Heroes for beginners – Hero Wars

Hero Wars

This article will cover heroes that any player can get without investing money. All of the heroes on the list can be obtained in a short period of time of Three Days. This is more than enough time to start forming future packs of heroes and easily pass through the campaign, tower, and arena performance.

Each hero will have his number above him. This number reflects his place on the team. You can see more about the numbers on this Heroes LOCATION page.

The entire article will be in two parts:

Part 1 – Heroes you can get at the beginning of the game, their characteristics and recommendations.
Part 2 – Bindings of these heroes, who is better to put with whom, and general recommendations.

Heroes for Beginners

Let’s discuss the heroes you get once you start playing Hero Wars.


The starting hero the player gets at the beginning of the game. The hero is fine, is a Tank, which will already be visible after the blue rank. He is active throughout the game. Possesses vampirism and massive massive damage. Useful in the campaign, in the tower, and in the arena. His artifact gives the whole team a Physical attack. For this reason, he needs heroes that deal physical damage to his team.

Verdict: don’t recommend for current meta


A good hero that will come in handy for a long time to come. At the initial stages of the game has weak damage, but already with the appearance of the fourth ability is able to do huge damage to the team.

Verdict: don’t recommend for current meta


Weak healer, which already loses its relevance closer to the middle of the game. Possesses weak healing, but in the early stages, the player doesn’t have many options to choose a healer. But fortunately, Thea combines very well with Artemis at the purple rank. Thea is more suited specifically for battles with players in the Arena and Guild Wars.

Verdict: don’t recommend it for the current meta, but can be used in the Grand Arena.


A versatile tank that can be in any team. His main and best advantage is resurrecting a fallen ally. Thus this skill, which opens at purple rank, is able to help you both in the tower (resurrection can be 1 time in each battle), in the campaign (resurrecting an ally can be 1 time each round), and in the arena. Astaroth will fit in any team.

Verdict: Not a bad tank, can be used even at the end of the game, but still loses to the Aurora.


The underrated mage Phobos, whom the player gets fourth. Not a bad character, but he needs a special team to be effective. Since his abilities depend on magic attack, it is recommended to put him in the team that deals the main damage with magic. Astaroth is a good choice for Phobos as a tank. Phobos not only weakens the enemy’s physical attack, but also heals your Tanks with his third skill.

Verdict: A really underrated hero who can do great against physical heroes like Yasmin, Keira, or K’arkh.


A very good shooter who unleashes her full potential starting in the middle of the game. Keira is a very strong hero, but is extremely dependent on armor penetration. For your team, you need characters with glyphs on armor-piercing so that Keira can deal a huge amount of damage thanks to her fourth skill. It is perfectly combined with Qing Mao, who both Reduces armor with her ability and has the Armor Piercing Glyphs. She can also be good against Galahad because of her Physical Artifact and Astaroth, which can resurrect her in the future.

Verdict: One of the best mass damagers in the game.


An interesting character that deals pure damage. Because of his ability’s dependence on magic attack, it is recommended to put him with Astaroth. Also good with Phobos to take down enemies in the arena. They can also be used as healers against Maya, as they deal a lot of pure damage.

Verdict: I do not recommend to use as a primary damager, but later can be pumped for the team, which will attack the pure damage. Very good in the late game.


Excellent Character. If properly pumped, is capable of being relevant throughout the game. Has great damage from his first ability and some healing, which will help your healer. His fourth skill requires you to take characters with mag. damage. These include Phobos, Arachne, Orion, Judge, Faceless. Of the Tanks it is preferable to put with Astaroth, and of the Healers – with Maya.

Verdict: Do not recommend.


The second healer we get on the second day of the game. Not a bad healer and a great character for dealing damage. All her damage and healing depends on Magical Attack, so it’s recommended to put her in a team with Mag. damage. Of the tanks, Astaroth is the recommended one. On a team with Heidi does a lot of pure damage to the entire enemy team.

