Lars – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Lars – An excellent damage character that should be used in team with Krista for the most effectiveness. Lars has an excellent magical attack, but weak defensive performance. Nevertheless, the combination of Lars and Krista is very effective and popular among players, capable of destroying several enemy characters at once in an instant.

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  1. Lars and Krista share the same passive ability, the Water Mark, which allows Lars to deal several times more damage to enemies;
  2. Has control skills;
  3. Deals a lot of mass damage;
  4. Lars and Krista are relevant at any stage of the game;
  5. Excellent pierce. magic defense score and the presence of an Artifact on pierce. magic defense;
  6. When teamed with Krista are able to take down most of the enemy team.


  1. Difficult to get and pump up to maximum star for a newbie;
  2. Can’t be very effective without Krysta.
  3. Bad hero for Asgard in a boss fight.


Lars - Hero Wars

Lord of the Storm

Lars causes a hurricane in the enemy’s rear ranks, dragging heroes to the epicenter and putting the Water Tag on them.

Lars - Hero Wars

Chain Discharge

Launches an electrical discharge that successively strikes all enemies.

Lars - Hero Wars

Lightning Strike

Strikes the nearest enemy unit with a lightning strike, dealing damage and stuns for 4 seconds. Foes marked with the Water Mark are hit first.

Lars - Hero Wars


All Lars’s attacks against enemies hit by the Water Mark have increased damage and stun duration.

Tips on the Lars

Skills Upgrade

Unlike most characters, Lars has no priority for skill progression. It is mandatory to pump all skills, as they are all effective at all stages of the game.

Lars - Hero Wars

Lord of the Storm – Must pump. This ability combines perfectly with Krista’s third skill to deal a lot of damage. This skill casts the Water Mark. Gives the ability the highest priority when pumping.

Lars - Hero Wars

Chain Discharge – must pump. Deals damage to every enemy. Ranked fourth in order of pumping priority.

Lars - Hero Wars

Lightning Strike – Must pump. Deals damage and stuns the target tagged with water. Ranked second in order of pumping priority.

Lars - Hero Wars

Conduction – must pump. Allows you at level 130 to deal triple damage to targets tagged with water, and the duration of the stun from the third skill is doubled. Ranked third in order of pumping priority.


Since Lars’ main role is to deal damage, we recommend swinging the Masquerade Shape Lars - Hero Wars for Magic Attack first. The next cast is the Demonic Shapeshifter Lars - Hero Wars for Penetration and Defense Against Magic. Third, pump the Basic Shapeshifter Lars - Hero Wars for Intellect. And keep in mind the fact that Krista should always have more intelligence. Cornelius hits those with the highest IQ with the Monolith. That’s why Krista should have at least 1 more IQ because she survives Cornelius’ ability perfectly. The Cybernetic Shapeshifter Lars - Hero Wars is the last to be swung on Armor.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Magical attack

Lars - Hero Wars

2. Penetration of defense against magic

Lars - Hero Wars

3. Intellect

Lars - Hero Wars

4. Health

Lars - Hero Wars

5. Protection Against Magic

Lars - Hero Wars


Lars - Hero Wars

– Swings in the priority of 3 stars. It is pumped evenly with the second artifact.

Lars - Hero Wars

– Stardom is evenly swung with the first artifact, after getting three stars from it.

Lars - Hero Wars

– Stardom is swung last.


Lars is an excellent character, capable of dealing a huge amount of damage if he is teamed with Krista, who greatly enhances the damage of his abilities. Without Krista, using Lars in a team is pointless and ineffective. Lars together with Krista is recommended to use in magic team. Combine with them perfectly such heroes as:

  • Helios. He is often put with Orion because of the artifact on piercing. magical protection, in this case, Lars has such an artifact.
  • Astaroth. He fits perfectly with any magical team.
  • Aurora. In such a bundle it can deal a huge amount of damage.
  • Orion. Extra magical penetration for Lars.
  • Celeste. A constant boost to the team’s magical attack because of her first skill.
  • And a huge number of other characters, somehow giving magic attack or piercing. magic defense.

Lars is not recommended to swing a rookie, as you definitely need Krista for him. If you can get two characters, you will own one of the most popular and powerful magical teams in the game.

Team options with Lars – Lars+Crista

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