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Hero Wars

Arachne – Not a bad character with controlling assassin skills. Great for the campaign, the Outlander, and the Arena. Arachne has skills with crowd control, vampirism and finishing abilities. A character you can get on the first day of the game.

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Before going on to describe the advantages and disadvantages, it should be said how to get the Arachne:

  1. To obtain an Arachne with Maximum Star, 630 Arachne soulstones are sufficient.
  2. 6 energy = 1 Arachne soul stone. Heroic missions where the cost of 12 energy = 2 Arachne soul stones.
  3. The Arachne campaign is triggered with the boss kill in the first chapter. The action lasts for 12 hours. That is, for the next 12 hours after killing the boss you will receive soul stones for the energy you spend.
  4. In total you’ll need 3,780 energy.

Now let’s take apart the Arachne itself


  1. Two crowd control skills (For 5s and 2s);
  2. Deals a lot of damage early in the game;
  3. Artifact for piercing mag. defense;
  4. Low intelligence as Dexterity stones are spent, which is a plus from Cornelius;
  5. Works well in Zapland;
  6. Very good abilities for finishing;
  7. 80% Vampirism.
  8. Very easy to get if you time and calculate your abilities;
  9. Excellent defensive stats;


  1. Very little damage at max level. Lots of Control, Lots of Vampirism, and Little Damage.
  2. You need a special pack for it, otherwise it’s useless.



Arachne performs a Hyperjump to the opponent with the lowest health, deals damage and comes back. When the target is hit, it creates a blast wave that stuns nearby enemies for 5 seconds.

Robot Bomber

Summons a monster that crashes into the first enemy unit it encounters, detonating and stunning opponents for 2 seconds.


Arachne activates a minefield beneath nearby foes, dealing net damage.

Plasma Explosion

If the target gets less than 20% health during Hyperjump, Arachne deals additional net damage.

Tips on the Arachne

Skills Upgrade

Hyperjump – Must be pumped.

Robot Bomber – It’s recommended to swing it. Small damage, but swings if you have extra gold.

Minefield – Recommended if you have extra gold. Deals very little damage.

Plasma Explosion – Must rock.


The priority of the appearance depends on what role Arachne plays in the team. If she’s in a controlling role, then it’s recommended to upgrade her guises as follows. Considering how little damage Arachne inflicts in the late game and how high her defensive parameters are, it is recommended to pump the guises starting with the Base Dexterity Flaunt .

Next pump the Winter Shape for Health (if you can get it during a winter special event) or any of the skins for Magic Attack:

The Mechanical Shape on Magical Attack

The Romantic Shape on Magical Attack

Lastly, the Spring Shape is swapped for Penetration and Defense Against Magic.

If you have an Arachne on your team to deal damage, then the following upgrade is recommended:

  1. Mechanical Shape
  2. Romantic Look
  3. Spring Appearance
  4. Basic Appearance
  5. Winter look


1. Dexterity

2. Armor

3. Health

4. Magic Attack

5. Physical Attack

Swings last and when there is nothing else to swing. Useless character for someone who has all skills depending on Magic Attack.


– Swings to 3 stars in the first turn. After that the stardom is pumped for all three artifacts at the same time. If Arachne is in the physical team – the first artifact is not pumped. only the second and third artifacts are pumped.

– After pumping the first artifact to three stars, the artifacts are pumped evenly.

– After pumping the first artifact to three stars, the artifacts swing evenly.


Arachne is a very specific assassin. On the one hand she has a lot of control and very high vampirism, on the other hand she has very little damage late in the game. As one option, she can be seen as a fighter capable of living long and keeping the enemy team under control. Along with the Pet Mara is able to keep heroes under control for a significant amount of time. All characters that can stun/dazzle enemies to some degree would be great for a pack with her. Another option for a pack with her is via Dante. For example, Aurora, Dante, Arachne, and Qing Mao. Arachne’s control would fit nicely in this bundle with rolls and armor reduction. Arachne’s survivability also puts her at the front of the line. Her damage is too weak, so you shouldn’t consider her the main character to deal damage. Recommended for beginners.

Team options with Arachne – Arachne tank

Arachne tank – Hero Wars

A kind of team with Arachne as a tank, whose main task is to constantly control the enemy heroes. The team has a number of advantages and disadvantages compared to packs, where the role of the tank is performed by a stronger hero. Nevertheless, this team can achieve great results, and it gains the most power at later levels. Almost all heroes for this team are easy to get and pump, allowing any beginner to build a pack.

The advantages of the team

  1. Easy enough command to assemble, almost all heroes can be obtained very quickly;
  2. Great with most commands;
  3. The main tank in the team (Arachne) quickly builds to an absolute star;
  4. Has several options in the build, which makes the pack more flexible;
  5. Heroes of this team can make great packs for the grand arena.

Disadvantages of the team

  1. Arachne doesn’t handle damage very well at the entry-level.
  2. The team gains the most power with Purple Mara, which improves over time;
  3. Ideally, you need Helios, which you can get either from the company or from a visitation box (Day 28).
  4. Works well against one of the bosses of Outland, but for the rest, you need to pump other heroes.

General team tips

As with most other teams, the hero standing on the front line swings first. In this case, it is Arachne. That’s why she’s the first one to get the main characters and the elemental gift. The heroes that deal the most damage are swung next. Healer and Support are the last to be swung. Below are the most suitable heroes for this team.

