha is that she is hard to get and hard to improve to the maximum star. There are a few characters that can stand up to Martha. For example, Celeste, who blocks healing and converts it into damage, or Jet, who can temporarily block healing. It is recommended to swing for beginners, as the character will suit many packs.

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