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Hero Wars

Keira is an excellent marksman. Has great damage against weakly defended targets and can hit multiple opponents at once with an auto-attack. Excellent against magic teams and has a huge amount of armor penetration.

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  1. Relevant at all stages of the game;
  2. Easy to get and improve to the maximum star;
  3. Very high damage;
  4. One of the best shooters in the game;
  5. Deals massive damage.


  1. Needs heroes with an artifact for armor penetration;
  2. Must have the Winter face, which can only be obtained in the Winter during special events.


Blade Vortex

Keira launches a Blade Vortex. Blades fly to a distant foe and back, dealing damage all along their path and imposing a silence effect on the return path for 4s.

Furious Soul

Keira increases her speed by 5s.

Dancing Blades

Passive skill. Each base attack Keira makes can ricochet from opponent to opponent.

Piercing Pain

Passive skill. If Keira’s base attack completely penetrates the opponent’s armor, it deals additional damage.

Tips on the Keira

Skills Upgrade

Blade Whirlwind – A must-have.

Furious Soul – It is recommended to pump.

Dancing Blades – Must pump.

Piercing Pain – Must pump.


It is recommended to pump the Winter Shape for armor penetration first, which will significantly increase the damage because of the fourth ability.

The Basic Skill Shape should be the second, and

the Blossom Shape for physical attack and

the Demonic Shape for physical attack should be the last to be pumped.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Physical attack

2. Armor penetration

3. Dexterity

4. Health

5. Armor


– Pump up to 3 stars in the first place. Finish it after the second artifact.

– Pump after the first artifact gets three stars.

– Pumping in the last turn.


An excellent shooter, which is ideal for beginners. Relevant at all stages of the game and deals a huge amount of mass damage. Even without winter guise, shows amazing results when properly pumped. Recommended putting with Qing Mao, which together with Keira kills the enemy tank very quickly.

Team with Keira (Kiera-team)

A popular flexible team that is played through Keira. The team has long gained popularity and is still found today. There are different variations of this team, but with the addition of different heroes, Keira still occupies one of the leading positions in physical packs, although she is now slightly displaced by Dante.

The advantages of the team

  1. Basically – Easy to assemble a team;
  2. Keira’s enormous damage is dealt by auto-attacks rather than abilities;
  3. Each strike is capable of hitting an entire team at once;
  4. If properly pumped, can defeat packs that are much stronger in power;
  5. Flexible in assembly, you can change the lineup according to the situation;
  6. A strong hero late in the game.

The disadvantages of the team

  1. There are options to build through the undead, which would make the team too difficult to assemble, just like Kritopack;
  2. Loses to magical teams because of poor survivability;
  3. Keira definitely needs a winter look for armor penetration;
  4. If it doesn’t kill enemy heroes, it charges them quickly with energy;

General Keira team tips

  1. One of the variants of Kierateam is the standard pack, which you can start rocking at an early stage. More about it will be below;
  2. Keira’s weak survivability is often compensated by the presence of Astaroth, which will resurrect her in case of death;
  3. Keira’s main parameter is Armor Piercing. When fighting K’arh, her health should be second, after the tank, in terms of amount, which is not always easy to control. The second condition to fight Karhopacs is to have a tankable Andvari.


Keiropack, like most physic packs, can be assembled in two patterns.

  • Standard Phys. team: Tank, Keira, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha.
  • Kritopack: Tank, Keira, Nebula, Sebastian, Jet.

These character-build templates show the most effective results.

The role of the tank in these teams can be taken by characters such as:
Galahad, Astaroth, Andvari, Chubba, Ziri.

Heroes for Keiropack

  1. Martha is an excellent healer, which will speed up Keira even more
  2. Jorgen is a good addition to the team that will prevent the enemy team from building up energy when Keira hits with attacks
  3. Helios – A must-have hero against teams with a crittal hit (Yasmin, Ismail, Jhu)
  4. Andvari – Complement/Replacement Tank against Karh.
  5. Sebastian – Suitable against Satoripacks and Stags. Lately a must-have hero for most teams. Control Defense. A must-have for Critopack along with Jet.
  6. Nebula – The best hero for Keira, allowing her under the “balloon” to deal huge damage to the whole team.
  7. Thea – Martha’s Alternative. Swings Thea first, then must be replaced by Martha.
  8. Corvus+Morrigan is a great addition to such a team.
  9. Qing Mao is a great hero, easy to get and pump by stars. Reduces the armor of the enemy tank and provides Keira with his armor piercing artifact.
  10. Elmir – A situational hero with a useful armor piercing artifact whose copies absorb damage from Karh, Dante, etc.
  11. Chubba – A hero that allows you to remove an enemy tank from combat for a few seconds, which is useful if you don’t have a winter appearance to pierce the rest of your team.
  12. Astaroth – Universal tank with Keira’s resurrection in case of her unexpected death.
  13. Galahad – A situational tank, useful in a pack because of its survivability and Artifact for physical damage for Keira.
  14. Ziri is the most effective against health packs.

Final Options

The easiest and fastest to build option that will suit anyone who wants to start building Keiropack:

  1. Galahad/Astaroth, Qing Mao, Keira, Thea, Jorgen are a great team to start swinging from the beginning. Thea is then replaced by Martha, and Jorgen by Nebula.
  2. Corvus, Keira, Morrigan, Nebula Martha is a very strong team through Undead.
  3. Astaroth, Qing Mao, Keira, Sebastian, Martha – against Stag and Satori.
  4. Astaroth, Keira, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha – universal team
  5. Galahad/Astaroth, Keira, Nebula, Helios, Martha/Jorgen is a great team against the Critical Packs.
  6. Astaroth, Jorgen, Keira, Nebula, Martha
  7. Andvari, Keira, Sebastian, Nebula, Martha
  8. Astaroth, Keira, Nebula, Astrid and Lucas, Martha.
  9. Galahad, Keira, Sebastian, Jorgen, Marta.
  10. Astaroth, Elmir, Keira, Sebastian, Dorian.
  11. Astaroth, Keira, Nebula, Jorgen/Sebastian, Jet – Kritokira via Astaroth in case Keira dies quickly.
  12. Andvari, Keira, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha – Good team with Andvari. Control+Damage.
  13. Andvari, Keira, Nebula, Sebastian, Jet – Standard Kritokira, are able to handle both Karhas and other popular teams just fine.

Other options:

  1. Chubba, Keira, Jorgen, Nebula, Martha – Against teams without a tank.
  2. Ziri, Keira, Nebula, Astrid and Lucas, Martha – good team on defense
  3. Corvus, Morrigan, Keira, Dorian, Martha/Nebula/Sebastian
  4. Chubba, Elmir, Jorgen, Keira, Martha
  5. Chubba, Keira, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha
  6. Astaroth, Qing Mao, Keira, Sebastian, Martha vs. Stags and Satori.
  7. Astaroth, Keira, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha – universal team
  8. Galahad/Astaroth, Keira, Nebula, Helios, Martha/Jorgen is a great team against the Critical Packs.
  9. Astaroth, Jorgen, Keira, Nebula, Martha
  10. Andvari, Keira, Sebastian, Nebula, Martha
  11. Astaroth, Keira, Nebula, Astrid and Lucas, Martha.
  12. Galahad, Keira, Ginger, Jorgen, Martha.
  13. Astaroth, Elmir, Keira, Sebastian, Dorian.
  14. Astaroth, Keira, Nebula, Jorgen, Jet.
  15. Andvari, Keira, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha

This list is not exhaustive.

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