Nebula – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Nebula is the perfect support character. It is the kind of character that multiplies both the physical and magical attacks of your characters. Under her enhancement, your character can easily kill several enemy ones. An indispensable character in a pack where there are two, dealing a lot of damage, heroes.

Hero Wars – and tips for beginners


  1. Tremendous damage enhancement for two of your characters;
  2. Removes negative effects;
  3. Relevant at any stage of the game;
  4. Not the hardest way to get it and improve it to maximum star;
  5. Best support hero for Asgard.


  1. Needs a competent pack;
  2. Proper placement of Nebula is very important, otherwise the wrong characters will get the boost.
  3. Not the easiest way to get it for a beginner;
  4. Not a basic Healer, as her healing is very weak.


Nebula - Hero Wars

Astral Projection

Launches a slow-moving projectile that, when activated, deals damage and dissipates energy to nearby enemies. Total damage and energy dissipated is divided equally between foes.

Nebula - Hero Wars


Nebula Restores health to two nearby allies and removes their buffs.

Nebula - Hero Wars


Deals damage to the opponent with the least health.

Nebula - Hero Wars


Nebula’s basic attacks will now switch to support mode. Each time Nebula is triggered, it increases Physical and Magic Attack to one of the neighboring allies for 5 seconds.

Tips on the Nebula

Skills Upgrade

Nebula - Hero Wars

Astral Projection – It is recommended to pump if you have extra gold.

Nebula - Hero Wars

Serenity – Must be pumped.

Nebula - Hero Wars

Disharmony – Pumped last because of the weak effectiveness of this ability. Not recommended to pump until level 130.

Nebula - Hero Wars

Equilibrium – Must pump.


The Romantic Shape Nebula - Hero Wars for physical attack and the Winter Shape Nebula - Hero Wars for physical attack are swung first. Nebula’s bonus to boosts depends on her physical attack, so you should cast the physical attack skins first.

The Basic Skill Shape Nebula - Hero Wars is swung as follows.

The Spring Shapeshifter Nebula - Hero Wars is the last one to be swung, when all other guises of your main stack are already pumped.


1. Physical Attack

Nebula - Hero Wars

2. Dexterity

Nebula - Hero Wars

3. Armor

Nebula - Hero Wars

4. Health

Nebula - Hero Wars

5. Protection against Magic

Nebula - Hero Wars


Nebula - Hero Wars

– Swings to 3 stars, after that swings 1 and 3 evenly.

Nebula - Hero Wars

– Swings after 1 and 3 last.

Nebula - Hero Wars

– Swings simultaneously with the first artifact.


A great character that can greatly enhance your heroes, allowing you to do a huge amount of damage. In addition to damage, Nebula also strengthens Healers, allowing you to heal your pack better. Keep in mind that you can’t place characters like Jorgen next to Nebula. There should always be two characters that deal damage next to her. If you can pump Nebula, pick up 1-2 characters that deal a lot of damage and you won’t regret it.

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