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Hero Wars

Yasmin is the perfect character to deal damage to. Has a huge amount of critical damage and dodge. Great for dodge teams. Great for most teams. Unfortunately, having Helios on her team completely kills Yasmin’s potential.

Hero Wars – guide and tips for beginners

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  1. Tremendous damage;
  2. Relevant at all stages of the game
  3. Has a good critical hit rate;
  4. Blocks enemy treatment;
  5. Can kill the entire enemy team;
  6. Immune to negative effects during her first skill;
  7. One of the best heroes for Asgard;
  8. Good hero for Outlands and Adventures.


  1. Difficult to obtain and pump up to maximum star;
  2. Having Helios in an enemy pack is deadly for her;
  3. Doesn’t use her ability if she doesn’t take damage;
  4. Doesn’t justify itself in defense, only in attack;
  5. Lack of armor piercing obligates to take a character with this artifact or Cin Mao.


Dance of Death

Yasmin paralyzes the last enemy who attacked her for 3 seconds, moves to his back, strikes him 7 times, and applies the Mark of the Assassin. Yasmin is invulnerable to negative effects during the Dance of Death, but once it ends, she returns to her original position and continues to attack the tagged enemy with her basic attacks.

Killer Instinct

After activating Dance of Death, Yasmin increases her Critical Hit Chance and Evasion by 10s.

Embrace of Pain

Yasmin’s critical hits poison her opponent. When poisoned again, it renews the poison’s timing and the damage is summed up to 10 times.

Unknown Toxin

Blocks some of the healing power Yasmin’s poisoned foes receive.

Tips on the Yasmin

Skills Upgrade

Dance of Death – A must-have.

Killer Instinct – It is recommended to rock if you have extra gold.

Embrace of Pain – Must pump.

Unknown Toxin – Recommended if you have extra gold.


It is recommended to cast the Basic Shape for dexterity first.

The Demonic Shapeshifter for physical attack is recommended to swing second. The Romantic Appearance is the last one to be cast. Yasmin will do crits anyway because of artifacts and her skill, so this look is the third in priority.


The priority of character improvement is as follows:

1. Physical Attack

2. Dexterity

3. Critical Hit Chance

4. Dodge

5. Health

If necessary, the character swings to 30 second or third if Yasmin has low survivability.


– Swings in priority to 3 stars. It is pumped evenly with the second artifact.

– Stardom is evenly swung with the first artifact after it reaches three stars.

– Stardom is swung last.


A great character, capable of killing a character in one use of the first ability. Great against physical packs. Cannot use the ability if it doesn’t take damage, but this is compensated for by having Axel Pet on the team. Recommended using in team with Astaroth, which will resurrect Yasmin in case of death. Do not recommend using against Helios, as Helios kills all characters that can deal critical damage.

I recommend it for beginners. The character is quite simple, and if he is over-pumped, he plays just fine. The only downside, as I said, is the Helios teams. But on new servers it does not appear immediately, so for a while, you will dominate. Later, you can combine Yasmin with other physical attackers to counter Helios – K’arkh, Keira, Isaac, and others.

Team options with Yasmin – Yasmin Pack

Team with Yasmin (Yasmin Team)

An admirable physical team with great attacking potential. In such a team, the main role is given to Yasmin, who can single-handedly destroy the entire enemy team. The main specialization of such a team is attacking teams with physical damage, including doing a great job with Karkhopak.

The advantages of the team

  1. Not the most expensive build. Stones for Yasmin herself can be picked up at the Guild Wars store;
  2. Good against Vajar the Sizzler in Outland;
  3. Great against physical teams (Jhu Team, K’arkh-Team, Ishmael Team);
  4. Yasmin does pure damage, so armor count is irrelevant against a team like this;
  5. Yasminpaсk can be created with both undead and dodge packs, depending on personal preference.

The disadvantages of the team

  1. Yasmin needs a guild of silver for her stones;
  2. Yasmin is perfect from the beginning of the game until late in the game. Then it loses some of its killing power, which isn’t critical, but it’s unpleasant;
  3. Undead-based packs are hard to build;
  4. The encounter with Helios is fatal for Yasmin Team. Against such a team in 99% of cases it will lose;
  5. Doesn’t perform well with magic packs in general. Both Deer and Orion+Helios and Undead are weaknesses;
  6. If your server has a lot of Mage packs with Helios, there is no point in pumping Yasmin. The same recommendation if the first places in the arena are occupied by packs with Helios / Undead.

