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Hero Wars

Iris is an excellent ranged hero who acts as a support. The character is versatile in relation to the team, so he can complement both the team with physical damage and the team of mages. The main task of this hero – the destruction of the enemy tanks through pure damage.

Unfortunately, Iris can’t act as the main damage hero, so other attacking heroes are required. All because of her skill, which creates a “doppelganger” of the enemy hero, who stands first and who can neither defend nor dodge, on which the net damage for all heroes who hit the “doppelganger” passes. That’s why another attacking hero like Keira or Dante is essential.

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  1. A versatile hero, suitable for any type of damage;
  2. Deals pure and physical damage, thus not charging Aizik and Aurora;
  3. Handles most enemy tanks very quickly;
  4. Quite easy to get and improve stardom during a special event.


  1. At the moment, you can only get it during a special event;
  2. Like most mages, he has low health, which makes him quite vulnerable;
  3. He’s not good against teams where the role of the tank is performed by a fighter (Dante, Ju, Ishmael).
  4. High Intelligence (more than Helios) makes Iris vulnerable to Cornelius’ Monolith;
  5. Does not perform well against Rufus.


Iris - Hero Wars

Expose Soul

Iris rips a defenseless piece of Soul from the nearest opponent’s body for 13 s. All damage taken by the Soul is redirected to the Soul owner as net damage.

Iris - Hero Wars

Otherworldly creature

Summons a Familiar to the farthest opponent on the battlefield. The Familiar returns to Iris who summoned it and deals damage along the way, increasing with each successful bite.

Iris - Hero Wars

Demonic Synergy

When returning to Iris, the familiar gives her Fury of Souls charges accumulated from successful attacks, which amplify her next base attack.

Iris - Hero Wars

Seed of Destruction

Airis absorbs some of the health of all enemies on the battlefield and creates a Seed of Destruction, flying at the nearest enemy and causing physical damage equal to the amount of absorbed health.

Tips on the Iris

Skills Upgrade

Iris - Hero Wars

Expose Soul – must be. Basic skill that deals a lot of damage to the tank, allowing you to ignore all its defensive parameters.

Iris - Hero Wars

Otherworldly creature – Recommended to cast if you have extra gold. Does little damage to enemy ranks, but maximum damage to enemy tanks.

Iris - Hero Wars

Demonic Synergy – Recommended to cast if you have extra gold. Increases Iris’s attack on the tank (soul).

Iris - Hero Wars

Seed of Destruction – It is recommended to pump if you have extra gold.


The basic appearance Iris - Hero Wars on Intellect is swung first, since the hero has no other guises yet.


1. Health

Iris - Hero Wars

2. Magical attack

Iris - Hero Wars

3. Intellect

Iris - Hero Wars

4. Armor penetration.

Iris - Hero Wars

5. Protection from Magic

Iris - Hero Wars


Iris - Hero Wars

– Swings up to 3 stars if Iris in the magic team. In the phys. pack you can not swing an artifact.

Iris - Hero Wars

– In the magic team swings evenly with the first artifact, after he reaches 3 stars. In the physical team swings in priority.

Iris - Hero Wars

– It’s the last thing to be rocked.

Iris Team

Early and middle game

Iris - Hero Wars

Late game

Iris - Hero Wars
Iris - Hero Wars
Iris - Hero Wars
Iris - Hero Wars


Good support hero, which can be useful against “impenetrable” tanks. Useful in both the Arena and the Grand Arena. Of healers, both Martha and Dorian are excellent. In the magic team it is recommended to use together with Celeste because of the large increase in mag. attack. Not so demanding on Nebula, so feels good with Sebastian in the pack. In the magical team, it is recommended to use Aurora Tank, and in the physical team – Astaroth. Perfectly complements Keira Team with the ability to kill a tank quickly.

I highly recommend the hero. The only problem is that there is no place to get his soul. Iris is a new hero who appeared at the New Year’s Eve event. That’s where you could collect the hero for a full star. It’s impossible to do it now, but I’m sure it will be possible soon.

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