Orion – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Orion – One of the best mages in the game. A great character who deals a lot of damage. Thanks to the quadruple ability is able to give a volley of missiles every few seconds. The first artifact gives the entire team a magical armor piercing, which, because of its frequent use, holds almost the entire battle. It is very easy to get and is an integral part of many magic packs.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners

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  1. Quick ability to get and collect stars;
  2. Relevant at all stages of the game;
  3. Very high damage and frequent volleys;
  4. Because of the frequent use of the first skill it gives magical penetration to the whole team, which allows the whole pack to deal a lot of damage;
  5. Excellent against Undead;
  6. One of the best heroes for Asgard among mages;
  7. Recommended for beginners.


  1. Requires heroes that are not easy to get for their greatest effectiveness;
  2. Vulnerable to Satori due to extra energy;
  3. Lien on the enemy team will make Orion idle for most of the battle.



Launches six guided missiles at enemies with maximum health.

Short Circuit

Launches a projectile at the nearest enemy unit, stunning it for 4 seconds and dealing magical damage.

Anti-Matter Clot

Creates an explosion in the enemy team’s rear area, dealing area damage and slowing opponents for 4 seconds.

Quick Charge

Passive skill. Orion gains bonus energy with each attack.

Tips on the Orion

Skills Upgrade

To avoid wasting gold (which will later be lacking) on unnecessary abilities, it is recommended to pump the following skills:

Annihilator – must pump.

Short-circuit – It is recommended to pump only if the gold is surplus.

Anti-Matter Clot – Recommended to pump only if gold is excessive.

Quick Charge – Only necessary if gold is excessive.


It is necessary to start with the Mechanical Shape for magical attack. Second swing the Winter Shape on Penetration protection from magic. Third swing the Basic Shapeshifter for Intelligence.
It is not recommended to cast the Romantic Shape for armor and the Cybernetic Shape for defense against magic. Both of these guises are swung last, when the pack is already pumped enough.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Magical attack

2. Health

3. Breakthrough Defense Against Magic

4.Protection Against Magic

5. Intellect


– A must for pumping in the first place. The more this artifact will give penetration of magical protection, the stronger will be all your mages. Be sure to pump to the maximum.

– Swings after the first artifact.

– Swings after pumping the second artifact.


A superb mage who deals a huge amount of damage. With the right pumping of the whole magic pack can kill the enemy team very quickly. Combine with him Helios, who lacks magic penetration, and Dorian, who allows Orion to regenerate his health with every volley. You can’t put Orion against Satori, this character kills Orion and anyone who gets extra energy. Recommended for beginners, has almost no disadvantages, easy to collect for the coins of the Tower. Combined with Faceless, Helios.

Team options with Orion – Orion+Helios

Orion+Helios Team

One of the most famous and strongest magical teams, which has not lost its relevance even with the emergence of such an anti-mage as Isaak – a team based on Orion and Helios. An excellent, time-tested team, able to withstand most of the known physical teams, while having a limited number of creation options (other options are simply less effective).

The advantages of the team

  1. Not the most complicated build;
  2. Great against physical teams;
  3. Perfect against Yasminpak and Ismailpak;
  4. Perfect against one of the bosses of Outland;
  5. Most of the heroes in the pack are easy to get at the beginning and improve to the maximum star;
  6. Relevant throughout all stages of the game.

The disadvantages of the team

  1. Helios and Dorian are not easily obtained. Improving Helios requires a lot of energy, and Dorian can be obtained either from an event or from the caskets;
  2. Isaak completely counters this team, just as Helios counters Yasmin;
  3. Most heroes of this team require one resource – intelligence stones, some artifacts and items.
  4. Besides Isaak, trouble is also caused by Satori, who can kill two heroes of a pack at once in a single application of a skill.
  5. The least popular, but that doesn’t make it this hero weaker is Lien. Because of the mass damage, Orion and Helios will stand in “enchantment” for most of the battle.

General team tips

When swinging this team you should pay attention to the priority of pumping heroes. First the tank is pumped, then Orion+Helios, next the Support/Martha character, and last, Dorian/Support. When pumping intelligence, always make sure that Helios has more intelligence than the rest of the heroes in the team (Cornelius’ monolith hits the one with the most intelligence. Helios will take the hit, but Orion will not).

