Keira – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Keira is an excellent marksman. Has great damage against weakly defended targets and can hit multiple opponents at once with an auto-attack. Excellent against magic teams and has a huge amount of armor penetration.

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  1. Relevant at all stages of the game;
  2. Easy to get and improve to the maximum star;
  3. Very high damage;
  4. One of the best shooters in the game;
  5. Deals massive damage.


  1. Needs heroes with an artifact for armor penetration;
  2. Must have the Winter face, which can only be obtained in the Winter during special events.


Keira - Hero Wars

Blade Vortex

Keira launches a Blade Vortex. Blades fly to a distant foe and back, dealing damage all along their path and imposing a silence effect on the return path for 4s.

Keira - Hero Wars

Furious Soul

Keira increases her speed by 5s.

Keira - Hero Wars

Dancing Blades

Passive skill. Each base attack Keira makes can ricochet from opponent to opponent.

Keira - Hero Wars

Piercing Pain

Passive skill. If Keira’s base attack completely penetrates the opponent’s armor, it deals additional damage.

Tips on the Keira

Skills Upgrade

Keira - Hero Wars

Blade Whirlwind – A must-have.

Keira - Hero Wars

Furious Soul – It is recommended to pump.

Keira - Hero Wars

Dancing Blades – Must pump.

Keira - Hero Wars

Piercing Pain – Must pump.


It is recommended to pump the Winter Shape Keira - Hero Wars for armor penetration first, which will significantly increase the damage because of the fourth ability.

The Basic Skill Shape Keira - Hero Wars should be the second, and

the Blossom Shape Keira - Hero Wars for physical attack and

the Demonic Shape Keira - Hero Wars for physical attack should be the last to be pumped.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Physical attack

Keira - Hero Wars

2. Armor penetration

Keira - Hero Wars

3. Dexterity

Keira - Hero Wars

4. Health

Keira - Hero Wars

5. Armor

Keira - Hero Wars


Keira - Hero Wars

– Pump up to 3 stars in the first place. Finish it after the second artifact.

Keira - Hero Wars

– Pump after the first artifact gets three stars.

Keira - Hero Wars

– Pumping in the last turn.


An excellent shooter, which is ideal for beginners. Relevant at all stages of the game and deals a huge amount of mass damage. Even without winter guise shows amazing results when properly pumped. Recommended to put with Qing Mao, which together with Keira kills the enemy tank very quickly.

Team options with Keira – Kiropack

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