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Jhu is one of the most famous characters in the game. He’s a gunner who has the health of a tank. Left as the last survivor of the team, he is capable of destroying the entire enemy team by himself. One of the main features of this character is the inability to die for a while, but another feature is that Jhu starts destroying the team from the back rows.

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  1. Relevant at any stage of the game;
  2. Huge amount of health, almost like a tank;
  3. The first ability makes it impossible for Jhu to die;
  4. The third ability allows you to hit the back rows of the enemy, where the most unprotected characters usually stand;
  5. Excellent critical hit parameter;
  6. Can destroy an entire pack of enemies on his own at certain times;
  7. Best hero for Asgard.


  1. In order to get it and improve it to the maximum star, you must be at least in the Silver Guild;
  2. Power Stones are required for both the tank to live longer, and Jhu;
  3. Can lose to a team with control if not allowed to activate the first ability.


I’m unstoppable

Jhu goes into a rage for 7 seconds, greatly increasing his attack speed. While in a state of rage, Jhu cannot die.

I will take your life

With each attack Jhu deals bonus net damage to the target, sacrificing 2% of his current health.

I See You

Jhu temporarily amplifies his attacks and concentrates them on a distant opponent.

Spirits Heal Me

If Jhu is not under the effects of control when he completes his first ability, he regains some of his Health.

Tips on the Jhu

Skills Upgrade

I can’t be stopped – must be pumped. This is the second highest priority ability level. A great skill that increases the attack speed for each skill level by 1%.

I’ll take your life – Only recommended to cast late in the game where it’s worthwhile. Damage is increased by 0.02% of the target’s health for each skill level. Fourth place on the priority list of ability rolls.

I see you – must pump. Ranks first in priority ability rolls. Each level of the skill increases the duration and additional damage to the enemy’s back lines.

Spirits Heal Me – Must Rock. In order of ability priority it is in the third place.


It’s recommended to cast the Basic Look on Strength first, because Strength gives Jhu physical attack and Health.

The next one is recommended to cast the Sunny Shape for Critical Hit Chance, because Jhu already has a high probability to make a critical hit, and with this guise he will kill a character on the back line with a few hits.

Third is recommended to swing the Winter Shape for armor piercing.

The Guild Warrior’s Guise for protection from magic and the Masquerade Guise are swung last, because they’re not the most necessary for Jhu, and because of them he will use his main ability less often.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Physical attack

2. Health

Swings to 30. Can be boosted if you don’t have enough survivability.

3. Strength

4. Chance of Critical Hit

Swells to 30. It is pumped up after the armor piercing symbol.

5. Armor penetration


– Swings in priority to 3 stars. After that the stardom is swung evenly for all three artifacts.

– The stardom swings evenly to all three artifacts.

– The stardom swings evenly to all three artifacts.


A great character, relevant throughout the entire pump. In contrast to Ishmael, only the second ability is fully revealed at max level. Ishmael, on the other hand, has the first three abilities that are revealed at a later stage. Jhu has an enormous amount of crush chance, allowing him to deal with his opponent’s backside very quickly. He’s also quite adept at picking up enemies that are difficult for beginners to unleash, as he requires a minimum of a silver guild and must-have heroes for Jhu to be able to do so. These include mostly:

  • Thea, who, in addition to speeding up Jhu from his first ability, speeds him up additionally when Jhu’s health is low.
  • Martha, who speeds up Jhu with the first ability significantly and can boost his health very quickly after the first ability ends.
  • Sebastian, which allows Jhu to take even more critical hits.
  • Jet, which increases the chance of a critical hit and enhances Jhu’s physical attack, which will be fatal for some enemy teams.
  • Ziri, which provides a great opportunity to tank Jhu when she’s burrowed. Great combination of heroes, but both Ziri and Jhu are bought and upgraded for Silver Guild War trophies, so it’s very long and expensive to collect two of them.
  • Nebula strengthens Jhu and allows him to kill with 1-2 hits.
  • And other heroes.
  • Excellent character. Recommended for beginners if you need a very good shooter with a huge health reserve. All the more perfectly combined with Thea, which you can get at the beginning of the game.

And of course we shouldn’t forget about Boss Asgard, which Jhu handles perfectly, in company with Isaac and the other heroes. That’s why I highly recommend developing Jhu, though I still doubt that this hero can become a full-fledged key character in the team.

Variants of teams with Jhu – Jhupak

Team with Jhu (Jhupac)

One of the strongest and most relevant teams, that perfectly copes with most packs, including K’arkh. With a lot of advantages, Jhu, like Ishmael, is able to single-handedly destroy the entire enemy team, but unlike the latter, is not afraid of Helios.