Heroes to the team

  1. Astaroth is a versatile tank. His versatility lies in the presence of resurrection, which saves any hero in the team from both Yasmin and K’arkh. Armor Glyphs.
  2. Jorgen – Disabling the energy of the entire enemy team. Given that this bunch (Orion+Helios) hit very often and several targets at once, the energy ban is a great addition to such a team. Glyphs on mag. attack.
  3. Faceless – Excellent control with excellent damage from Orion’s copied ability. An artifact for piercing mag. defense.
  4. Aurora – Another versatile tank that can deal even more damage than other heroes in this team. Excellent team, where Aurora shows her best qualities as a tank with the highest damage among the other representatives of this role. Evasion Glyphs (not the most useful in this pack, but increases Aurora’s own survivability).
  5. Ziri – One of the best tanks against physical teams. Allows even better dealing with phys. packs if there are too many of them on the server. Recommended using with Jorgen, who will act as a temporary tank while Ziri is underground because of his survivability. Armor Glyphs.
  6. Sebastian is a great and popular addition to any team. It is the presence of Sebastian in the pack that will allow to deal with both Satori tags and Jorgen in the enemy team. Glyphs in this team does not swing.
  7. Martha – A popular healer in the game, if not the best. In some battles, Dorian is replaced by Martha, who is more survivable and has a glyphs on armor. An example of such a substitution is against Jiu-pack.
  8. Arachna is both a temporary and permanent hero in this pack. Glyphs for armor piercing, Finishing after Orion’s volley, and mass control.
  9. Nebula is a popular support hero, capable of increasing Orion’s damage to incredible proportions. The glyphs for the physical attack are swung to boost Nebula’s “ball” itself, i.e. the boost depends on the physical attack, but is swung last in priority.
  10. Celeste is a good addition to magic attack. Significantly increases the damage of your team because of the constant use of the glyphs on the magical attack. Healing a tank that Dorian’s aura can’t reach, removing negative effects and banning healing makes this character one of the best for that team. Can be used either before or instead of getting Sebastian.
  11. Dorian – The perfect healer for this team because of his aura. Having vampirism on heroes that hit very often allows the latter to constantly keep their health at maximum level. Glyphs in this pack does not swing.

How to rock the team

The priority of pumping symbols and abilities in this pack:


Symbols – Armor, Health, Strength. Skills – 3 and 4.


Symbols – Mag. attack, Strength, Health. Skills – 1 and 4.


Symbols – Health, Mage Attack, Intelligence Skills – 1 and 4


Symbols – Evasion, Health, Power Skills – All


Symbols – Armor, Health, Strength Skills – 1, 2, 3


Symbols – Health, Dexterity, Physical Attack Skills – 1 and 4


Symbols – Mage Attack, Health, Armor Skills – 3 and 4


Symbols – Armor, Health Skills – 1 and 4


Symbols – Physical Attack, Health, Dexterity Skills – 2 and 4


Symbols – Mage Attack, Health, Intelligence Skills – 1 and 4


Symbols – Magic Attack, Penetration, Intelligence. Skills – 1 and 4


Symbols – Magic attack, Health, Intelligence Skills – 1, 3, 4


Symbols – Health, Armor, Mage Attack, Skills – 4


Of the basic pets, Merlin and Axel are ideal.


  1. Astaroth, Celeste, Nebula, Orion, Helios;
  2. Astaroth, Sebastian, Orion, Helios, Dorian;
  3. Astaroth, Jorgen, Orion, Faceless, Helios;
  4. Astaroth, Arachna, Orion, Dorian, Helios;
  5. Astaroth, Arachna, Celeste, Orion, Helios;
  6. Astaroth, Sebastian, Orion, Helios, Martha;
  7. Astaroth, Celeste, Orion, Helios, Martha;
  8. Astaroth, Jorgen, Orion, Helios, Martha;
  9. Astaroth, Arachna, Orion, Helios, Martha.

In this case, the basic and most famous commands of this conjunction are listed. Before getting Helios, it is possible to swing Faceless and then add him to the second team in the Grand Arena, as well as Arachna, Jorgen and Celeste.

If you want to use this team in the Grand Arena and Astaroth is already in the main team, he is replaced by Aurora and you get the same list of packs, but with a different tank:

  1. Aurora, Celeste, Nebula, Orion, Helios;
  2. Aurora, Sebastian, Orion, Helios, Dorian;
  3. Aurora, Jorgen, Orion, Faceless, Helios;
  4. Aurora, Arachna, Orion, Dorian, Helios;
  5. Aurora, Arachna, Celeste, Orion, Helios;
  6. Aurora, Sebastian, Orion, Helios, Martha;
  7. Aurora, Celeste, Orion, Helios, Martha;
  8. Aurora, Jorgen, Orion, Helios, Martha;
  9. Aurora, Arachna, Orion, Helios, Martha.
  10. Aurora, Celeste/Nebula, Orion, Dorian, and Helios is a classic pack through Aurora.

Ziri is sometimes used as a tank:

  1. Ziri, Jorgen, Orion, Dorian, Helios;
  2. Ziri, Arachna, Orion, Dorian, Helios;
  3. Ziri, Jorgen, Orion, Helios, Martha;
  4. Ziri, Arachna, Orion, Helios, Martha.

The rest of the pack options are:

  1. Jorgen, Orion, Faceless, Dorian, Helios;
  2. Jorgen, Arachna, Celeste, Orion, Helios;
  3. Krista, Orion, Lars, Dorian, Helios;
  4. Rufus, Orion, Cornelius, Dorian, Helios;
  5. Corvus, Morrigan, Orion, Dorian, Helios;
  6. Corvus, Morrigan, Orion, Helios, Martha.

This list is not exhaustive.

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