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Hero Wars

Kai is one of the underrated characters. A mage with huge damage and vampirism, able to recover completely from a single vortex. He’ll make it easier to get through the Tower and the Campaign, with K’arkh acting as a Supporting character. He has good parameters of Magical Attack and Penetration of Magical Defense and combines well with Faceless. He is also a Grove Keeper, which allows him to interact with Alvanor.
He is a Grove Keeper.

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  1. Huge vampirism parameter;
  2. Vortex hits all enemy heroes at once;
  3. Good magic penetration parameter (More than Orion’s);
  4. Combined with Karh for the flip;
  5. Great hero for the Grove Keepers team.


  1. Needs a character in the pack with mag defense piercing;
  2. Low defensive parameters;
  3. Dies from Jorgen’s transfer and Ju’s attacks, so you can’t put him last.


Shackles of the Wind

Launches a vortex that throws each target into the air and deals damage.

Breath of the Abyss

Causes damage to nearby opponents by summoning a pillar of fire.

Explosive Sphere

Tosses a fireball at the nearest enemy unit and deals 3 seconds of damage before exploding and dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Alien Life

Passive skill. Increases Vampirism: Restores health to yourself while dealing damage to opponents.

Tips on the Kai

Skills Upgrade

Shackles of the Wind – Must pump.

Breath of the Abyss – It is recommended to pump if you have extra gold.

Explosive Sphere – It is recommended if you have extra gold.

Alien Life – Must pump.


First, it is recommended to pump the Guild Wars Shape for Health. Next pump the Sunshine Shapeshifter for breakthrough defense against magic. The third is the Winter Shape for Magic attack and the last is the Basic Shape for Intelligence.

The Beach Shape for Magic Attack is swung after or instead of the Winter Shape, depending on the ability of the shapeshifter. In this case, the basic guise is swung last.


1. Magical attack

2. Health

3. Magic Protection Breakthrough

4. Intellect

5. Protection Against Magic


– Swings to 3 stars, then swings in parallel with the second artifact.

– Swings together with the first artifact at the same time.

– Swings in the last turn.


A great character that isn’t too hard to get and improve to the maximum star. He has his maximum potential in the middle of the game, so do not expect him to be huge survivability in the beginning. Together with Faceless, they complement each other perfectly.

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