The team itself is fairly balanced both in terms of artifacts and heroes. Good for both beginners and more experienced players. Practically has no weaknesses and easily makes it to the top of the arena.

Heroes for this team:

Arachne – The main hero of this team, has 2 mass control skills. Because of the fact that he stands on the front line, he quickly gains energy and starts and does not let enemy heroes out of control. Enchantments and symbols are swung first.

  1. Glyphs – Swings all.
  2. Symbols – Health, Armor, Dexterity.
  3. Looks – Basic, Spring.
  4. Skills – 1, 4.

Celeste is a great hero for any magic team. Her role in this pack is that of healer and support. She is the most impressive of all heroes, and the best effects the team can get with Celeste. Swing at the very last position.

  1. Glyphs – The first artifact is the priority. The 2nd and 3rd are the last to be swung.
  2. Symbols -Attack, Health, Intelligence.
  3. Looks – Basic, Winter/Spring. Appearances are swung last after the other heroes.
  4. Skills – Swing all.

Jorgen is the best addition to the team. His shield is the reason why Arachne gains enough energy and absorbs more damage. He’s a great addition to the team with his energy-sapping abilities. Swings after the heroes that deal the most damage and Arachne.

  1. Glyphs – The first artifact is the priority. Swings 2 and 3 last.
  2. Symbols – Strength, Health, Armor.
  3. Looks – Basic, Guild Warrior’s Look.
  4. Skills – 1, 2, 4.

Orion – A great character in his own right, who serves as the main damage-dealing hero on this team. Swings after Arachne. If you have Helios on your team he rocks evenly with him.

  1. Glyphs – Swing All.
  2. Symbols – Magic Attack, Breakthrough Defense, Intelligence.
  3. Looks – Mechanical, Base.
  4. Skills – 1, 4.

Helios is a good backline hero, capable of dealing damage from Kratopak, gives the team some armor, and can deal a lot of damage when paired with Orion. Swings after Arachne. Swings equally with Orion when paired with him.

  1. Glyphs – Swings all.
  2. Symbols – Mage Attack, Health, Intelligence.
  3. Looks – Basic, Guild Warrior’s Look.
  4. Skills – 1, 3, 4.

Faceless – A great alternative to Helios at first. After getting Helios, can complement any other team in the Grand Arena. Copying Faceless can both increase control from Arachne and deal even more damage. Swings after heroes that deal damage and Arachne equally with Healer.

  1. Glyphs – The first artifact is swung in priority.
  2. Symbols – Health, Mage Attack, Intelligence.
  3. Looks – Stellar, Basic. Appearances are swung in the last turn.
  4. Skills – 1, 2. If you have extra gold – 4, to increase the team’s, Mage Shield.

Leanne is the perfect hero for this team, acting as Control and Damage. He is an alternative to both Jorgen and Orion/Helios. Swings evenly with the damage-dealing hero after Arachne.

  1. Glyphs – 1 and 2 in priority.
  2. Symbols – Health, Armor, Mage Attack.
  3. Looks – Romantic, Basic.
  4. Skills – 1, 2, 4.

Phobos is a peculiar hero who mostly serves as a temporary control hero. This team is an alternative to the support hero. Good mag. protection artifact for the team at the initial stage of the game. Helps Arachne with some healing and damage reduction. Swings in the last turn, but before the healer.

  1. Glyphs – 1 and 2 in priority.
  2. Symbols – Armor, Health, Intelligence.
  3. Looks – Basic, Illusionist. Swing in the last turn.
  4. Skills – Swings all.

Mojo – Often the temporary hero for a given team. Like Phobos, can heal the team, has control, and increases damage on one of the heroes. Good Artifact for piercing protection against magic. The third skill is very good in some battles. Rolls as an alternative to Orion.

  1. Glyphs – 1 and 2 are in priority.
  2. Symbols – Magic Protection Breakthrough, Mag. attack, Intelligence.
  3. Looks – Cybernetic, Basic.
  4. Skills – Swing all.

Dark Star is a very situational hero, even for this team. Has control skills and can prove useful against teams that have a hero who deals the most damage first. Rolls last.

  1. Glyphs Third. Swings 2 and 1 last.
  2. Symbols – Dexterity, Dodge, Health.
  3. Looks – Northern, Basic.
  4. Skills – 1, 2, 3.


The best pet for this team is Mara, who must necessarily be a patron of Arachne.

Orion – Merlin.

Arachne – Mara.

Dark Star – Cain.

Phobos – Albus

Leanne – Albus / Biscuit

Celeste – Biscuit

Jorgen – Axel

Helios – Axel


  1. Arachne, Celeste, Jorgen, Orion, Helios – the most versatile team with both damage and control.
  2. Arachne, Celeste, Jorgen, Faceless, Helios
  3. Arachne, Celeste, Jorgen, Leanne, Phobos
  4. Arachne, Celeste, Jorgen, Orion, Faceless
  5. Arachne, Mojo, Jorgen, Orion, Helios
  6. Arachne, Celeste, Mojo, Jorgen, Dark Star
  7. Arachne, Celeste, Jorgen, Orion, Dark Star
  8. Arachne, Celeste, Jorgen, Orion, Phobos
  9. Arachne, Celeste, Jorgen, Dark Star, Phobos
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