Iris – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Iris is an excellent ranged hero who acts as a support. The character is versatile in relation to the team, so he can complement both the team with physical damage and the team of mages. The main task of this hero – the destruction of the enemy tanks through pure damage.

Unfortunately, Iris can’t act as the main damage hero, so other attacking heroes are required. All because of her skill, which creates a “doppelganger” of the enemy hero, who stands first and who can neither defend nor dodge, on which the net damage for all heroes who hit the “doppelganger” passes. That’s why another attacking hero like Keira or Dante is essential.

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  1. A versatile hero, suitable for any type of damage;
  2. Deals pure and physical damage, thus not charging Aizik and Aurora;
  3. Handles most enemy tanks very quickly;
  4. Quite easy to get and improve stardom during a special event.


  1. At the moment, you can only get it during a special event;
  2. Like most mages, he has low health, which makes him quite vulnerable;
  3. He’s not good against teams where the role of the tank is performed by a fighter (Dante, Ju, Ishmael).
  4. High Intelligence (more than Helios) makes Iris vulnerable to Cornelius’ Monolith;
  5. Does not perform well against Rufus.


Expose Soul

Iris rips a defenseless piece of Soul from the nearest opponent’s body for 13 s. All damage taken by the Soul is redirected to the Soul owner as net damage.

Otherworldly creature

Summons a Familiar to the farthest opponent on the battlefield. The Familiar returns to Iris who summoned it and deals damage along the way, increasing with each successful bite.

Demonic Synergy

When returning to Iris, the familiar gives her Fury of Souls charges accumulated from successful attacks, which amplify her next base attack.

Seed of Destruction

Airis absorbs some of the health of all enemies on the battlefield and creates a Seed of Destruction, flying at the nearest enemy and causing physical damage equal to the amount of absorbed health.

Tips on the Iris

Skills Upgrade

Expose Soul – must be. Basic skill that deals a lot of damage to the tank, allowing you to ignore all its defensive parameters.

Otherworldly creature – Recommended to cast if you have extra gold. Does little damage to enemy ranks, but maximum damage to enemy tanks.

Demonic Synergy – Recommended to cast if you have extra gold. Increases Iris’s attack on the tank (soul).

Seed of Destruction – It is recommended to pump if you have extra gold.


The basic skin on Intellect is swung first, since the hero has no other guises yet.


1. Health

2. Magical attack

3. Intellect

4. Armor penetration.

5. Protection from Magic


– Swings up to 3 stars if Iris in the magic team. In the phys. pack you can not swing an artifact.

– In the magic team swings evenly with the first artifact, after he reaches 3 stars. In the physical team swings in priority.

– It’s the last thing to be rocked.

Iris Team

Early and middle game

Late game


Good support hero, which can be useful against “impenetrable” tanks. Useful in both the Arena and the Grand Arena. Of healers, both Martha and Dorian are excellent. In the magic team it is recommended to use together with Celeste because of the large increase in mag. attack. Not so demanding on Nebula, so feels good with Sebastian in the pack. In the magical team, it is recommended to use Aurora Tank, and in the physical team – Astaroth. Perfectly complements Keira Team with the ability to kill a tank quickly.

I highly recommend the hero. The only problem is that there is no place to get his soul. Iris is a new hero who appeared at the New Year’s Eve event. That’s where you could collect the hero for a full star. It’s impossible to do it now, but I’m sure it will be possible soon.

Team with Iris in Hero Wars

In this article, Iris will be considered not only as a hero on which to build a team. But also as a support hero, helping the main heroes to break through the enemy ranks. In either variant Iris will show himself as an integral part of the pack, destroying (helping to destroy) a pumped-up enemy tank. At the moment the team is the easiest to build, because of the difficulty in obtaining Iris itself.
As already mentioned, the main advantage of this command is huge damage on the first enemy lines, allowing you to quickly deal with a survivable tank. For convenience, the article will be divided into two parts. In the first part, Iris will act as a support hero, and in the second article will be the now classic Iris-based team.

Advantages of the team

  1. Excellent against enemy tanks;
  2. Used both in defense and offense;
  3. The relevance of the team at any stage of the game;
  4. Allows you to use in the team forgotten heroes you previously pumped (Ismail).

