Elmir – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Elmir is a unique melee fighter. One of the few fighters who doesn’t have a critical hit, which in this case is only a plus. The copies created are excellent at taking on the abilities of other heroes, thus ensuring the survival of the main team. The armor piercing artifact makes Elmir an important member of any physical pack.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners


  1. Relevant at all stages of the game;
  2. Easy to obtain and improve to the maximum star;
  3. Copies are great at taking damage from many characters;
  4. Artifact gives armor piercing to the whole team;
  5. Lack of Crit Blow makes him a great fighter against Helios;
  6. Excellent against K’arch because of clones that absorb K’arch’s ult.


  1. Copies are destroyed by massive damage from characters like Peppy, Kira, Kai, Ginger, etc.
  2. Worst against magic packs.


Elmir - Hero Wars

Changing Sands

Elmir moves to a distant line, applies a second skill (if open) and for the next 10 seconds attacks opponents from afar. While the skill is active, the hero gains a bonus to Physical Attack.

Elmir - Hero Wars


Elmir creates a sand clone nearby .The clone cannot regenerate health or receive help from allies. Over time the clone loses health, if it takes no other damage it will live 12s.

Elmir - Hero Wars

Perfect Blades

Sand clones gain the ability to attack opponents. Clones created during the first skill continue to attack opponents from afar.

Elmir - Hero Wars

Plenty of Truth

When applying the second skill, Elmir gets a chance to create two or four clones at once.

Tips on the Elmir

Skills Upgrade

Elmir - Hero Wars

Changing Sands – Swinging is a must.

Elmir - Hero Wars

Mirage – Swings necessarily.

Elmir - Hero Wars

Perfect Blades – Swinging is a must.

Elmir - Hero Wars

Plenty of Truths – It is recommended to swing if you have extra gold.


First, it is recommended to swing the Base Shape Elmir - Hero Wars for Dexterity. After that, the Winter Shape Elmir - Hero Wars for Physical Attack.

The third is the Cybernetic Shape Elmir - Hero Wars for armor piercing.

The Barbarian Shape Elmir - Hero Wars for Dodge and

the Demonic Shape Elmir - Hero Wars for Dodge are the last to be swung.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Health

Elmir - Hero Wars

2. Physical Attack

Elmir - Hero Wars

3. Dexterity

Elmir - Hero Wars

4. Armor Pierce

Elmir - Hero Wars

5. Dodge

Elmir - Hero Wars


Elmir - Hero Wars

– Pump to 3 stars, then evenly improve all three artifacts.

Elmir - Hero Wars

– Evenly pump after pumping the first artifact to three stars.

Elmir - Hero Wars

– Evenly pump after the first artifact is pumped up to three stars.


An excellent front-line fighter, able to act as a tank in some packs or to tank in case your tank was taken under control. Does a huge amount of damage and in a physical pack will be very useful with his Artefact. Combines well with Ziri, with Galahad, and with Dorian. Recommended for beginners.

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