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Hero Wars

Ginger – An excellent shooter with a huge amount of mass damage. All of Ginger’s abilities are designed to deal damage, but she needs the right team. Otherwise, she won’t be able to justify herself. Has the important “Engineer” trait, which allows her to interact with Isaac, who has the same trait and gives bonuses for “Engineers”.

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  1. Actual throughout the game;
  2. Easy to get and improve to the maximum star;
  3. Shows well in the campaign;
  4. Best shooter against the Spiderwoman in Outland because of the fourth ability;
  5. Tremendous damage to the entire enemy team;
  6. Useful hero for Asgard because of his skills and Artifact for physical attack.


  1. If you don’t put Jorgen with her, who pre-blocks getting energy, Ginger will just charge the enemy team with her first ability;
  2. Very little armor penetration, so she needs a character that artificially gives penetration;
  3. Shows more as a shooter for Campaign than for Arena.


Ginger - Hero Wars


Very quickly takes 7 shots in front of you, hitting all opponents.

Ginger - Hero Wars


Fires a projectile that pierces through the opponent and hits the target behind the first one.

Ginger - Hero Wars


Fires a volley of buckshot into the air, hitting the entire opponent’s team.

Ginger - Hero Wars


Successive shots of the base attack at the same target deal increasing physical damage. If Ginger’s current target dies, the additional damage is reset.

Tips on the Ginger

Skills Upgrade

Ginger - Hero Wars

Leadstorm – A must-have. Tremendous damage to the entire enemy team. Kills all spiders in a volley in Outland.

Ginger - Hero Wars

Ricochet – Recommended to cast if gold allows. Excellent ability to hit the tank and the next target behind it.

Ginger - Hero Wars

Cartwheel – Not recommended to swing. Very low damage for this ability.

Ginger - Hero Wars

Shooting – Must swing this ability.


First of all Ginger needs armor piercing skins, so the first priority is Sun’s Skins Ginger - Hero Wars for armor piercing and Spring’s Skins Ginger - Hero Wars for armor piercing. It is these guises that give her the armor piercing she needs. After the Spring and Solar guises you should swing these two guises:

The Demonic Shape Ginger - Hero Wars on Physical Attack

The Guild Warrior’s Appearance Ginger - Hero Wars for physical attack.

The Basic Appearance Ginger - Hero Wars for dexterity is the last one to be swung.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Physical attack

Ginger - Hero Wars

2. Armor penetration

Ginger - Hero Wars

3. Dexterity

Ginger - Hero Wars

4. Health

Ginger - Hero Wars

5. Protection Against Magic

Ginger - Hero Wars


Ginger - Hero Wars

– Swings first to 3 stars. After that the stardom is pumped evenly with the second artifact.

Ginger - Hero Wars

– After pumping three stars the first artifact swings the stardom together with the first artifact.

Ginger - Hero Wars

– The stardom is swung last.


Without the right team, Ginger will only perform well until the middle of the game. The most important character she needs is Jorgen. Without his energy blocking ability, Ginger will not build up the entire enemy team’s energy. The second character important to this shooter is Qing Mao. In addition to his armor reduction to Tank’s fourth ability, Qing Mao’s Artifact gives Penetration. Armor to the entire team. Therefore, one of the popular ties with Ginger for Arena looks like this: Jorgen, Qing Mao, Ginger. Recommended for beginners.

Variants of teams with Ginger – Ginger team

Team with Ginger

A poorly-popular but extremely effective team, where the main character who deals damage is Ginger.

At one time Ginger did not have enough of the important characteristic of armor penetration, which prevented her from dealing much damage late in the game. Fortunately, with character changes and the addition of a new look, Ginger can now get back into the lead again.

The advantages of the team

  1. Deals a lot of physical damage to the entire enemy team at once.
  2. Great for company and turret;
  3. Good against many teams (including Orion+Helios+Dorian);
  4. Easy to assemble team;
  5. A versatile team;
  6. Recommended for beginners.

The disadvantages of the team

  1. Without the armor-piercing guise, the team with Ginger is not able to deal much damage after level 80;
  2. Ginger’s damage is streaming, i.e. a team with control is able to interrupt Ginger’s damage;
  3. If Ginger didn’t kill heroes for her salvo, she charged the enemy heroes with energy.

General Ginger team tips

The most compatible characters with Ginger are Jorgen and Qing Mao. Qing Mao and Ginger have an interlocked fourth ability that combines perfectly and can kill enemy fighters/tanks very quickly. Jorgen combines perfectly with Ginger, preventing the enemy team from building up energy from Ginger’s volley. Ginger in the team swings second, after the tank. The priority of pumping the symbol on health depends on the popularity of teams on the server with either Orion or K’arh.

The team is easy to assemble and very flexible in assembly. There are replaceable characters, depending on the enemy heroes.

Tanks for the team

Of the tanks, the combination is excellent:
Astaroth – resurrects Ginger in case of death.
Galahad – Glyphs for physical attack + Massive Damage supplements Ginger’s damage.
Chubba – swallows a tank and Ginger + Qing Mao start hitting the remaining heroes.

Healers to the team

Of the healers:

Martha – The perfect all-purpose healer that combines in most teams.
Dorian – Glyphs on Phys. attack + for a volley because of Ginger’s aura is able to restore full health.
Thea – the temporary healer, later replaced by Martha.


Galahad, Qing Mao, Ginger

  1. Galahad, Qing Mao, Ginger, Artemis, Dorian are a great physical team that can deal a lot of mass damage. Under the aura Artemis and Ginger constantly regenerate their health.
  2. Galahad, Qing Mao, Jorgen, Ginger, Martha.
  3. Galahad, Qing Mao, Jorgen, Ginger, Cornelius – Team without a healer, but with massive damage.
  4. Galahad, Qing Mao, Ginger, Helios, Martha – The perfect team against Yasmin, Ishmael, Jhu.


  1. Chubba, Qing Mao, Jorgen, Ginger, Martha.
  2. Chubba, Qing Mao, Ginger, Helios, Martha.
  3. Chubba, Qing Mao, Jorgen, Ginger, Dorian.
  4. Chubba, Elmir, Jorgen, Ginger, Dorian.
  5. Chubba, Elmir, Ginger, Artemis, Dorian.
  6. Chubba, Nebula, Jorgen, Ginger, Martha/Helios.


  1. Astaroth, Qing Mao, Jorgen, Ginger, Martha.
  2. Astaroth, Arachna, Ginger, Helios, Martha.
  3. Astaroth, Qing Mao, Ginger, Helios, Martha.
  4. Astaroth, Arachna, Jorgen, Ginger, Martha.
  5. Astaroth, Elmir, Jorgen, Ginger, Dorian.
  6. Astaroth, Elmir, Ginger, Dorian, Helios.
  7. Astaroth, Isaak, Nebula, Ginger, Martha.

Other options

  1. Ziri, Jorgen, Sebastian, Ginger, Jet.
  2. Ziri, Andvari, Jorgen, Ginger, Dorian/Martha.
  3. Ziri, Alvanor, Jorgen, Ginger, Martha.
  4. Isaak, Nebula, Ginger, Helios, Martha.

This list is not exhaustive.

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