Disadvantages of the team

  1. Iris herself is hard to get at the moment;
  2. Rufus and Krista are very problematic heroes for this team, especially when playing Auto;
  3. Iris herself doesn’t have the greatest amount of health, making her vulnerable to a lot of damage;.

Tips for Iris Team with Iris as Support

If you use Iris as a support hero, you can start building such a team right from the beginning. In this case, she will often replace Sebastian (less often Nebula). When building the classic Phys. team in the “Tank, Attack Hero, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha pattern, adding Iris to the team instead of Sebastian will solve a lot of problems with impenetrable tanks. As an example, Aurora. Notable is the fact that in such teams she swings after Tank, Attack Hero, and Nebula, but before Healer. This applies to both Symbols and the Gift of the Elements.
Iris is effective in almost all physics packs. There’s no point in listing them all, as she fits on almost any team, so we’ll just mention the most common and effective combinations.

Examples of teams

  1. Astaroth/Aurora, Dante, Nebula, Iris, Martha – a great team based on Dante, where Iris under the ball of Nebula together with Dante destroys the enemy team.
  2. Astaroth/Aurora, Yasmin, Isaak, Iris, and Martha is a great versatile team, used in both defense and attack.
  3. Astaroth, Keira, Nebula, Iris, Martha – a team based on Keira, which became relevant again with the appearance of Iris.
  4. Dante, Celeste, Nebula, Iris, Martha – Dantepak with the tanking Dante and Iris.
  5. Dante, Nebula, Iris, Jet/Helios, Martha.

Other team examples:

  1. Astaroth, Ishmael, Nebula, Iris, Martha
  2. Andvari, Sebastian, Iris, Helios, Martha
  3. Corvus, Morrigan, Nebula, Iris, Martha/Phobos
  4. Astaroth/Aurora, Elmir, Iris, Cornelius, Dorian/Martha
  5. Elmir, Dante, Iris, Cornelius/Isaak/Nebula, Dorian.

Pets for Iris

Since Iris will be replacing Sebastian’s role in most cases, Albus’ Patronage is recommended for her, which greatly increases her damage. If you have Sebastian on your team, it is recommended to appoint Oliver as a patron.

General tips for the best Iris team

A very strong and popular team at the moment, where Iris acts as the main hero, dealing damage. The difficulty of assembling such a team, as already mentioned, is the difficulty of obtaining Iris. The team is versatile in both defense and attack. It is possible to build a team with Iris-based control on defense. The best option, which is possible to assemble such a team, is to pump Lean-team, where Leanpack is further replaced by Iris.

Heroes to the team

  1. Aurora is one of the main tanks for such a team. Since the team will be based on the mag. damage, the Aurora is perfect for such a pack, which will allow her to deal with a lot of damage.
  2. Astaroth is another tank for the team. Inferior to Aurora, but thanks to her resurrection she can save Iris from death, which often changes the outcome of the battle.
  3. Andvari is a situational tank for this team but often justifies itself against the Karhovs.
  4. Celeste is a must-have hero for such a team. A huge increase in damage with her artifact for the whole team, enhanced attacks for “souls”.
  5. Arachne is a good hero for such a team, she is best with Lien in defensive packs.
  6. Nebula is the second must-have hero on such a team. Usually stands between Celeste and Iris, allowing both to deal a lot of damage.
  7. Isaak is an alternative to Nebula, but against magic teams. Otherwise, Nebula is recommended.
  8. Martha is an excellent healer who does well in this role.
  9. Dorian is an alternative to Martha. Against some teams is better, allowing Iris to regenerate health very quickly.

How to rock the team with Iris

There are two options for pumping such a team.

  • Either you pump evenly all heroes in the following priority: Tank, Celeste, Nebula, Iris, Healer.
  • Or pump all heroes evenly until rank orange and after that pump only Iris, Nebula, and Celeste. Pump a Tank if it starts to drop too quickly. Otherwise, all resources (Runes, Gift of the Elements, Stones of Ascension, etc.) to Iris, Nebula, and Celeste. In this article, we will consider the second option.

Aurora – Swings as a priority in this pack to the orange rank.

SkillsAll four
SymbolsDodge, Health, Strength
SkinsNorthern, Basic. The North Face is a priority. If you can’t get a look, start with Basic.
Gift of the elementsThe first one swings to the maximum.
GlyphsThe first one swings to 3 stars. After that, all three artifacts are evenly swayed.
AscensionRed starter nuggets are her only priority.

