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Hero Wars

Helios – One of the few characters who can deal a lot of damage and stand up well against physical packs. At one time it was the character that “pushed” Ismail out of the top of the Arena, made Jet a situational hero, and “breathed life” into magic packs after Jorgen’s arrival. A fine character, able to withstand both Jorgen’s carry and Jhu’s attacks. Helios’ skills are balanced, making him both a great damage-dealing mage and a great Support hero against physical packs.

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  1. Huge magical damage;
  2. Excellent survivability against physical packs;
  3. Excellent survivability against Jorgen transfers;
  4. Able to support the entire team;
  5. The most popular character among others for magical teams;
  6. Able to handle heroes that deal critical damage (Yasmin, Ishmael, teams with Jet).


  1. Difficult to get and pump the maximum star;
  2. No magic armor piercing.
  3. For huge damage it is necessary to have a character in the team that gives Mag. armor piercing. In 99% of cases it is Orion, who maintains the Artifact bonus for the whole battle.


Birth of the Stars

Helios directs 3 new and all existing solar spheres on the battlefield to the front lines of the enemy team and explodes them, dealing area damage

Solar Wind

For 10 seconds, summons a flaming invulnerable sphere that deals periodic damage to nearby foes.

Celestial Guardians

Summons two defensive orbs to the center of your team. The orbs protect nearby allies by absorbing their incoming physical damage.

Flaming Vengeance

While Sunwind is active, every time Helios’ allies take a critical hit, a flaming sphere deals a flaming ray of fire to an enemy that takes damage.

Tips on the Helios

Skills Upgrade

Birth of the Stars – must be cast if you have a magic pack. If the hero is in a team against the crutopaks, it is pumped if you have extra gold.

Solar Wind – must be cast if he has a magic pack. If hero is against Screampack – swings if you have gold surplus.

Heavenly Keepers – must pump.

Fire Vengeance – must pump.


The Basic Shape for Intelligence is swung first. It is important that Helios has the most Intelligence in your team. This is done against packs with Cornelius, who kills most mages in the game with his ability. Helios is unable to kill him because the damage from Cornelius is physical. The Guild Warrior’s Appearance on Magical Attack is swung second. Swing one of the looks for Health as the third:

  • The Masquerade Shape for Health;
  • The Demonic Shape for Health.

The fourth guise, swing the Romantic Shape for Magical Attack. Lastly, pump up the rest of the appearance for Health.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Health

2. Armor

3. Intellect

4. Protection against magic

5. Magic Attack


– Pumped up to 3 stars, after that in priority pump the second artifact. We finish pumping evenly with the third one after the second artifact is fully pumped.

– Priority in the pumping after the first artifact reaches three stars.

– Swings evenly with the first after pumping the second artifact.


A great character that can be seen more than once in the Top Arena and Grand Arena. Excellent against physical packs due to survivability. Under the magic protection of Orion shows incredible damage. The most excellent combination of heroes: Helios, Orion, Dorian. It is important to put them so that Helios and Orion are under Dorian’s aura. Then it will be almost impossible to kill them. Difficult ability to get this character is the only downside. Recommended for pumping.

Team options with Helios – Orion+Helios

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