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Hero Wars

Morrigan – A great character who is given the Support and Healer roles. Unfortunately, these Roles are only justified for the other two characters, who also have the same feature as Undead. Otherwise it only enhances and heals itself and the skeletons it summons. When teamed with Corvus (and Phobos) she is able to show amazing results and deal a lot of damage to skeletons.

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  1. Summons several skeletons that deal large amounts of damage and distract characters;
  2. Her main feature is a ban on resurrection from Astaroth and Rufus;
  3. A great support character for Corvus;
  4. Good magical attack performance.


  1. Difficult to obtain and improve to Maximum Star;
  2. Needs a special pack for her;


Graven’s Army

Morrigan calls 3 skeletons to her side, who fight in the front row and are Undead. There can be no more than 6 skeletons under Morrigan’s control at a time.

Bone Armor

Morrigan casts a temporary shield on undead allies, increasing their armor and protection from magic, as well as healing them.


Morrigan heals undead allies when their health goes below 20%. Works on each ally no more than once every 8 seconds.


Increases damage to allied skeletons. Each time an enemy dies, Morrigan summons a skeleton from its body, even if the enemy tries to resurrect.

Tips on the hero Morrigan

Skills Upgrade

Graven’s Army – A must-have. Summoned skeletons can distract many characters and deal significant damage themselves.

Bone Armor – Must cast. Good skill that makes Corvus a full-fledged tank and enhances all summoned skeletons.

Moonlight – Recommended to swing. Good heal with an individual cooldown of 8 seconds for each skeleton/undead on the team. Heals worse than the second skill, but works more often with 20% health left.

Necromancy – Must be cast, as the ban on regeneration is tied to the level of the target.


It is recommended to first pump the Dark Depths Shape for Magical Attack. The next one is the Basic Shapeshifter for Intellect. If you can’t get the appearance for magic attack, just swing the Basic Shape. The Health Spring Appearance is the third one to be swung.
If Morrigan in the pack is a situational hero (Team is not Undead), then the first to swing the Basic Skins.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Magical Attack

2. Intellect

3. Health

4. Armor

5. Magic Protection

If Morrigan is a situational anti-resurrection hero on the team, you should pump as follows:

  1. Health
  2. Intellect
  3. Armor
  4. Magnetic Attack
  5. Magic Protection


– We pump the stardom to 3 stars, and then pump it in parallel with the second artifact.

– Stardom is pumped in parallel with the first artifact.

– Stardom is pumped in the last turn.


A great character, which is only fully revealed when teamed with Corvus (less often with Corvus and Phobos). Although Morrigan, unlike Corvus, is able to complement some teams with her skeletons and a fourth skill, they are most effective together. Skeletons, summoned after the death of an enemy character, turn the enemy heroes in their direction along the lines of Luthor’s first skill. A great situational character in a magic team against Rufus. Not recommended for beginners because of the complexity of the character and dependence on characters with the Undead feature.

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