Verdict: A great hero for the start of the game and for its mid-game, in the late game, can only play in the Grand Arena.

Qing Mao

Remarkable Character. Qing Mao’s specialty is armor reduction until the end of combat. Her fourth ability is capable of lowering the target’s armor, and her Glyphs increases the armor penetration of your entire team. It’s easy enough to get it: 1,000 Zapland coins, which is equal to two days in the game, you buy 5 Soul Stones every day. Ideal in combination with Keira, which will allow the shooter to deal a great deal of damage. Relevant throughout the game, and goes well with Galahad.

Verdict: Good hero, not the best but good.


A great character for the initial game. He is very easy to get for arena coins. His cost is 1000 arena coins, which equals two days in the game, buying 5 Soul Stones of this character each day. The perfect character for a magical team. His Glyphs gives the entire team a magical attack that enhances Astaroth’s healing, damage, and abilities. Shield early in the game can absorb enough damage to save a tank from death. Can act as a temporary hero until you get Helios on your team (for example, if you plan to build an Orion+Helios team).

Verdict: Do not recommend, I’ve never seen a good team with this character in the Arena.


One of the most popular characters in the game at all its stages. He is obtained for Friendship coins. Getting it is very easy: 1000 Friendship coins, which is equal to two days in the game, every day you buy 5 Soul Stones of Faceless. The artifact gives the whole team a breakthrough. magical protection, which is very good combined in a magical team. It stands very well with Astaroth. Capable with another mage, dealing a lot of damage with his ability, demolish the whole team at the initial stage of the game.

Verdict: Not bad. A useful hero.


Most popular hero of magical teams. Active throughout the game, able to deal a huge amount of damage, gives the whole team a piercing magical defense. Combines well with Faceless, with Judge. Of the Tanks recommended Astaroth. Get it for the coins of the Tower. 1000 coins Tower, which equals two days in the game, every day you buy 5 Orion’s Soul Stones.

Verdict: A very strong hero, playing paired with Helios or Kira, for example. Quite vulnerable in defense, I don’t recommend not using it. But overall, the character is above average in usefulness.


The only character you can collect to the absolute star in one day of the game. The only difficulty will be improving it for gold, which will be in short supply at the beginning. Stones are obtained for the action, which lasts 12 hours from the time of killing the boss in the first chapter. The hero deals a lot of damage in the initial stage of the game, but later becomes a control hero, dealing not much damage, but having excellent survivability. Possesses an artifact on piercing. mag. protection. She can be put as in the team with mag. damage, which she will complement the damage and artifact, or in the team with physical damage, where the artifact first can not be pumped, and Arachna herself will become a hero of Control. In such a team it will be easy for shooters to deal with the enemy pack.

Verdict: Also one of the underrated heroes. Now plays in all stages of the game, including the late game. Also good because this hero can be the first to get an absolute star. Must have.


A great shooter that can be relevant until the middle of the game. Deals a lot of damage to the entire enemy team. The artifact supplements the physical commands with physical damage, And for Ginger herself, a character with armor piercing is ideal to compensate for this disadvantage. In addition, there are a couple of other classes of heroes that can be used to make up for the lack of armor, such as Ginger, Ginger’s assistant, or Ginger’s handler. Collects in two days from Heroic Missions. Combines well with Qing Mao and Galahad.

Verdict: Don’t recommend.

One of the strongest bundles at the beginning:

Galahad, Artemis, Thea

Galahad lives well under Thea’s vampirism and healing. His Glyphs and Artemis Glyphs add up and give a huge increase in physical attack for the whole team. Galahad’s weak magical defense is offset by Thea’s Glyphs for magical defense. When Artemis has little health left, she speeds up because of Thea’s skill and starts dealing just huge damage thanks to her fourth skill. This command is recommended for those who are just starting to play.
The following characters can be added to the team:

Arachna – Completes the team with the necessary control.
Qing Mao – A great addition, capable of increasing the damage of the entire team.
Ginger – Huge mass damage, which will make it easy to get through the campaign, tower.
Keira – Like Ginger, Keira will add a lot of damage to the team.