Astaroth – Swings as a priority in this pack to the orange rank. Swings instead of Aurora.

SkillsThe third and fourth. If you are not lagging behind other players / already at the maximum level / have extra gold – then the second.
SymbolsArmor, Health. Strength
SkinsBase, Barbarian.
Gift of the elementsThe first is pumped to the maximum.
GlyphsThe first up to 3 stars. Then 2 and 3 in priority.
AscensionRed starting nuggets are only a priority to him.

Celeste – Swings equally with Iris after Tank, but before Healer. After reaching the orange rank, swings in priority instead of the tank by items (ranks)

SkillsAll four skills
SymbolsMag. attack and Intellect at maximum. Health rolls to 30. If Celeste begins to die quickly, pump some health.
SkinsWinter/Spring, Basic. After pumping these guises, Iris’s appearance is pumped.
Gift of the elementsThe gift of the elements swings to maximum after Tank. Can be evenly swung with Iris.
GlyphsThe first artifact is swung to the maximum in priority over both stars and levels. In priority over the artifacts of all your other heroes. The second and third are swung for the remainder of the resources.
AscensionBlue nuggets initial priority Celeste.

Nebula – swings after Celeste, Iris and tank. After reaching the orange rank, swings in priority instead of tank by items (ranks)

Skills2 and 4 are a priority. If possible, also 1. The third skill is pumped if you have extra gold.
SymbolsPhysical Attack, Health, Dexterity.
SkinsRomantic/Winter, then basic. If there’s Isaac in the team – his Flames are pumped after Nebula’s basic Flames.
Gift of the elementsSwings to maximum after Tank, Celeste, and Iris.
GlyphsThe first swing to 3 stars, after that you can evenly swing all three artifacts.
AscensionAll green nuggets are a priority for Nebula. If she already needs stones of a higher level, the starting stones to other heroes with the parameter “Dexterity”.

Iris – swings after the tank, evenly with Celeste. After reaching the orange rank, swings in priority instead of tank by items (ranks)

SkillsAll four skills
SymbolsHealth, Mage Attack, Intellect.
Gift of the elementsSwings to maximum after Tank. Can be evenly swung with Celeste.
GlyphsThe first artifact up to 3 stars. After that mostly swings the second artifact, as resources for the first artifact.
AscensionBlue starter nuggets are given priority to Celeste. When Celeste needs higher-level stones, Iris is swung.

Martha – swings last in priority. Can stay on the orange rank for a long time.

Skills1, 3, 4. If you have extra gold, also the second.
SymbolsMage attack, Intelligence. Health is pumped only if Martha dies very quickly. Otherwise don’t swing that ability.
SkinsSwings when the main heroes are already pumped. Basic and Masquerade.
Gift of the elementsSwing last after the main heroes are pumped. Swings midway up. Swings up when Martha begins to die too quickly.
GlyphsThe first one to 3 stars, then all three in parallel.
AscensionSwings after blue starting nuggets are no longer needed by Celeste and Iris.

Arachne is one of the last to swing. If there is a healer – before the healer if there is no healer (pact based on control) – last.

SkillsPriority 1 and 4 skills for Rebound, as stun is not tied to level. If you have extra gold, also the second.
SymbolsMag. attack. Health rolls to 30. Can be boosted if Arachna dies too early.
SkinsThen a basic appearance for the magical attack. Rolls after Nebula and Isaac, and after Arachna’s Glamour.
Gift of the elementsSwings last. If the team has a healer, swing before the healer.
GlyphsThree artifacts in the same turn.
AscensionGreen Nuggets are recommended to spend when other heroes need stones of this color already at a higher level.

Lien – swinging after the tank, Celeste, Iris.

Skills1, 2, 4. The third skill doesn’t hit as hard and the damage is magical, which causes it to charge Isaac. 1 and 4 are tied to level, and the second is basic damage.
SymbolsHealth, Mage Attack, Intellect
SkinsPriority first looks for Celeste, Iris, then for Leanne if she’s on the team.
If possible to get a guise for the magic attack, swing it first. If not, pump the base one. After pumping the base/appearance for the magic attack, go to other heroes who need Intelligence stones.
Gift of the elementsSwings to the maximum after the tank, Celeste, Iris, and Nebula (if you have it in the team).
GlyphsFirst up to 3 stars, after that priority 2 and 3.
AscensionAll blue nuggets are a priority for Celeste and Iris. If they already need higher-level stones, starter stones to Lien.

