K’arkh – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

K’arkh – One of the most popular characters in the game. K’arkh-team is capable of defeating a huge number of different packs and has remained undefeated for a long time. Huge damage, combined with a toss-up of other characters and Nebula’s enhancement, allows him to kill multiple characters at once. He is the reason for the emergence of a character like Andvari. Having a lot of merits, his pumping is not a big problem.

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  1. Huge damage on multiple targets at once;
  2. Excellent survivability;
  3. Under the ball of Nebula is able to kill multiple characters, charge again, and use the ability again;
  4. Possesses control skills;
  5. Can heal;
  6. Can block attacks and gain extra energy to re-charge enemies.


  1. Requires a character capable of tossing (Kai, Faceless);
  2. Requires Nebula for huge damage;
  3. Hard enough to get and pump to maximum star for a newbie;
  4. One resource to improve stardom, like Nebula.


K'arkh - Hero Wars

Singularity of Terror

K’arkh tosses three opponents with the least health into the air.

K'arkh - Hero Wars

Law Denier

Creates a rift that can block enemies’ physical attacks for 8 seconds. Each time he blocks an attack, he gains bonus energy.

K'arkh - Hero Wars

Deathly Weaves

As long as K’arkh is alive, he strikes every opponent thrown into the air and deals twice the damage.

K'arkh - Hero Wars

Survivability Factor

Attacks on enemies thrown into the air heal the hero by a fraction of the damage dealt

Tips on the K’arkh

Skills Upgrade

K'arkh - Hero Wars

Singularity of Terror – Must Download.

K'arkh - Hero Wars

Negator of the Laws – Must download.

K'arkh - Hero Wars

Death Wraps – Must download.

K'arkh - Hero Wars

Survival Factor – Must pump.


First of all, the Star Shape K'arkh - Hero Wars is swung on the Piercing. Armor. Next pump the Base Shape K'arkh - Hero Wars for Dexterity.

The Dark Depths Shape K'arkh - Hero Wars for Protection from Magic is pumped after the other heroes of your stack are pumped.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Physical attack

K'arkh - Hero Wars

2. Armor penetration

K'arkh - Hero Wars

3. Dexterity

K'arkh - Hero Wars

4. Health

K'arkh - Hero Wars

5. Armor

K'arkh - Hero Wars


K'arkh - Hero Wars

– We swing for 3 stars. After the second artifact is pumped.

K'arkh - Hero Wars

– After pumping the first artifact to 3 stars is pumped in priority.

K'arkh - Hero Wars

– Swings last.


The perfect assassin, capable of storing energy and using the main ability very often, dealing incredibly huge damage to the enemy team. The most important thing for this hero is the presence of characters that can toss, namely Kai/Featherless. When paired with these heroes, defeating K’arkh will be incredibly difficult.

Team options with K’arkh – K’arkh team

This can be the starting team, which is very easy to assemble at the beginning of the game.

K'arkh - Hero Wars

This team is much more impressive and can play in the middle of the game and even at the highest level.

Heroes, of course, must be chosen situationally, based on the team that the enemy has.

K'arkh - Hero Wars
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