Galahad, Qing Mao, Keira/Ginger, Artemis, Thea – Great mass damage, great passing Campaign, Tower. In the arena, the pack is capable of quickly taking down the entire enemy team during its first abilities. In the future will lose to teams with Jorgen, but justifies itself well in the Grand Arena as a reserve team. If you want, you can further replace Qing Mao with Elmir, and Keira/Ginger with Jorgen. If possible acquire Jhu – Replace Artemis with him, and the second shooter with Jorgen.

Judge, Faceless, Orion

A great bunch of characters for the initial game if you plan to assemble a magical team. Judge does a lot of damage early in the game with his skill, and protects the tank with his shield. His artifact gives Faceless and Orion Magic Attack, and their artifacts give Penetration. mag. protection. The result is a huge amount of damage, Control from Faceless, help to the tank shield, and increased magical protection. The tank is recommended Astaroth.

You can add the following characters to the team:
Astaroth – Tank that has abilities depending on the magic attack. Combine well with.
Arachna – Extra Control.
Maya – Great addition to this team with damage and healing.
Mojo – Huge damage and a fourth ability boost allow the whole team to deal a lot of magical damage.
Heidi – Not a bad addition that will give the tank even more survivability due to the Glyphs of Evasion. Great against physical teams, while Faceless will provide magical protection against magical teams.

Astaroth, Maya, Judge, Orion, and Faceless is a great team for the tower and campaign. There is a lot of survivability. Maya, standing second in the team, is able to activate his Flower early and start healing the team. Faceless by copying the abilities of any of the team, except Astaroth, is able to very much change the outcome of the battle. In the future, it is recommended to change Judge to Helios, as Judge loses his effectiveness due to low damage. Maya, on the other hand, should be changed to Dorian. Faceless, if necessary, can be replaced by Jorgen for the Arena.

Faceless and Maya

Excellent combination of heroes, allowing you to put two flowers on the battlefield at once, with Faceless’ flower healing twice as much. Very good combo for tower and campaign, it’s not as good in the arena.

Judge and Mojo

A great inexpensive bunch of heroes that is very easy to get. Judge Gives Magic Attack and Mojo Give Penetration of Magic Defense. Great in the early stages of the game. Good, Later on, the bundle loses its relevance because of Judge.

Judge and Orion

A very good team you can have until you get Helios instead of Judge. These two heroes can be obtained very quickly and increase stardom, they deal a lot of damage and give artifacts to each other necessary parameters (Penetration. defense against magic and Mag. attack). Bundle helps to pass the Adventure, Asgard, and the Tower. Good team and for the arena to level 70-80.

Mojo, Phobos, and Arachna

A good combination of control and magical character damage. Phobos and Mojo can heal the tank and give him the necessary protection from magic. The tie is relevant for a long time, but it requires heroes that either strengthen Mojo and Phobos (e.g. Nebula) or give a magical attack to the whole team (e.g. Celeste). Of the tanks, Chubba will do because of the extra control, Astaroth, Aurora, as the extra control combines well with teams that give piercing. magical armor. The combo has good damage on single targets, because of this not all players like it, as the speed of the turret/campaign is times slower than with mass damage. In the arena, it performs great. Both Nebula, Celeste, and Jorgen can be added to the combination.

Keira and Qing Mao

Excellent combination of heroes. Perfectly complement each other with both artifacts and skills. Qing Mao’s fourth ability reduces the target’s armor, thereby enhancing Keira and allowing her to deal pure damage. The combination is quite well known and is often complemented in the team by Jorgen, Nebula, or Martha. Of the tanks, Galahad or Andvari would definitely work as an alternative against K’arkh.

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