The advantages of the team

  1. Huge damage to the heroes of the last line;
  2. Virtually permanent immortality for the main hero who deals the most damage;
  3. Relevance at all stages of the game;
  4. Virtually no packs capable of countering this team;
  5. Starts the destruction of the team from the back rows, where the most unprotected heroes usually stand;
  6. Relevant both offensively and defensively;
  7. Jhu will make an invaluable contribution to the passage of Outland;
  8. Jhu’s damage is both physical and pure, which is great for Adventures;
  9. Jupak is great for Asgard.

The disadvantages of the team

  1. It is very difficult to assemble such a team due to the presence of both expensive heroes and heroes where you need the same resources for Soulstones;
  2. Jhu is assembled from Soulstones, which are only purchased from your Guild’s Silver League.
  3. With the addition of a new pet, Jhu is once again vulnerable to control;
  4. Has a weakness against teams with pure damage, as this damage is gradual and can hit Jhu the moment Jhu’s immortality is over and the ability has not yet been activated again.

General team tips

A very strong team, possessing a huge amount of damage. Destroys almost all known classic packs, because of Jhu’s immortality ignores Helios’s anti-crites. When teamed with Martha, he is very quick to speed up his attack speed. The most vulnerable place of such a team is the time interval when Jhu’s immortality is over and a new one hasn’t started yet. If Jhu takes damage at this point, the team loses, so the team is vulnerable to intermittent damage (Daredevil, Heidi, Maya, etc.) and to a cure ban (Celeste, Jet, etc.). If you have the opportunity to pump such a team – start pumping, you will not regret it and will be satisfied with the result.

Heroes to the team

Now let’s see who Jhu interacts best with among the heroes:

  1. Thea is a temporary healer option until Martha is bought. A good option to speed up the team.
  2. Martha is Thea’s replacement in the future. One of the best healers in the game, Martha’s first ability accelerates Jhu a lot, allowing him to destroy all of the enemy’s back lines in a short time.
  3. Sebastian – Increases Jhu’s damage, boosts his crits and, most importantly, protects his whole team from negative effects.
  4. Astaroth – One of the best tanks for Jupek because of his resurrection and Jhu damage reduction.
  5. Tesak is a replacement for Astaroth in the future if you are lucky enough to get a hero. The best tank for Jhu. Often the last hero is Helios/Martha, which is very well protected against damage. Tesak pulls the distant hero forward and Jhu starts hitting the penultimate heroes, who are always weak in defense.
  6. Jorgen – Temporary alternative to Sebastian. A good hero for Jhu, giving the latter another opportunity to hit the last hero. Unfortunately, against teams with Sebastian, Jorgen is useless.
  7. Jet – An excellent hero for Jupak, if there is a desire to make a Kritopack.

Jupak Vulnerability:

  1. Kritokira often gives trouble to the team, as support heroes are the first to fall.
  2. Deer can cause trouble for a team.
  3. It’s hard to penetrate teams with both Helios and Martha on the last rows.
  4. Axel is the biggest weakness for Jhu, preventing him from killing the enemy hero because of the ability on the purple rank and damage distribution.


Fenris – One of the best pets for Team Jhu. Often put as the team’s main pet. He is a patron of Jhu’s because of his armor and physical attack.

Albus – is a good pet for Jhu. Since Jhu also hits with pure damage, Albus boosts his damage a lot and adds a physical attack from patronage. as Joux’s main pet, he’s rarely used.

Axel – Good pet for Jupak as the main pet if you have Martha in your pack. Patron for Martha in the future.


Astaroth, Jhu, Nebula, Jorgen, Martha are the old classic version of Jupak. Doesn’t perform well against teams with Sebastian.

Astaroth, Jhu, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha is the new classic version of Jupak. Performs best against most teams.

Astaroth, Jhu, Sebastian, Jorgen, Martha is a good Jupak variants against mag teams.

Astaroth, Andvari, Jhu, Sebastian, Nebula – A pack option against K’arkhopack. Jhu is unprotected against K’arkh tossups, but there are Resurrections from Astaroth, which will often justify itself.

Andvari, Jhu, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha – The second option against K’arhopak. Unlike the previous one, Ju is protected from being tossed, but there is no resurrection from Astaroth.

Tesak, Jhu, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha – One of the best packs. Virtually no vulnerabilities, but the main difficulty is getting the Tesak.

Tesak, Jhu, Sebastian, Jet, Martha – Kritopack with Tesak. Very high damage, very fast fights, and a strong team that is very hard to assemble.

Tesak, Jhu, Nebula, Sebastian, Cornelius – Team option without a healer to attack the Stags.

Rufus, Jhu, Sebastian, Cornelius, Martha – Second team option against mages. Relevant when attacking mage teams and when there are a lot of mage packs on the server.

Elmir, Andvari, Jhu, Sebastian, Dorian – Very good team with the tank as Elmir clones and armor piercing. Having Andvari on the team helps to deal with both regular packs and K’arhs.

This list is not exhaustive.

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