Phobos – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Phobos is one of the underrated mages in the Chaos Chronicles. He has a number of advantages and in the right team produces amazing results. A perfect character against physical teams. Good against Dante who can’t outrun them.
Has an Undead ability, which allows him to interact with other heroes of this category, like Morrigan and Corvus.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners

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  1. Huge single-target damage, often – the main ability is able to kill the hero;
  2. Excellent character against physical packs;
  3. Weakens the physical attack of enemies;
  4. Possesses healer skills, which will increase your tank’s survivability;
  5. Burns target’s energy;
  6. Great character for Campaign, Arena, Grand Arena, Tower;
  7. Very easy to get and improve to maximum star.


  1. No mass damage;
  2. Weak Treatment;
  3. Cannot attack while the ability is active;
  4. Needs the right pack, otherwise it won’t deal enough damage;
  5. The first ability is Lottery. It can hit the Fighter and kill him, or hit the hero with a Nebula ball;
  6. Little piercing protection against magic.



Phobos casts a curse of paralysis on an opponent with the highest Physical attack. Paralysis stuns the opponent for 6.6 seconds. and deals damage.

Trembling Hands

Phobos deals damage to the nearest opponent and casts a curse that reduces his Physical attack by 3s.

Dark Deal

Hits the nearest enemy with magical damage, heals the ally with the least health by the value of the damage dealt.

Ties of Fear

Paralysis burns enemy energy and deals extra damage.

Tips on the Phobos

Skills Upgrade

Paralysis – A must-have. Basic ability that deals a huge amount of damage

Trembling Hands – Recommended to cast. Excellent debuff that weakens the enemy’s physical attack.

Dark Deal – Recommended to rock. Cures an ally and deals damage.

Ties of Fear – Must cast. Can enhance the first ability.


It is recommended to swing the Star Shape on magic penetration first. Next cast Illusionist’s Shape for magic attack. The third recommended the Base Shape for intelligence and the last Shape of the Dark Depths for magic attack.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Magical Attack

2. Intellect

3. Health

4. Armor

5. Protection from Magic


– Pump up to 3 stars, after that evenly pump all three artifacts.

– After pumping the first artifact to three stars, pumping evenly with the other artifacts.

– After pumping the first artifact to three stars, pump evenly with other artifacts.


A great character, capable of dealing a lot of damage to a single target and killing front line fighters with ease. Best combination with Lien. Recommended for magic packs. If it’s part of the physical pack, only as a debuffer and support. Excellent against tank shooters/fighters. Recommended for beginners.

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