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Hero Wars

Heidi is the most underrated mage of all. He has a huge amount of damage, able to stand perfectly on the back line because of his evasion. All of his damage is pure damage, i.e. any kind of defense is ignored. He has the skill to control and finish off wounded opponents. If you’re going to swing a magic pack, be sure to try and add him to your team. Not to mention the fact that dodging the fourth ability can save Heidi from Cornelius, as the latter’s damage is physical.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners

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  1. All Heidi’s damage is Pure, which is amplified by mag. attack;
  2. Artifact gives evasion to the whole team;
  3. Able to finish off wounded characters with third ability;
  4. Standing in the last line of the team, dodging Ju’s attacks;
  5. Easy to get and can upgrade to a maximum star;
  6. Relevant at any stage of the game.


  1. Reveals its fullest potential closer to the late stage of the game;
  2. Doesn’t do well against teams with a lot of control.



Summons a giant flower to the center of the enemy team that sprays poisonous pollen, poisoning all enemies in the kill zone.

Poison Aspid

Shoots at the nearest enemy unit, poisoning and blinding them.

Snake Charmer

Launches a snake at the opponent with the lowest health, which strikes him, dealing pure damage.

Spy Coloring

If Heidi doesn’t take damage for a few seconds, he disguises himself, gradually increasing his chance of avoiding an opponent’s attack. For each evasion, Heidi receives a bonus energy equal to the energy he would have received for the damage he took. Does not dodge control effects. Becomes fully visible again if he takes damage.

Tips on the Heidi

Skills Upgrade

Deathblossom – must be swung. The second highest priority skill to swing.

Poison Aspid – The third highest priority skill to swing. Deals a lot of damage and blinds the fighter or the tank. Against teams where the tank role is performed by a fighter (K’arh, Dante, Ju, Ismail) swings second in priority.

Snake Charmer – must be swung. Second highest priority skill to swing. Good for finishing crafts.

Spy Coloring – Must pump. Fourth highest priority skill to pick. Incredibly useful skill, but Ju, Carnelius, or Dante are not on every team so the skill should be a priority.

Heidi needs to pump every skill anyway. There are situations where you can only pump a few of them, which is why the skills are in order of priority.


It is recommended to start with the Winter Shape for Evasion, and

then the Basic Shape for Intelligence.

But if you can’t get the Winter Shape,

start with the Basic Shape for Intelligence. Pump the next two Skins for Magic Attack as much as possible. They are not a priority, but are required:

The Eastern Shape for Magic Attack;

The Demonic Shapeshifter for Magical Attack.


1. Intellect

2. Magical attack

3. Armour

4. Protection from magic

5. Dodge


– Pump up to 3 stars, after that all three artifacts pump evenly.

– After getting 3 stars from the first artifact, evenly swing all three.

– After getting 3 stars from the first artifact pump evenly all three.


Excellent character with huge damage, which does not decrease with the amount of armor of the tank. Perfectly combines with Celeste and other characters that give Magical Attack. Recommended for beginners. A great character to put on the back rows of teams.

Team options with Heidi – Heidipack

Team with Heidi (Heidi-pack)

Another excellent team in the Hero Wars assembled on the basis of the underrated until recently Heidi. The weak survivability of the main character is compensated by the huge net damage and evasion from physical attacks. Not the most complex build of the pack with clear strengths and weaknesses makes a great option to break into the top arena without putting much effort into it.

Advantages of the team

  1. A fairly simple build of heroes and Heidi himself can be obtained almost at the very beginning of the game;
  2. Pure damage, which is not blocked by armor or magic defense;
  3. The team will have a dodge, which will allow them to deal more effectively with physical teams;
  4. Antimages are not scary for this team (e.g. Isaak, Cornelius), as it does not charge from pure damage, and you can dodge the monolith;
  5. Enough variation of heroes, where everyone can choose the right pack;
  6. Virtually any tank fits the team;
  7. There won’t be much difficulty in the Campaign and Outland.

Disadvantages of the team

  1. Heidi himself lacks extra health from characters and guises, making him vulnerable without Axel;
  2. The most feared enemy for this team is Rufus;
  3. Martha/Dorian can only be obtained with a box/event;
  4. Damage to the team is intermittent, so don’t count on quick fights.