General Yasmin team tips

After considering all the pros and cons of Yasminteam, we can come to the following conclusion. The ideal attacking team against physical teams. If the server has a lot of K’arkh Team and other physical teams, a pack with Yasmin is ideal to start. In the defense, Yasmin makes no sense to put, as almost any team with Helios wins when attacking. In that case, K’arkh is added to Yasmin. A team with Yasmin and K’arkh is good on defense because they require different opponents. Yasmin is great against physical packs, while Karkh is great against magic packs. It’s going to be hard to penetrate that defense. Since Yasmin does pure damage, you don’t have to put any armor-piercing characters on your team.

Yasminpac’s main opponents:

  • Krista – When Yasmin moves with her ability, she takes damage from ice spikes.
  • Helios – The main threat to both Yasmin and any character capable of dealing critical damage.
  • Morrigan and Corvus – Corvus’ altar kills Yasmin. If Yasmin is with Astaroth, there is no resurrection because of Morrigan.


  • Fenris is useless for this command. Yasmin can handle physical commands just fine, so blinding is unnecessary. Armor piercing is unnecessary for Yasmin because of pure damage.
  • Oliver is a defensive pet whose blue rank is needed for tanks. Yasminpack needs an attacking pet, for this reason, Oliver is not suitable. Used occasionally in defense with K’arkh in a pack.
  • Merlin – Magical pet, not suitable.
  • Mara – Exceptionally as the main pet for teams with control, but if Yasmin won’t take damage, neither will use the ability. That’s why this pet is situational and rarely used as the main pet.
  • Cain – The perfect pet for Yasminpack, especially on a team with a dodge. Blue rank gives Yasmin dodge + phys damage, and purple rank gives Yasmin bonus energy, allowing Yasmin to end up with quick energy and start killing (watch out for Satoripacks).
  • Albus is a great character in Yasminpack through the undead. The blue rank increases Yasmin’s physical attack and the purple rank increases net damage by 75%.
  • Axel – Rare, but used when Yasmin is third in a pack. Yasmin uses the ability when she takes damage. If it doesn’t, Axel helps with the problem.

Teams of Yasmin

Astaroth, Yasmin, and Martha

A classic version of Yasmin Team

  1. Astaroth, Yasmin, Sebastian, Jorgen, Martha is a great classic Yasminpack team.
  2. Astaroth, Marcus, Yasmin, Sebastian, Martha is a variant of the anti-magic Yasminpack built against magic teams where there are no Stags and Helios.
  3. Astaroth, K’arkh, Yasmin, Jorgen, Martha – If using Yasminpack on defense, adding Karh will fix the team’s weaknesses against mages. Considered one of the best defensive teams based on Yasmin.
  4. Astaroth, Galahad, Yasmin, Celeste, Martha + Axel – Great defensive team through Axel.
  5. Astaroth, Yasmin, Elmir, Dorian, Martha is a great team with good healing against Jupak, Karhopak, Ishmael).

Aurora, Yasmin, Martha

Team through the quit line

  1. Aurora, Marcus, Yasmin, Sebastian, Martha is a pack that performs well against both physical and magic teams.
  2. Aurora, Yasmin ,Celeste, Isaak, Martha – Similar to the previous pack, but better at attacking magical teams.
  3. Aurora, Yasmin, Nebula, Jet, Martha.
  4. Aurora, Yasmin, Dante, Nebula, Jet – A great pack through dodge, where both Yasmin and Dante will deal a huge amount of damage. When attacking Helios without Astaroth, if Yasmin dies but kills Helios, Dante kills the rest. Team with the right to make a mistake.
  5. Aurora, Yasmin, Dante, Jet, Martha – analogous to the previous team, where the attack is weaker, on more healing from Martha.

Corvus, Morrigan, Yasmin

Undead Pack

  1. Corvus, Yasmin, Morrigan, Celeste, Jorgen – a good all-purpose undead based team.
  2. Corvus, Yasmin, Morrigan, Jorgen, Martha.
  3. Corvus, Yasmin, Morrigan, Nebula, Martha.
  4. Corvus, Yasmin, Morrigan, Sebastian, Martha.
  5. Corvus, Yasmin, Morrigan, Sebastian, Jorgen.
  6. Corvus, Yasmin, Morrigan, Isaak, Jorgen/Martha – team vs.
  7. Corvus, Galahad, Yasmin, Morrigan, Martha + Axel.

Other options Yasmin Team

  1. Yasmin, Dante, Dorian, Jet, Martha.
  2. Aurora, Yasmin, Maya, Heidi, Leanne.
  3. Yasmin, Maya, Heidi, Leanne, Martha.
  4. Yasmin, Maya, Arachna, Heidi, Leanne.

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