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Hero Wars

Dorian is a Universal Healer, capable of standing in both physical and magical packs. He has excellent healing skills, which last until the end of the battle. Options for pumping characters, skills and artifacts directly depend on the pack.

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  1. Relevant throughout the game;
  2. Aura for vampirism, which works even after Dorian’s death;
  3. Healing skills depend on your team’s damage, which allows you to swing Dorian only a fourth skill;
  4. Versatile in relation to the pack.


  1. Difficult to obtain and improve to maximum star;
  2. Aura only affects those around Dorian, not the entire team;
  3. Not all abilities/Artifacts are useful.

Fountain of Blood

Places a bloody marker on the nearest opponent for 7 seconds. When allied heroes attack the target, they regenerate their health.

Ancestor Amulet

Dorian sacrifices 20% of his current health and treats the ally with the least health.

Wings of the Night

Unleashes a flock of bats that hit opponents twice. Upon returning to their master, restore their health to 100% of the damage dealt.


Increases vampirism of nearby allies.

Tips on the Dorian

Skills Upgrade

Fountain of Blood – It is recommended to swing the physical pack. Only swings in magic pack if you have extra gold.

Amulet of the Ancestors – Must swing.

Wings of the Night – It is recommended to swing only in magic pack. Only swings the physical stack if there’s extra gold.

Initiation – Must swing it.


Regardless of the pack, it is recommended to cast the Romantic Shape for Health first. If Dorian is not the last one in a Magic stack, the next one is the Basic Shape for Intelligence. Third is the Guild Wars Shape for Magical Attack. Next is the Winter Shape for defense against magic, and last is the Masquerade Shape for Armor.

If Dorian is in the Physical stack and is probably the last one, then after Romantic guise, the Masquerade one for Armor is swung next. The third swings the Basic look, the fourth – the Winter look on protection against magic and, lastly, the Guild Warrior’s look. This is due to the fact that being in the physical pack, he will be the target of Cornelius’ Skill, so Health and Armor will save him (Cornelius hits with physical damage). In addition to Cornelius, Ju, Jorgen’s Transfer, etc. are a threat, which is why the recommendation for guises is this.

  • If you don’t have Helios in your pack, who will stand last and take hits from Jorgen/Ju/Cornelius, and Dorian takes the last place in the pack, then the guise recommendation is the same as for Physical.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Health

2 / 4. Armor

If Dorian stands last, he swings second.
If Dorian is not standing last, he swings fourth.

3 / 2. Intellect

If Dorian was standing last, he swings third.
If Dorian is not standing last, he swings second.

4 / 3. Magical Attack

If Dorian was standing last, he swings fourth.
If Dorian is not standing last, he swings third.

5. Defense Against Magic


– If Dorian is in the Physical Pack, he swings to 3 stars first. After that the stardom is swung along with the second artifact.

  • If Dorian is in the Magic Pack, this Artifact is not swung at all.

– If Dorian is standing in the Physical stack, then after getting three stars from the first artifact, the stardom is swung along with the first artifact.

  • If Dorian stands in the Magic Pack, the stardom of the second artifact is swung in priority.

– Stardom is swung last.


Excellent all-purpose Healer, capable of standing in any packs with unique healing mechanics. His only flaw is that he’s difficult to max. If you can get him to max out, Dorian is a good addition to any team. The most popular Dorian combinations are:

  1. Orion+Helios+Dorian – The standard popular bundle. Orion and Helios heal from aura for the duration of the battle.
  2. Dorian + Ginger (With the addition of, for example, Galahad as a tank, Qing Mao for armor reduction and Jorgen for energy blocking)
  3. Dorian + Elmir – A popular pairing where Elmir jumps back to Dorian with his first ability and restores health under aura and so on.

It is most effective to put Dorian so that Aura acts on characters that deal a lot of damage. This can be either two shooters or two mages. There can be a huge number of combinations with him. If you manage to get this character, be sure to pump him. Recommended for pumping.

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