General team tips

When pumping this team, there are no special differences compared to any other pack. The first swing is a tank, the second – Heidi, support is pumped in the third turn, and the last – is the healer.

Although Heidi hits pure damage, it depends on the magic attack, which is why it works best with heroes who have an artifact for the mag. attack (Celeste, Judge, etc.). No piercing protection against magic is required since pure damage ignores all kinds of defenses.

As far as tanks go, just about anyone except Galahad, and the choice of healers is limited to either Martha or Dorian. Both healers are great for this team, but Dorian is preferable because of the aura that will restore Heidi’s health throughout the battle due to occasional damage.

Heroes for Heidipack

  1. Astaroth is a versatile tank, useful because of his resurrection, which more than once will save his life of Heidi and give him a “second chance”.
  2. Aurora is an excellent tank, who in this team will be with a huge amount of dodge, high damage, and the ability to cope with mage teams.
  3. Andvari– on this team will defend Heidi/Celeste, who is right after the tank.
  4. Tesak is a tough tank, able to draw the hero of the enemy team, which will allow Heidi to deal more damage to more heroes.
  5. Corvus – the undead under Albus, paired with Heidi, turns a dragon into a ton of pure damage.
  6. Celeste is a great addition to this team. Removes negative effects, blocks healing heals, and most importantly, increases Heidi’s net damage with an artifact.
  7. Isaak is a good addition to a team if the server has a lot of magic teams. Like Heidi, Isaac prefers long battles.
  8. Morrigan is equally useful with or without Corvus on the team. Deals with Heidi’s main enemy, Rufus, and her skeletons distract the heroes from Heidi.
  9. Nebula – Turns Heidi into a high-damage assassin.
  10. Sebastian – A hero you should always have in reserve. Great against teams with control.
  11. Jorgen is a great support hero, switching off the enemy team’s energy during Heidi’s occasional damage, preventing heroes from “charging up”.
  12. Heidi is the main hero on this team.
  13. Martha is a well-deserved healer in the game, great for long battles. Often put if Dorian’s aura can’t reach Heidi or Dorian is on the other team.
  14. Dorian is the preferred healer in this pack. His aura will heal Heidi for the whole fight, keeping him alive.
  15. Maya – A good character with pure damage who draws enemies closer to the center, allowing Heidi to deal damage to more heroes. Should be replaced by Dorian/Martha in the future.
  16. Leanne – In this team, the hero won’t be able to control the enemy team, but she’s great for dealing damage since her main damage is pure.


The main pet on this team, which is used in most of the game, is Axel. It is his damage distribution ability that saves Heidi from his main disadvantage – poor survivability.

Less often used by Albus, mostly in a team with Corvus or Leanne to enhance the damage of the pet.

Patronage – Albus on Heidi.


  1. Astaroth, Celeste, Nebula, Heidi, Dorian – Classic team option.
  2. Astaroth, Celeste, Nebula, Heidi, Martha – Option in case you can’t put Dorian.
  3. Astaroth, Maya, Celeste, Heidi, Jorgen – A great team option for the early/mid game.
  4. Astaroth, Maya, Nebula, Heidi, Dorian.
  5. Astaroth, Isaak, Nebula, Heidi, Dorian.
  6. Astaroth, Isaak, Nebula, Heidi, Martha.
  7. Aurora, Celeste, Sebastian, Heidi, Martha – Excellent balanced team, preferred against physical teams.
  8. Aurora, Isaak, Sebastian, Heidi, Martha – Analogous to the previous team, but more effective against magical teams.
  9. Aurora, Morrigan, Celeste, Heidi, Leanne – Attack team, effective against Rufus.
  10. Andvari,Celeste, Morrigan, Heidi, Leanne.
  11. Andvari, Celeste, Heidi, Jorgen, Dorian.
  12. Corvus, Morrigan,Celeste, Nebula, Heidi.
  13. Corvus, Morrigan, Celeste, Sebastian, Heidi.
  14. Tesak, Celeste, Nebula, Heidi, Martha.
  15. Tesak, Celeste, Jorgen, Heidi, Martha.
  16. Tesak, Celeste, Sebastian, Heidi, Martha.

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