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Krista is the perfect Support character, and specifically for Lars. Krista and Lars are an inseparable team of heroes, which alone lose their effectiveness several times over. Krista’s excellent fourth ability allows her to tank in some packs and perfectly ignore the massive Monolith damage from Cornelius.

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  1. Lars and Krista share the same passive ability, the Water Tag, which is designed for Lars;
  2. Can withstand massive damage due to the fourth ability;
  3. Reduces magical defenses of enemies;
  4. Together with Lars can take down the entire enemy team.
  5. Together with Lars is relevant at any stage of the game.


  1. Difficult to obtain and pump up to maximum star for a beginner;
  2. Loses effectiveness without Lars;
  3. Weak defensive characteristics, but they are compensated by the fourth skill;
  4. Bad hero for Asgard in boss battles.


Ice Cara

Sequentially hits opponents with 5 ice crystals, each of which damages an area.

Frost Chains

Crista strikes enemies in the center of the enemy team, temporarily lowering their magical defenses and putting a Water Mark on them

Needles of Cold

Freezes the ground beneath the enemy team’s feet, creating a field of icy spikes. Any movement of the enemies on the field damages them. When the spikes melt, all heroes standing on them receive a Water Mark.


If threatened with serious damage, Crysta freezes herself in a block of ice for 2 seconds, absorbing some of any incoming damage.

Tips on the Krista

Skills Upgrade

Further recommendations for skills will take into account that Krista is in team with Lars, as using them separately is not recommended.

Ice Cara – Recommended to cast if you have extra gold. Does not deal that much damage, so it’s the fourth priority for pumping.

Frost Chains – Must pump. Decreases magical protection and casts a Water Mark on Lars. This skill is level-related and puts you in first place in the priority list for pumping.

Needles of Cold – Must be pumped. Combines with Lars’ Hurricane and deals a lot of damage. Imposes the Water Mark and is in second place in the priority of pumping.

Crystallization – A must-have. A great skill that allows Krista to reduce all damage she takes. At level 130, her absorption is 86%, allowing Krista to withstand a huge amount of damage to herself. It’s the third highest priority skill to pump.


It is recommended to first pump the Basic Shape for Intellect, which will increase magic attack and defense against magic. The next cast is the Masquerade Mode for Magic attack. Third rolls the Demonic Shapeshifter for Armor. Last, the Cybernetic Shapeshifter is swung for Health.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Magical Attack

2. Intellect

3. Health

4. Armor

5. Protection from Magic


– The priority is swinging up to 3 stars. Reaches stardom in parallel with the second artifact.

– The stellarness is swung evenly with the first artifact, after it reaches three stars.

– Stardom is swung in the last turn.


Krista – An excellent character who acts as a support for Lars, greatly increasing the damage of his abilities. Without Lars it is pointless and ineffective to use Krista in a team. It is recommended to use Krista together with Lars in magic team. They are perfectly combined with heroes such as:

  • Helios. He is often put with Orion because of the artifact on piercing. magical protection, in this case, Lars has such an artifact.
  • Astaroth. He fits perfectly with any magical team.
  • Aurora. In such a bundle it can deal a huge amount of damage.
  • Orion. Extra magical penetration for Lars.
  • Celeste. A constant boost to the team’s magical attack because of her first skill.
  • And a huge number of other characters, somehow giving magical attack or piercing.

Krista is not recommended to swing a beginner, as it necessarily requires Lars. If you can get two characters, you will become the owner of one of the most popular and powerful magical teams in the game.

Team options with Krista – Lars + Krista

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