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Hero Wars

Rufus – The perfect anti-mage to act as a tank. All of Rufus’ abilities make him an expert against a lot of magic packs. Not recommended for use as your main tank, as the character is situational and will only work against magic packs. His abilities are also good, as they protect Rufus and the whole team. He is very bad at fighting physical packs, as all of his skills are ineffective and his small armor can pierce almost any physical pack.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners

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  1. Protects the whole team with a shield that absorbs massive amounts of magic damage;
  2. Can regenerate health when receiving magic damage;
  3. Can only be killed by physical damage; otherwise, Rufus resurrects and regenerates a huge amount of health when he does so.
  4. Easy to get and improve to the maximum star;
  5. Relevant at all stages of the game;
  6. One of the best tanks for Asgard.


  1. Often Loses against phys. packs;
  2. A situational hero that can’t be used in every battle, only against mages;
  3. Useless armor artifact when using Rufus as a situational hero.


Rakashi Barrier

Rufus creates a shield over his team that absorbs magical damage.

Rakashi’s taunt

Deals periodic damage to the opponent with the most Magic Attack.

Magic Eater

A fraction of the damage absorbed by Rakashi’s Barrier is converted to the hero’s health.

Rakashi’s Oath

Rufus can now only be killed by physical damage. If the last blow to the hero was dealt by magic or pure damage, he will be resurrected, partially restoring his health.

Tips on the Rufus

Skills Upgrade

Rakashi’s Barrier – must be cast. Basic ability that protects the whole team from magic.

Rakashi’s Taunt – Only recommended if you have extra gold.

Magic Eater – Must be cast. Health regeneration is an important parameter for the tank.

Rakashi’s Oath – Must cast.


It is recommended to cast the Barbarian Shape for Magic Attack first, as Rufus’ survivability depends on the Barrier, which is boosted by the magic attack. It is recommended to cast the Angel Shape for Health next, to increase his survivability from attacks in general and to increase resurrection from the fourth ability.

The Basic Shape for Strength third in order to increase survivability.

Useless Looks:

The Winter Shape on Armor is useless to Rufus. It’s the last to be swung when all basic skins are already pumped and have extra Power Stones, since Rufus doesn’t use any of his basic skins:

  1. Rufus doesn’t cast against Physic Packs because he loses against them.
  2. He can’t use any of his abilities against the physic packs, so he’ll be useless against them;
  3. Winter’s guise can only be obtained during a special event, so there’s no point in dwelling on it.

*Alternative appearance when Rufus is the main tank (and in defense).

The Winter Shape on armor. After him the Angelic guise on health. The third guise the Basic look on the strength. Fourth guise the Barbarian Shape for magic attack.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Magical attack

2. Health

Swells to 30 because Rufus needs to use his main ability faster. Can boost health if necessary.

3. Power

4. Armor

This ability has priority over the anti-magic ability because it affects the damage dealt by normal attacks, which Rufus can die from.

5. Defense Against Magic

*Alternative for characters when Rufus is the main tank (and in defense)

1. Armor

2. Health

3. Strength

4. Magic Attack

5. Protection from Magic


– Swings in priority up to 3 stars, after that the stardom is pumped in the last turn.

– After the first artifact reaches three stars, the stardom of the second artifact is pumped in priority.

– Stardom is pumped after the second artifact is pumped.


Excellent tank that is designed to fight against magic packs. Excellent against Lars and Krista, Orion and Helios, etc. Not recommended to swing as a tank for the main pack, as the tank situational and can only justify itself in the fight against the mages. Swinged in parallel with the main tank, so that in the case of a meeting of a strong mag. pack, it was possible to change the tanks and to withstand heavy damage from magic. Against the physical packs it is not recommended to put it, because it becomes a useless character in this case. Recommended for beginners, but only as an alternative tank to replace against some teams.

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