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Hero Wars

Maya – One of the first healers you can get at the very beginning. Has a number of advantages and disadvantages, which makes her not the most versatile character. A great character for the tower, you can even say one of the best healers for the tower, especially for beginners.

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  1. An excellent healer for passing the tower;
  2. Heals the team throughout the battle until the flower is destroyed, which is not easy to do;
  3. Deals pure damage to the team;
  4. Excellent in long battles;
  5. Possesses the skill of a constrictor;
  6. Easy to obtain and improve to a maximum star;
  7. In order to deal damage to Maya, you must first destroy the flower.


  1. Inferior to other healers;
  2. No instant recovery, which makes it impossible to save a dying character;
  3. Does not perform well against physical packs.
  4. Artifact on protection against magic and dependence of skills on mag. attack leads to the fact that it should be put in mag. packs against mag. packs.
  5. Not the greatest damage;
  6. Can’t do much damage instantly, all of her damage is periodic, allowing her to charge the enemy team.


Queen of Flowers

A magical flower grows around Maya, protecting her from any attacks. As long as the flower is not destroyed, it will periodically restore the health of the entire allied team.

Poisoned Dust

Maya strikes the farthest enemy with poisoned pollen, which deals periodic damage.

Poison Ties

Living shoots braid the leftmost and rightmost foes, pulling them together and causing them to be poisoned.

Queen’s Revenge

When a magic flower dies, its roots entangle nearby foes, preventing them from moving and dealing periodic damage for 8 seconds.

Tips on the Maya

Skills Upgrade

Queen of Flowers – A must-have. Basic ability, which is a heal for allies and a shield for Maya.

Poison Dust – Recommended to cast if you use Maya not only to pass the tower, but also to deal damage.

Poison Ties – Recommended if you use Maya not only to pass the tower, but also to deal damage.


Maya’s defense is directly dependent on the flower, which protects her from attacks while she is alive. Therefore, the more health the flower has, the longer your team will live. The health of the flower depends on the Mage. Attack, which means that the priority will be the Winter Shape for magical attack, or if you do not have the opportunity to get it, then the Shape of Guild Wars for magical attack. The next guise to be swung is the Basic Shape for Intellect, and the last, the Romantic Shape and the Demonic Shape for Health.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Magical Attack

2. Intellcet

3. Health

4. Armor

5. Protection from Magic


– Swings to 3 stars as a priority. Reaches stardom in parallel with the second artifact.

– Stardom is pumped in parallel with the first artifact.

– Reach stardom in the last turn.


A great character for the tower and the campaign, less good in the arena. At the start of the game is well suited to the magic team. Passing the tower with it is much easier. Lack of instant damage that can kill right away makes the enemy team build up energy faster. Two skills hit with pure damage, which is an advantage. Maya’s biggest plus is the Flower. It both heals the whole team and protects Maya from any damage like a shield. Recommended for beginners, as it will make it easier to pass at the start.

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