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Hero Wars

Mojo is another underrated mage capable of dealing a lot of damage. Mojo has a lot of useful abilities, but the most important one is his fourth one. It’s the fourth ability that helps to deal a lot of damage. The best character for Outland.

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  1. The first ability deals a lot of damage;
  2. Can heal an entire team;
  3. Relevant at all stages of the game;
  4. Easy to get and improve to the maximum star;
  5. The best character to play in Outland;
  6. A great addition to any magical team;
  7. His fourth ability works even after Mojo’s death.
  8. Useful in Asgard because of the Artifact and first skill.


  1. The first ability can be interrupted, thus not allowing him to do much damage;
  2. Very Poor Treatment;
  3. The fourth ability picks a target randomly, which isn’t always a good thing;
  4. Needs a pack that can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time;
  5. Vulnerable against control characters.


Rage Totem

Creates a totem that shoots magical charges at the enemy team for 6 seconds. Mojo cannot attack or use skills during this time.

Healing Spirits

Cures each of your allies.

Cursed Bones

Throws a charge at a nearby enemy that deals magical damage and stuns the target. The charge bounces into one of the nearby foes, if any, and can deal a total of up to 8 hits.


Places a mark on a random opponent at the start of combat. Every 2 seconds the marker deals magical damage to the target, depending on the damage the target took during that time.

Tips on the Mojo

Skills Upgrade

Rage Totem – This is a must-have. Basic ability that deals a lot of damage. The only drawback is that it can be knocked down by control.

Healing Spirits – Recommended to cast. Weak cure for this ability, but if you have extra gold, it’s recommended to swing.

Cursed Bones – Not recommended to cast. This ability is situational. Mojo throws a “balloon” at the enemy team, which gives a small stun and bounces off into another character. Useful if there are characters that have a streaming spell (like Mojo’s first ability). Therefore, it is not recommended to swing until level 130.

Spoiling – Must cast. Spell works even after Mojo’s death. Passing Outland is much easier with this ability. Mojo must have a strong magic team that can give a lot of magic damage for this ability to be most effective.


It is advisable to cast the Magic Attack skins first. If you manage to get the Winter Shape for Magic Attack during winter special events, start pumping it. If you can’t get it yet, start casting the Cybernetic Facelift for Magical Attack. Next swing the Basic Shapeshifter for Intellect and last swing the Eastern Shape for Health.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Magical attack

2. Penetration of defense against magic

3. Intellect

4. Health

5. Protection Against Magic


– Obligatory swings up to 3 stars, after that the stardom is swung together with the second artifact.

– After the first artifact reaches three stars, it is swung simultaneously with the first artifact.

– The stardom is swung in the last turn.


A great character, capable of dealing a lot of damage and wielding an Artifact for piercing. magical defense, which is great for any magical pack. Getting and improving him is easy enough. His fourth ability is guaranteed to kill an enemy hero that is targeted. Unfortunately, a random hero is chosen, which is not very good. When creating a pack with Mojo, you should be guided by what role this character will play. If the Role is the main mage that deals damage – you’ll need Nebula in the pack to enhance it. If just as an addition to the magic pack because of the fourth skill, then Mojo combines perfectly with Orion and Helios, Celeste, Lars and Krista, Satori, and others. Recommended for beginners.

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