Helios is a situational hero. He swings last in priority.

SkillsIf in a team from the crutopaks – 3, 4. If a defensive team, all four.
SymbolsMag. attack, Health, Intellect.
SkinsSwings usually instead of Martha and is recommended to start with the appearance on Health. If you have Martha and Helios in the team, Helios is swung in priority.
Gift of the elementsSwings to the maximum in the last turn, but before the Healer.
GlyphsThe first to three stars then swing in parallel with the second.
AscensionSwings when blue nuggets are no longer needed by Celeste/Leanne/Airis.

Dorian is the last to be rocked as an alternative to Martha.

SkillsDorian – only the fourth skill
SymbolsDorian – Health, Armor, Mage Attack. Characters are swung when the rest of the team is already pumped.
SkinsThe first to be pumped is the Health ability after Celeste/Airis/Leanne is already pumped.
Gift of the elementsSwing last after the main heroes are pumped.
GlyphsThe first artifact is not pumped, only 2 and 3.
AscensionIf there are other heroes in the team that need blue nuggets, it is pumped when such heroes need high-level nuggets, i.e. after Celeste/Airis/Leanne.

Andvari – Situational hero. Swings to fight Karhopacs for the remaining resources, after the main team is already pumped. When used as the main tank – swings instead of Aurora/Astaroth.

SkillsAll four
SymbolsHealth, Armor, Strength.
SkinsBasic, Eastern.
Gift of the elementsThe first is pumped to the maximum if used as the main tank. In other cases, after pumping the main team.
GlyphsThe first up to 3 stars. Then 2 and 3 in priority.
AscensionRed initial nuggets in the priority only if he is the main tank. In other cases, after pumping the main tank.

Isaak is a situational hero, most often used against magic teams. Sometimes used in defense instead of Nebula. If the team has Nebula, swings after her. If not, he swings after her.

SkillsAll four
SymbolsHealth, Physical Attack, Dexterity. Health can be boosted up to 30. Can be boosted if Isaac drops too fast.
SkinsBasic and Masquerade.
Gift of the elementsSwings to the max after (instead of) Nebula.
GlyphsThe first one to 3 stars. Then 2 and 3. First artifact in priority.
AscensionGreen initial nuggets in priority to Nebula. If she is not on the team – then to Isaak.


Axel is a must-have pet for such a team. It allows for avoiding a lot of damage.
Albus – used less often and most often in attacking teams.


  1. Aurora/Astaroth, Celeste, Nebula, Iris, Martha is a classic Iris-based team. Huge damage, good survivability, does well against most teams.
  2. Aurora/Astaroth, Celeste, Nebula, Iris, Dorian – replacing Healer with Dorian increases Iris’ survivability. Shows effective against teams with occasional damage or if Martha is on another team in the Grand Arena.
  3. Aurora/Astaroth, Celeste, Iris, Lien, Martha – Team option without nebula but with Leanne’s pure damage. Against a team without Sebastian shows great results.
  4. Aurora/Astaroth, Arachna, Celeste, Iris, and Leanne is a defensive team option without a healer.
  5. Aurora, Celeste, Isaak, Iris, Martha


Is Iris strong Hero wars?

Yeah. One of the meta hero now.

How do you beat Iris in Hero Wars?

  • Rufus is the only tank that can’t kill Iris, because her damage is mostly pure. Of course, it’s not 100% protection, because she has physical damage as well. 
  • Alvanor – his first skin works against Iris, protecting the team and healing her. 
  • Jhu – I recommend using it when Iris is in the last position. 
  • Cornelius – I recommend using it when Iris is in the middle of the team. With a good pump, Cornelius can kill Iris with one Ulta (be careful, if the opponent has Axel, this may not happen)
  • Keira – with proper support in the form of Sebastian, Nebula and Jet, can kill Iris very quickly. 
  • Dante – and of course, we can’t leave out Dante, because it only takes 1 hit to kill Iris. 

Hero wars is the best Iris team

In my opinion, one of the best Iris team is: Aurora, Celeste, Nebula, Iris, Dorian (pets can be arranged differently)

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